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  1. The Giving Grove Returns Reward List

    why have the trees reverted to saplings? according to website, they reset "after" maintenance.
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 15, 2017

    aion isn't dying, it's being killed. events seem to be targeted at endgame users, i.e. archdaevas only, or they require real money. I remember when GM's actually joined players in-game to have fun and interact with the community. now it's just promote the store. events should be about doing something fun, you know... "an event", not about getting free gear.
  3. Aion Error E02018

    Once again, thank you, cheescake. Yes, it seems I had not noticed my useless file hoarding. I did a little clean up and ran Updater and am currently able to log in to game... thank you once again.
  4. Aion Error E02018

    thank you, cheesecake. I would use try this fix if this was still my problem... I tried the Updater once more today, and instead of getting stuck on /objects issue, my updater was acting like a 9 stage installer...everything seemed to be fine, almost 90 percent done and i get another error. only this one is E02013 and it is a sounds issue... E02013 INL_INLEFP_RF_INLEFP_RF_Z3_112_161 Sounds/music/Pak_002.pak https://imgur.com/Yecbc0U
  5. Aion Error E02018

    noticed that part of my error details are different than previous post.. my error reads: E02018 DP_G17_416_161/022023ae Patch/Zip/objects/PC2/if/texture/Texture_Textures_000.pak.zip and the send report file info is as follows: << FileInfoFile Hash Value >> File Name : FileInfoMap_AION_161.dat.zip Hash Value : f51f6862b48973c0a1ada47e755ae74777f4fdad File Name : FileInfoMap_AION_161.dat Hash Value : deead3a554761b9fc9ab300d068932bf7a70d165
  6. Aion Error E02018

    I am currently having the same E02018 error message. I have repeatedly restarted the Launch Updater, and every time the total download size has gotten smaller, but now i can not get past this error...