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  1. Well im not planning to spend any money and I dont care much about this dead game of a horse. Im just astonished of the resemblence of the CCP and this aion tactics... everyday what I see here reminds me of CCP, the recent thing is this guy called Aly-DN , he is always in pure denial, always sugar coating ncsoft, always telling u to get over your problems or that there are no problems, always trying to put you in a bad position just like the CCP underdogs who in REAL LIFE commit extreme atrocities against humanity.... not listing what they do since some ppl might not have the stomach
  2. no seriously.... we have seen their true color as they now put this CASH GRAB event out in the hopes of trying to suck out the last cents of people and make them homeless. totally not caring about the lives and health of people just like the chinese communist party and their leader winnie the pooh, Ive seen peopels thread getting deleted just like CCP silences people. its horrible and unfortunaley Cyan is their puppet just like the top man of WHO is their puppet. I hope the game dies out so we can hope that another developer may take better care.. amen.
  3. It doesnt matter how much you beg, ncwest doesnt listen to their playerbase
  4. Im sorry to burst the bubble for you but ancient transformations are as hard to get as in other regions or nearly impossible since combining ancient transformations makes very small progress, you would need a year to get an ancient transformation by combining, legendary transformation are only pay 2 win and kaisinel transformation is in the hands of only few people who just got extremly lucky. I hope so much that Ncwest Drops aion and let another publisher manage this game, im certain it will be better than what ncwest is doing right now. They are the most dumb publisher ive seen by kee
  5. Aion support completely ignored my request to fix the reward from the matryoshka event this year, I got hyperion box.... I STILL HAVE THE HYPERION BOX
  6. This is not bad luck, the other day I used 15 legendary enchant stones and today before reset i used 13, weapon is still +10 and my wings went from +5 to +4 , couldnt manage past +6 And Im supposed to believe legendaries have 82% success rate? Sell your bad luck to lord azphel!
  7. Can you guys fix the enchant rates?
  8. I just failed 12 legendary stones out of 13 on my +4 ultimate wings, 82% success rate???? I DONT ACCEPT THIS BS EITHER BE HONEST ABOUT YOUR ENCHANT RATES OR NYERKING FIX THEM
  9. At siege times and week population can peak to 1k people on both sides, siege participants are up to 600-700 ppl, its not dead during day time of NA and its more crowded in the weekends
  10. Yeah some old people are still there and we have all kinds of legion, just login and play
  11. Yesterday i failed 15 legendary stones to go from +10 ultimate weapon to +10 ..... they thought its a good idea to lower the enchant rates since server merge
  12. I already felt something was fishy when I started to fail 15 legendaries on an ultimate, everyday a piece of my soul vanishes because I get filled with fury and rage cuz ncwest is trying to copycat EA, they are giving the worst to their community and expect us to pay until we can only afford ketchup and bread to eat everyday. 50$ and 100 legendary stones in korea is like 8000$ = 100 legendary stones here. Everyday I hope ncwest gets taken over by people who actually communicate with their playerbase. Edit: not to mention i got hyperion reward box from matroyshka event t
  13. The Ncsoft NA team doesnt run things professionally, they also never imagine themselves in the position of the consumer. The compensations purpose right now is not to lose any more players.
  14. Most probably emergency changes for the event, the devs opened their eyes and gonna change the event rewards to 200 coins for one legendary transform.
  15. It cant be that in 4 months running instances and combining I get Tiger, Jester , Penguin transformations. And then someone else gets 2 ancients from coe in a month? What is this broken game?
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