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  1. Skins! Glorious skins! Daddy NcSoft heard my prayers
  2. Just that. I miss skins in luna. I miss mounts in luna. Tired of looking at the same dated costumes that No one buys. I know it's a long shot but, can I dream a little about changes?
  3. I agree it's unfair, however, this all falls into telling people how to play and contradicting a mechanic NcSoft implemented into the game years ago. I wish you luck in trying to change that.
  4. I see but I have yet to hear anyone complain on Asmo side. Pretty sure people are doing it there too.
  5. No, why are cross server runs a problem? (Assuming friends are helping)
  6. With so little time, I would be surprised if they did anything
  7. http://aion.power.plaync.com/wiki/티아마란타의+눈 Anniversary celebration by being able to play in Tiamarantas' Eye. Looks fun... and nostalgic
  8. Many of us feel "homesick" and would like to make it known how much we loved these old maps and how amazing it would be to have even a tiny sliver of them back. Unfortunately the maps that replaced them can't even come close. I understand this is a very long shot but something to consider.
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