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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 1, 2020

    @Loki Siege were schedule changed but Rift to Divine was not moved. we dont have rift to divine.
  2. World boss

    I have my own legion.. But my main is on clarity.. I used to go with LFG to WBs, and you what happend almost all the time? plp rolling for weapon that are not for their class.. WHY? cuz they had deal with other friends, if they get the weapon to pass them when they didnt won the roll on their class... NINJA LOOT. One, Clarity and others legion that sometimes join us, respect the class roll and the distribution method, so ever1 has the chance to get something.. and if u dont respect that.. u r kicked out of the Legion.
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 1, 2020

    I think it should be the opposite.. 8pm server time.. and another thing right now we have 7 forts siege at the same time.. Why dont you put 1 siege per day, and give some quest rewards when you complete the 7 sieges? Armor or something... it will be 12am in my country.. Many of us have family and have to go to work early on the morning...
  4. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    @Loki I dont know it this is part of the patch note but, we used to have some gift quest while leveling a new created char, those quest used to give entrance to an EXP instance, a Daily random mount during 30 days, greaters transformation contract, etc.. I dont remember all the gifts but the gifts were nice to help new players.. Are those gifts quest gone forever?
  5. Udas exp farm

    Sorry, I'm not an english speaker.. let me see if I understood, You are complaining cuz there are mobs giving EXP, and you dont want them to give EXP.. Thats what are you talking? Can some1 explain to me? cuz i dont understand.
  6. Latency Issues when will it be fixed?

    Yeah.. its really better... just sometimes u get some freeze delay but now the skills flow really nice on forts siege compare to how it was after 7.5 update. The game is playable again.
  7. Where to farm xp on 7.5?

    We used to farm Exp on Lakrum fort. Where can we farm unlimited Exp on 7.5? Luna is just 1 entry.. Low udas 3 limit.. So where can we farm exp? Going to opposite fort iggi/gelk is almost impossible plp around forts and the npc have really high HP.
  8. 100 stellium to get a Joke

    Yeah.. and the possible reward always the higher chance is the worst thing.
  9. 100 stellium to get a Joke

    what kind of joke is this? to spent 100 stellium to get an Ancient Manastone Are you serious?
  10. All Servers Down for Emergency Maintenance

    PLease give us the egg back while you find out the lag issue..
  11. Title needed for Silona seige?

    You need 20 ult blood mark to buy this title that last 7 days. You buy the title in Katalam
  12. Did you like 7.5 patch?

    Too many sets.. what for? Lakrum, Demaha, Ingisson, Etc.. Just delete all those ***** and keep Dark Talon until 8.0.. Stop the gear recycle in every patch. Game enchant rate is really bad that almost 90% of players doesnt have Dark Talon full 15+ or even full red, red manastone, etc.
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 6, 2020

    I got 5 ults in my ranger, none that I can use.. aethertech, chanter, cleric, Vandal..
  14. Recommended Class

    Dont go ranger.. I think is the weakest right now... I think the OP classes right now are 1. Glad 2. Vandal and 3. PVP Cleric. The game is not balanced. Glad stun shock every hit, so u cant move while the nyerk you in 1 second. Vandal Chroma 3/4 shots on you crit hit 20k, what left? And about game balance.. For example in one side you have the defender (Temp, Glad, Aethertech) they are made to resist a lot, in the other side, you have the leather/cloth they are suppose to be weak on defense and strong on attack. But imagine a ranger hitting a glad doing 3k damage, and the glad doing 18k damage. Where is the balance?