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  1. Enchanting

    Enchanting broken again? Legendary and Ultimate Enchanting Stones fail so much, it's just recently I notice.
  2. Server upgrade & name reset

    Do you have a monthly subscription? Because I do. Yes I'm demanding a name reset and server upgrade to benefit my gameplay.
  3. Server upgrade & name reset

    Topic We need a sever upgrade KT, it's super laggy. Name reset please, to many afk holding good names.
  4. WTB Names

    Show me your best names!! NC soft won't give us name resets for the new comers to KT.
  5. Name Change tickets and Name resets

    For your information we saved KT server, be grateful! I did contact support, they are not doing anything about it.
  6. Can we get Name change tickets back in black could market? and we need Name resets on Katalam server, I can't find any good names on this server, there is many inactive players, please reset the names for active players.
  7. Templar Skills problem

    All templar magic skills will become physical skills in 7.0
  8. Chanter Healers

    We need Aethertech healer! No that's the Clerics job.
  9. Unfair for KT-Community

    KT Players are loyal customers, the special deal is for new EK players. We also need free gears please ty
  10. wtf is PVP now ? are you kidding me?

    Asmodians from Ek are merging to KT, problem solved.
  11. Ultimate crafted gear

    Are we able to upgrade our Ultimate Crated gear in the new 7.0 crafted gear?
  12. Server merge plz

    Danaria and Katalam servers are allowed to transfer. Ereshkigal is restricted? Can't transfer in or out of the server. I see more and more people are quiting because the server is dead.
  13. Server merge plz

    Merging to Katalam, they need more Asmos
  14. Server merge plz

    Can we get a server merge to Danaria? or give Danaria and Katalam a free transfer to our server. This server is dead, we need more players or merge servers. Blessings..