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  1. I noticed, Crucible Spire is not giving HP cubics anymore. Bug or on purpose?
  2. I got my meloons and try to get something from shugos, but it seens impossible to many of us. NCsoft didnt realize that some players will start to use tools to get the items.. you will see the same plp everyday getting all the few items that shugo sells. Why NCSoft limited the items? I think it was better if you limit the items sold to an account. If you got an Legendary Contract, you cant come anymore to get another contract. Sorry, I forgot that there is not balance in Aion.
  3. This is not a bugged server or reset.. The entire KT server went down..
  4. @Kibbelz we need event coins.. Machine is useless without coins..
  5. Yeah.. i did before the event ends.. like 2 days before.. I sent a ticket.... and they say that i only did one time, the one at the beginning of the event. I got robbed from NCsoft.. i broke my neck trying to do the second combination, and they said I dont have a second 6 ancient combination. Next time.. I will print screen my combination and server time for my own logs.. I dont trust NCSoft.. many plp are sending tickets about the same.. cuz they are getting ninja..
  6. Nahh.. they ninja nerfed the event.. they mention it was going to be over 11/18 and later this week they updated the website, and now it ends on 11/11. So, only way to get 500 is $$$..
  7. Hello plp, During the pixel event, at the beginning I already had 5 ancients. I bought from BCM "Hanbok Pixel Transformation Contract Selection Box (4 types)" and "Autumn Harvest Special Transformation Box (34 types)" from this one i got an ancient transformation.. so, I decided to combine the 6 ancients that now i had, and I got one ancient. Then, after that I started to do Luna and crafted many contracts, also I started to Morph normal, greater, ancient contracts on Gather/Craft functions(SHIFT+K), event I bought from Nightmare machine 1 ancient contract with 1k event coins. So, few da
  8. They didnt mention but they had this Our normal Transformation Contract bundles will remain deactivated until 11/18. But they updated the website to 11/11.
  9. @Loki @Hime @Kibbelz Right now there is not way to get nightmare/event coins, the machine is really good to have it permanent, but right its useless without coins. I thought we were going to have event coins in every event but right now we dont have way. Last event we could get few coins on event lugbug missions. Can we get event coins on daily regular lugbug quests? Thank you.
  10. You didnt realized that part is for plp who already have ulti transformation? if u get 1 pixel contract for free.. and u combine legendary 3 times.. u will get a box with a low chance of ult.. but the ult is not the important part.. the important part if u get the 4 pixels u will get 411 crit plu Crit Damage +20..
  11. Hey.. Just to say HI and the KT server is bugged like every week..
  12. So plp that already got the transformation before NPC removed wont be able to open the BOX, cuz they already used the free key. Just one question @Kibbelz, Are we going to have a key on BCM that we can buy to open this box? Thank you.
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