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  1. You're finding something good because you've managed to farm something! I wanted to see you say that without farming anything! Please, let's not be hypocritical. #JustCameBackInThe6.0
  2. I want to see who will be able to farm something with a Ranger or sin all purified, full MS + 12 full and PVP jewel +10 come out of the hide on your side and strike you! The NCSoft ruined the game! That NCSoft be happy with its 192 player who managed to farm.
  3. I managed to enchant the other stigmas, only this in particular was immoral the amount of attempts and failures!
  4. It is immoral the rate of enchant of these stigmas! I'm furious about it! I bought all these stigmas in the Black Cloud MP for nothing! In fact I tried to enchant this stigma for 3 days in a row!
  5. What is the enchant rate of stigmas ?????? For it is not possible that after using 68 stigmas of staggered rest, which was already +5 she is now +5!
  6. I think that's the will of everyone! The NCSoft could even make a vote in game to see that.
  7. When the NCSoft will change the awards???? What is the usefulness of the conquero's mark????? Place useful things like chronos stone!!!! And not only 1 chronos but 10 or 20!!!! or the possibility of coming Omegas and manastones +8 or +9!!!! Things that are in the interests of players!!!! Things that make us mad at will to open the Daily prize! NCSoft don't treat us like we're disposable! Review the awards as soon as possible! Know how to be nice and a good company.
  8. I think the event should be canceled and the server take roll back for one day before the event! Because it's not fair that some people get a thousand items and others can't log in!
  9. I think that is a good idea. And I would like to say that all the Prestige Pack awards could change! Because it does not weigh to have prestige pack, it only gives a crap in the daily prize and the monthly box. Do a survey and look who's happy with the Prestige Pack awards. This will be the last month that pays prestige pack, I prefer to buy the boost pack
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