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  1. 11x Anniversary Coin Vending Robot Gacha Data Collection

    Add me if u want.. Experience Extractor x2 Socket Stone100 x1 Grade A Minium30 x1 Grade S Minium3 x1 [Event] Legendary Engraved Manastone Box1 x1 [Event] Stigma Enchantment Stone1 x1 [Event] Legendary Enchantment Stone Selection Box (7 days)1 x1
  2. Happy S---t day !!

    Im noy expecting to get the ult contracts.. just saying that the common reward does not worth the effort. I think you will pay more on electricity bill being afk or whatever trying to get those coins than what you get on common. They should remove the common.. And give uncommon, rare and ultra rare. On uncommon add kinah box.. on Rare add ult manastone and ult enchant stone. I dont mind to get a legendary manastone or stigma enchant as the worst reward.. but exp extractor? i can get that on udas template or 30 minions rank A, i can get that being on minion valult 2x or 3x in 1 run.
  3. Bot/Hacker issues

    Yeah, I do the same to have some kinahs.. 2 or 3 even 4 accounts its normal for a person to farm kinah.. but 10 accounts and over its almost impossible to do it with out help(tools) and you know it.
  4. Happy S---t day !!

    I like to give a try to each event to see if it worst to spent time on it. Yesterday I got like 30 coins.. The machine ask for 11 coins to get rewards.. What i got? 1 exp extractor and 30 minion Rank A. Really? Whole day just to get that stupid reward.. nahhh.. Reward from to uncommon to ultra rare are OK, but common reward its a later to the user saying fak out of here.
  5. Bot/Hacker issues

    its not just one.. they are many tools.. but it ncsoft want to stop bots/hack they can do it.. they have a database with statistic, they know how the kinahs moves.its normal for 1 guy to have 500millions kinahs.. but when it goes over the billions, something is going on. average price on broker, etc.. they know it. but they dont give a *****. Hackers.. they are many ways to implement antihack system.. Lets say that u can report in game some1 that u think is doing hack. and then some1 else report the same guy. The system automatically start collecting his data on server, cooldown, attack speed, running speed, buff, ping, etc. they dont need a person to ban the guy.. the system automatically can do it.. if the guy goes out of the parameters. But how i said.. they dont want to do it.
  6. Feedback: Event Thread

    Bring back the hashing egg event.. this was for far the best event in months..
  7. [Aion 7.7] Preparing for the new update

    Just one question.. Which is going to be the best acc/fea items?
  8. KINAH

    Es cierto, hoy farmie 6 de 75% y fallaron las 4 primeras. Por suelte una de las cajas de kinah fue de 35millones y otra de 10millones. Sino, me hubiese ido en perdida feo.
  9. Nightmare coin survey

    create chars of diff class, level them to 80, go lakum kill mobs until u get the book, go back to inggison and you will received the survey. Open the survey and pass the bag by warehouse. Remember do not open that bag on the char that u dont need it.
  10. Splash Screen skin

    They are losing lot of money on skins.. they should put all skin on BCM.. I want sematariux/padmaraska weapon and gear skin.. but its impossible to find it.
  11. Feedback: Event Thread

    Bring back the hatching egg permanent...
  12. [7.5 Part 2] Titan Coin Drop Rates

    Thats true.. thats something that i did mention few days ago when i was trying to do lugbug mission to complete 20 titan coins.. i had to kill half ingission to get the coins.. even the titan coin pieces are difficult to get.
  13. @Loki @Hime @Kibbelz Hello Team, Im gonna tell you something that many plp are complaining about. The limit to Pradeth and Silona. Its not nice to spend 20 Ultimate Blood mark on something that we cant use. 10x of the players outside trying to get it. Can we have an entrance limit increase?
  14. Transformation Update

    Everytime that you fail, you consume 1 contract or 2? cuz everytime that u fail u get 1 back.
  15. Transformation Update

    You will need 13 repeated to do 12 fail... lol.. money money money..