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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 4, 2019

    Account ONLY tradeable!!! so hard so hard.
  2. Unscheduled Server Maintenance - August 21, 2019

    12m transformation contract! is what you should be talking about.
  3. Whose ideas are these stupid GP base quests?

    I vote to remove the stupid quest! may be keep the 10kills one...whatever.
  4. Can't play during Siege? Any help?

    20ping? you live next to the gamer server? and what ISP you do you have... aion is the only game that my ping is 200+
  5. master harvester weapon box chanter shield

    Quick question: Gladiator can't choose Great Sword...Normal or need to send ticket too? Need that GS.
  6. Items Leaving the Black Cloud Marketplace

    Huge Greater Supplements Bag (Mythic) ...CANT SELL! not enough time!! due to kinah earning limits via NPC.
  7. Shaky Hands Trouble in PvP

    P2W will help you A LOT..when you can almost instant kill people...and takes tickling damage. It's not the best the advice but it true.