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  1. Let me start this topic by saying that my tolerance for MMORPGs is quite high, I've seen and played and even enjoyed some games of rather questionable quality in the past (Revelation Online, Asta, Black Gold and many more) ... However, in my 15 years of mmorpg playing I've never experienced a game with a worse design, bugs, overall feeling of cheapness. I'm playing for 3 days, and this might be the first mmorpg that literally made me RAGE QUIT after I enjoyed it at first. The graphics are amazing, the character design bad ass, equipment looked gorgeous even on lower levels (something that I love is a well designed equipment), animations & combos all looked amazing and the gameplay was fine until ... Until I hit lv75. After hitting lv75, it feels like the game design was tossed over to the programmer's 7 year old child who never played a single game in his life. Quests for some reason went from giving me 100mil exp per quest, to 20 mil exp per quest despite requiring same if not even more mobs to beat all the while I had to compete with A DOZEN BOTS per area for each and every nyerk mob. What a nyerk waste of time, especially when you reward the player with nice and fast leveling and then hit him with the bullshit finish 50 quests to get the same amount of % you'd normally get from a single quest outside Lakrum. Why the need to punish me and test my patience when I am that close to achieving my goal in this broken, poorly translated game? Maybe I would go over the bug that made me teleport several times in a row whenever I tried walking off a cliff which also got me killed plenty of times, maybe I wouldn't mind the extremely idiotic and poorly explained systems in this game or why certain combo skills work in a chain while others don't, maybe I wouldn't mind the fact that some non-quest mobs follow you FOREVER but the quest ones lose their aggro if you walk out of their pissing range, maybe I wouldn't mind the fact that the quests are boring, cheap, repeat after repeat and that there was no gear variation besides every 25 levels - I would be willing to go over all of these and many more if and ONLY if they didn't royally nyerk up the last area for any new player and make it a punishment for getting lv75 instead of a reward. A person suggested I should venture into a solo dungeon (dungeon which entrance is located inside a nyerking camp btw, so imaginative), I went inside that dungeon and spent 30 minutes clearing same mobs over and over again until I got to the end where the boss killed me in 2 shots with an area wide ice aoe that I had no clue how to dodge. Just lazy, poor, overall cheap & garbage. I am glad the cash shop was so horrible I found nothing to buy, because yesterday I wanted to support the game - today I am uninstalling it and hope no new player ever goes through the boring, rubbish gameplay I had to go through. I'm only writing this topic because so far not a single mmorpg made me rage quit before I could even hit the max level.
  2. Which server to pick?

    Hey guys I am a new player looking for most populated / fairest server Also which faction to pick? I want the generally less populated one, thank you for your answers