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  1. Current Gear on 7.0

    I just have a few questions about our current gears on 7.0. is it coming a new crafted gear? What would happen to the one that we already crafted? would be upgraded or just useless? What would happen to our current pvp gear? i have some legendary 15+, others 10+, 6+ and a few already ultimate. thank yo.u
  2. Vote 20 skin candinates into GST

    Padmaraska/Samatariux Skin and weapon
  3. No way is enchanting not busted

    Right now.. i spent like 15 legendary stones trying to move one legendary item 6+ that i have.. the item stack on 8+. 2 times i reached 9+, and went back to 6+.
  4. Best Ragers Bow Fusion

    Thank u, I got this information a bit late Firebrand better over Cloud War, when i already had my bow on ultimate , like 1 month ago.. So, i have right now the Cloud War. I'm working on my Firebrand too. But i want to get all my gear on Ultimate before going for this. You know, Ultimate stones are a bit difficult. Right now i have the ultimate masterwork conqueror, i was farming and i had the lucky shot, on first try i got the masterwork. But thanks for the information
  5. Best Ragers Bow Fusion

    My question is.. What the best bow fusion? 1- Ultimate War Bow/Ultimate Masterwork Conqueror Bow? 2- Ultimate War Bow/Ultimate Masterwork Monarch Bow? 3- Ultimate War Bow/BoS bow? 4- Ultimate War Bow/COE Bow? 5-Other? Explain..
  6. Maybe we have equal numbers... But the asmodian that came from EK most of them are old players... Before merge, It was difficult to find one player with ult contract... right now i see asmodians everywhere with Ult contract.. most of them are really OP vs the young elyos community that we had on KT before the Merge.
  7. Well... Right now we are being out numbered in KT, that problem came from EK.. But thats not the problem. The problem right now is that most of the asmos that came from EK are really old players, with full ULT gear and most of them with Ult contract too.. in fact too OP vs the young population of Elyos in KT. So.. it doesnt matter if we have the same population on both sides, or we outnumber the asmos, we are going to lose. Many of the star officers on Elyos side does not have even a full Lengendary set, while on asmos side they are already geared. Im still on ancient gear, and i got star 4 a few sieges ago, and i was like how the f** i got this rank? asmos chase me like i were a pro player, when Im a noob player.
  8. Enchant rate broken?

    I have said many times.. since 6.7 update the enchantment rate going after 10+ on ancient, legendary, etc... its a pain in ***, going from 1-10 I don't see it that bad.. but from 11-15 you spent too much stones.. it does not matter which you use, it will fail a lot.
  9. Evergale Canyon Schedule

    Hello All, Does anyone of you have the EC Schedule time per day? Me and many others are short of AP, and we want to get as much as we could. we dont want to miss any instance.
  10. Is there any solid way to get a hacker banned?

    Lets say I'm newbe to the game.. I dont play the game since 3.0, but i though hacks where things of the past until I found a famous chanter in KT server.. I was killed in less than a second.. I was like WTF?? I didnt see any attack just got killed and thats all. When i went to the logs I had on me more than 15 attacks.. so, i saw this was clearly a not animation hack. Many players says this guy use hacks, so when many people point a guy, the game has to open an eye and verify, but they dont care.
  11. Enchant rate broken?

    Since update to 6.7 i have noticed an enchantment rate drop.. U can easy enchant any item to 10+ but after that is a pain in *****, the enchantment rate drop drastically, it does not matter what type of stone you use, it will fail a lot.
  12. Please remove the rewards for losers or bring some kind of point system to get rewards. Right now instances like EC is a place where plp goes to be AFK to ****** gameplay of others that really want to have pvp/pve on that instance.. Its not nice to go there and fight 20 vs 60.. and 70% of your ally being AFK waiting for losers rewards. Bring back instances like Padmaraska where you had to do pve/pvp at the same time in order to get the loot chance. Not spaces for AFK people.
  13. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    Nice.. But.. where can i trade <Event> Aether Bloom? Whats the Name of the NPC.. Im on Elyos Side..
  14. Should Aion open Classic server too?

    I miss Sematariux and Padmaraska, those pvp on Inggison and Gelkmaros.
  15. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 3, 2019

    As others noticed.. I was trying to enchant 3 ancient items with 90 ancients stones.. The items were already +12 +13.. So, I spent all my ancient stones, and just one got to +15.. the other 2 items stay on +10. Enchanting from +10 to +15 is a nightmare right now. I know that enchantment rate decrease while items are in higher level.. But say an example. This is how i see it, i dont have a way to test it. Ancient item plus ancient stones.. level Rate 1 100 2 90 3 90 4 90 5 90 6 80 7 80 8 70 9 70 10 60 11 20 12 20 13 10 14 10 15 5