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  1. Moving to another game till you get your crap worked out. FYI this is like when there's dead air on a radio station... people change the channel.
  2. Logged in to find 16 scrolls for reentry into FM and 16 more for BoS. The survey said one server got a bunch of resets and it was unfair to the other, so they're making up for it. For as much as they screw up, you gotta admit... you spoke up and they listened and actually acted.
  3. At what point is character creation just going to be level 80?
  4. I have done this on 3 PCs and a laptop and it works on 2 and doesn't work on the other 2, so it's hit or miss if this will work for you.
  5. Lately I've gotten the "Your blocked because you've tried your access code too many times. Login to account management an authorized your location" and then it kicked me out 1) I haven't, nor had anyone else, been trying to log me in 2) My IP is logged, (NAMED) and authorized... This wouldn't be such a huge deal if this game didn't take 5 minutes to load (and yes I have config file altered and read only).
  6. I'm tried 45 rings so far. I've had 38 Ancient rings (36 exploded upon upgrade, 2 successful upgrades), 6 Legendary (all exploded upon upgrade), 1 Ultimate that successfully upgraded to Brilliant. This coupled with the Ultimate Stormwing manastone event and the socketing event is the first time an event(s) actually paid off for me.
  7. So WTF are their intentions then? Just to purposely do a poor job at making and releasing new content?
  8. I hate to say it but I did 1 FM and 2 BoS with 10% Repose, 30% Prestige, and a 50% Berdin's. We got an ultimate in the FM run and 1 of the 2 BoS runs gave my Sorc a ranger body.... And ranger is my old main and my current main alt.
  9. I feel like there was really only 1 way to screw-up this event up and they figured out how and then implemented it. RNG for a solo instance. GENIUS!!! For a game that's been around for 10 years you think they would've figured this crap out by now.
  10. Well my wife got tired of sitting down at the PC only to take the weight off the spacebar and close Aion just to use it, so I had to start AFK'ing from 6pm-9am
  11. Can I just say how happy I am to finally get my spacebar back and not have to AFK all day and night? After maintenance this morning I was able to finally get my Loyal Stormwing Orb, and the gift I got was the Viola transformation. Now I finally get to enjoy 21 days of [Event] Zudra’s Prime Gift Box Contents...
  12. 10 runs in FM, first one gave Sovereign plate body and we had a glad, next 10 runs have only 2 Legendaries...
  13. If this is the case, where then is the best place to grind for Ultimate PvE? Your telling me Pandora gear sucks, and Legendary BloodMark gear is PvP, what then are my options? Instances?
  14. Everything so far had been great info, but here's the problem I ran into this week following this post. I got 2 Pandora accessories (yay) and also grinded in Katalam and ended up getting my 20 Ultimate Bloodmarks flipping camps. I promptly went to the NPC and bought my Katalam chest. First roll offered kinah... Buy the xp extractors, grind more Pandora xp. Get 4 XP marks. Reroll the chest. Second roll offered an Ancient manastone. Grind 4 more xp marks. Go to reroll. Phuck me I find out the 2nd reroll is 8 marks... Grind more Pandora and Damaha for xp. Finally get my 8 mar
  15. Whats even worse is I did 2 runs last night, paid 80 Luna to reset my count and I was still locked out. They took my Luna and didn't reset my count. Then when I opened a ticket about it and this is the top shelf reply I get....
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