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  1. Dynamic IP is nothing to do with NC, thats i know. But no mail from NC when i need verification Thats problem already has people.
  2. Can't log in - dynamical IP. Can u update atleast something without breaking? Looks like ur hands both left, holy moly.
  3. Do you trying to troll me down? or ur screen stucked on part 2 only? Re-read twice what i wrote and from whom i got drops. Mysterious Fruit Box - u even copied that, lol. Is it from bosses? Ive even give u a hint. From boss ull get [Event] Fig. Part 1? Mysterious Fruit Box? From whom? Cmon, u can read, i know it
  4. Maybe you are? "by defeating monsters inside select instances." Guess, u typing faster than reading. And yes, NOT BOSS dropped item So whos a dumbuss is clear for me. P.S. i'm not a boy btw, boy.
  5. Thanks for "nice" event Dunno bout other instances, but Mirash lend me 2 event items - 1 from mob n 1 from chest at last boss. Whohoo, i won 2 items Details: 4 runs, full clear every run, so more 250+ killed. Im done with event, thank you.
  6. No. I'm not even guessing, I'm pretty sure that u do not understand proc's n con's of any of this classes, if u have this question, sorry. To tell u the truth - forget about full heal SW or chanters. Their heal skills will be nerfed alot in 6.5. And dont think that clerics not paying much as support class - starting with a priority target in pvp finishing with a huge amount of sets to play and low dps on support. I do not mind to have a cleric in 2 gear sets (pve+pvp), with instant-ress, with mana-refills, with CC, with mana burn skills, with dispel, with silence, with heals and
  7. I guess subject was bout Aion, not mobile game, right? Now, if ill get back to main point, we can see the most unprofessional and disrespectful team, that can, but do not want to. Why can? Cause i clearly remember how fast was changed exchanging rates in Tiamaranta Eye Event. And dont tell me, dear Dev, that u got this change from main publisher (KR). If all patches n changes u getting so fast, why we still in such...ahem. According to this - you can, but ...but what? Next about disrespect to player base that with each day became smaller. CMs cant speak properly to the community - o
  8. 5 Mirash runs (trial prestige) - 0 snowballs (Mirash in list, yeah) They r Untradable n Cant be Brokered. and no comments. Cause cant be polite
  9. Support do not read even tickets, i know. They have Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V keyboard, i know
  10. Thread of VincentVicious-KT was closed. But there is more nice pictures of same faces And yes - its all same legion https://ibb.co/kKQ1mn https://ibb.co/gKSssS So, "dear" support - its shame on you. Cause even if they abuse bug, even they started to use 3rd programs - its completely your fault Your fault is - DOING NOTHING. Thank you for your attention
  11. Did i miss smth bout bundles? https://imgur.com/a/PNkKr
  12. Thank you for saving us from POTENTIALLY 200 players by splitting in face other 600-700, lol.
  13. Explain me how their hands r tied? (not sarcasm) Who deleted NPC before maintance? KR HQ? Who calculated new prices? Who is not asnwering to ppl's rage and so far called CM's? They do not have even a lil tiny bit of courage to answer. Normal answer. Its not anger. Im selling franchise on my work. And main - happiness of customer and profit of company. U need to find balance. Love to game not equal to respect to staff. I do love game. I do not like how it is running.
  14. They do not. Dot. And they do not even planning to
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