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  1. So I noticed that CoE and BoS disappeared, how do you go on to gear up for harder instances now? I have no idea what’s going on after the 7.0 patch, thanks in advance
  2. i have 8 lvl 80s on this account and it took me a week. leveling is freaking easy, and for that, you wont see much people lvling up, everyone is in Lakrum.
  3. Second this, if NC wants to save this game, they have to start with the BCM which was actually the thing that made them money?
  4. They don't have anything in store, only prestige which i stopped buying cuz i wont put a cent on a game thats dying, when they fix it i will get prestige again. I wonder, are they intentionally trying to kill the game? its such a simple fix that will get them so much money but they just wont listen, this coming from a marketing and publicity professional.
  5. I feel like you're just trolling. No DN asmo would try to get Aly banned, she's someone who does a lot for the community. Please get a life and stop QQing in the forums.
  6. im sure you all now how hard it is to get stigmas now, how are you supposed to gear up your cleric when they give your DPS stigmas and a mace and shield when you lvl up now? how do you get invited to do runs with the bad DPS you do and the little you can heal without benevolence, how are you gonna do instances like crucible spiral with such shitty dps to get the new stigmas?
  7. Im a returning player, used to play back in 3.x to 4.8, i was wondering how you get this tickets now aside from broker or BCM? is there still a way to get them for free?
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