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  1. I was hoping there was another way other than an alt. Pooy, alright, thanks guys!
  2. Ok, so I'm trying to farm this meat. I need the stake for my Glad. I must have killed 30 of them and not one single drop! Nothing, nada, zilch, zip! I mean, I didn't get anything from these guys, not even junk! My toon is lvl 55, I even tried the highest Taygas I could find, lvl 42 I believe. What's up? Anyone have an answer for this?
  3. I'm not talking about what they did or didn't do. Wake up, read the post, please! I'm saying that crying, complaining about the situation, demanding, being rude and inconsiderate to the techs here at Aion is childish and mean.....SO STOP IT!
  4. Wow! I've read every post in this thread. I just can't believe it. I bet most of you have no idea what it takes to, not only create a game system like Aion, but could not conceive what it takes to maintain something like this. If you have a problem, submit a support ticket, post on the forums, do whatever, but please do it with some consideration. Geeze man. I'm beginning to believe most of you who are so ungrateful and rude are really the 14 year olds you are acting like. Give these guys a break. Disappointed!
  5. Can someone please tell me when we can get name change tickets again?? PLEASE?? Thx!
  6. When can we buy name change tickets again? When does housing auction start back up? Thx!
  7. Seriously? I can't make a new character until I resolve this issue? Come'on guys!
  8. My conflicting characters weren't transferred, either way, in the server maintenance. I've tried using the "paid character transfer" page on the website, but it just keeps posting that my characters are not eligible for a transfer. How do I get all my Asmodians to the other server? My Elyos are on Danaria. *sigh*
  9. Cheesecake .... YOU ROCK!! Thank you very much!!
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