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  1. Where are my skins @Cyan!!

    I can pay for my legendary skin.. I need my sematariux skin armor and weapon plz..
  2. Im just wondering or being QQ.. Everytime Elyos are inside killing Boss, when its 25% we get general players disconnected. I can bet more than 50% of the players inside get disconnected.. I have been disconnected more than 10 times, and I can bet if im inside killing boss when it get to 25%, its 100% sure that I'm going to be disconnected. its not my GPU, or CPU or Ram cuz i have a really good computer to play. I have lowered graphics and everything.. and its the same. it looks like its something programmed, cuz I dont get DC on 40% or 30%.. especial on 25%. thats fishy.
  3. Updated Issues Jan 2020

    Well. I dont have the really top PC.. just an i7 7700k msi z270 m6. 512 m.2 nvme samsung pro, corsair 16gb 3600 and asus 1060 dual. and I get the box stuck almost 3 times a week. Beleave me its not the PC. its the game. Some update **** IB. I had another old PC that i used to play like 6 months ago, and I was not having this issue.
  4. Another Bug Abuse

    I sent a ticket and this is their reply. "We are currently aware of this issue and hope to have a fix implemented in an upcoming patch."
  5. Another Bug Abuse

    Players don't get tired of Bug abuse. I though last ban festival was going to sent a MSG to the abusers. Now the bug abuse is inside IB, players take a shield and go to the re-spawn area, they stuck to the wall far from towers AOE, templar lure you while others kill you. Making it impossible to resurrect.

    DN used to be crowded than EK and controlled by asmos, EK used to be controlled by Elyos, but right now many players moved from DN to EK, and EK elyos have been outnumbered, so.. Maybe DN is balanced now.
  7. Ranking

    And.. what about ultimate choosable stones after star 5? I prefer ulti stone than legendary.
  8. Abuse kill everything

    We had a wonderful day without all those abusers. I went to IB on quick play, and the match was really nice.. none was afk on both team, or going suicide to the other team. Some of abusers will be permanent banned by EC bug abuse. Yeah.. Many of them got banned today by EC bug exploit.
  9. Abuse kill everything

    Well, when people started to abuse of being AFK on EC just to get a loser reward or just asmos doing fake elyos account to give their faction advantage over the elyos, or elyos doing the same to the asmos. You know better than me about this. NCSoft tried to give a fix to this, with players kick option.. and again people abused of this, they found a bug where if you get kicked you could apply again to the same match and get the rewardx2, etc. So, they had to remove the instance, and now we dont have EC cuz gamer abuse. Now, we have another abuse. U can't go to any instance in quick play. IB, ID, AD.. what you get in Quick Play is the opposite faction with fake account, so, they leave the toon afk, or disconnect or just go over and over to suicide to the opposite team. Cuz they want easy reward just killing the gameplay. Everywhere u go there is a faction trying to go over the other abusing of something. Kisks inside Demaha forts, going to Luna instance before siege start.. what else?? Abuse.. Abuse... Abuse.. Can you play fair, once in you life?
  10. Well.. Its annoying many times.. Most of the time PRO or super geared players doesnt like to carry newbis. Thats why I do solo.. I go to quick play to almost all instances that I can go.. most of the time Im lucky and get players that doesnt go AFK and/or the opposite team has the same level as my quick play team. I have my full legendary set, one piece on ult.. so, little by little you can get your gear, without the need to work with PRO geared players.
  11. Enchantment rate

    is it just me or enchantment rate went down again after restart?
  12. HACK

    Yeah.. I understand your point.. when I say scroll i meant seed.. he wasnt doing AOE.. he just tagged me and went straight to me like i wasnt in hide mode.
  13. HACK

    Well.. Today, in ID.. i went in hide mode and a Glad went straight to me and attacked me.. I was like WTF?? and this guys was not using scrolls.. I did it 2 more times just to verify if he was using scrolls and nop, he wasnt..
  14. @CyanCan you fix this? I'm a ranger, and its not fair to work during 5-7 days just to get a healing boost manastone. Make the manastone chooseable, or available to broker, or available to warehouse or at least give manastone appropriate to the class. I have 8 ult red manastones useless for my class.