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  1. Aidps confirmation

    This is a 3rd party program and the images could have been fabricated (which I doubt they are on this thread). What if someone one day posts a fabricated photo of a person he hates with red text all over? How do we know it is true and how do we even know the program itself works perfectly all the time and has no glitches? I remember there was a time when a dps meter (don't remember the name, I think it was aiDPS) would give a ton of false positives for SW after they used a self buff and they even had a whole list with abusers' names and later they had to remove all SW from the list because the results were not trustworthy at least for that class. The damage, and mocking of someone in game or potential altering his game play by making people refuse to team with them because of those accusations, were already done for many players. Unless this thing is approved by NCWest itself and provide a solid way to post things like this without a potential alteration (photoshoping), I will take accusations of this type with a grain of salt. Why don't NCSoft make a change in the engine, so animation abusers (and gliders and gravity hacks etc) can all be removed and save this game?
  2. NCsoft trojan?

    Some antiviruses treat xigncode as a trojan itself because it "sees" what other programs you run in your machine to make sure you do not run a bot. So this is seen as a spy program from an antivirus.
  3. Character slots

    We are supposed to get 12 soon when they fix the prestige thing
  4. Give us origin transformation buff status please

    I understand they wanted to nerf the stats to make the transformations more distinctive (?) but at least they could keep the duration to 10 minutes.
  5. Nice Changes, Or So I thought...

    Crafting is not easier for sure though. Because Aion did have crafting back in the days and it was real crafting and it was fun to do so.
  6. Cyberbullying

    Cyber bullying, cyber harassment, cyber stalking is bad but trolling is not one of them. There are types of trolling as well, like shitposting (which is blatant spam), meme-ing which is making images to either speak the truth with sarcasm or make fun of someone's claims by bringing an example and some more genres.

    Everything is taken from lore, history and myths. Nobody can claim originality on these types of games.
  8. Lineage 2's auto-farm system announced

    So after so many years of a game being run by bots, they decided to give out a legal bot to everyone! Dead game anyways.
  9. aion launcher

    I hate when a company makes one launcher for all their games. I prefer to not even have a launcher at all like EU still has.
  10. Aetherforging Leveling in 6.2

    Enshar is better for lvl 70, you probably went to Lakrum which is end game map. you will get good enough gear when you reach lvl 80 and start doing the basic instances to get ancients and then slowly get legendaries etc.