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  1. AT was bottom dps class before 6.5, they buff it and now they nerfed it again, makes no sense.
  2. Ravager Cannon damage was nerfed and it's not listed
  3. You don't need to be skilled to play AT, its the easiest class in the game. Ultimate gear +15 what makes the classes op. AT damage was high in pve.
  4. If you got legendary tier 1 it's better if you get the new tier 2 ancient. I got Ultimate tier 1 set I have to plus +15 then upgrade to tier 2 and change to plate, it's to much work imo Cleric healer class is the new dps class as intended
  5. Ravager Cannon nerf is also not listed
  6. AT got ninja nerfed, the magic attack damage coefficient on skills is reduced. Why they didn't include it in the patch notes?
  7. I was combining a bunch of transformations from the COE event, I hope I didn't lose Kaisinel.
  8. I have lost a name when Siel server merged. Give new players a chance to pick good names and there is many inactive players holding names.
  9. I mean we should have had a name reset with server merge and now there's more new players coming with 7.0
  10. Give new players a name reset with patch 7.0!!
  11. Enchanting broken again? Legendary and Ultimate Enchanting Stones fail so much, it's just recently I notice.
  12. Do you have a monthly subscription? Because I do. Yes I'm demanding a name reset and server upgrade to benefit my gameplay.
  13. Topic We need a sever upgrade KT, it's super laggy. Name reset please, to many afk holding good names.
  14. Show me your best names!! NC soft won't give us name resets for the new comers to KT.
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