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  1. 100 stellium to get a Joke

    Yeah.. and the possible reward always the higher chance is the worst thing.
  2. 100 stellium to get a Joke

    what kind of joke is this? to spent 100 stellium to get an Ancient Manastone Are you serious?
  3. All Servers Down for Emergency Maintenance

    PLease give us the egg back while you find out the lag issue..
  4. Title needed for Silona seige?

    You need 20 ult blood mark to buy this title that last 7 days. You buy the title in Katalam
  5. Did you like 7.5 patch?

    Too many sets.. what for? Lakrum, Demaha, Ingisson, Etc.. Just delete all those ***** and keep Dark Talon until 8.0.. Stop the gear recycle in every patch. Game enchant rate is really bad that almost 90% of players doesnt have Dark Talon full 15+ or even full red, red manastone, etc.
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 6, 2020

    I got 5 ults in my ranger, none that I can use.. aethertech, chanter, cleric, Vandal..
  7. Recommended Class

    Dont go ranger.. I think is the weakest right now... I think the OP classes right now are 1. Glad 2. Vandal and 3. PVP Cleric. The game is not balanced. Glad stun shock every hit, so u cant move while the nyerk you in 1 second. Vandal Chroma 3/4 shots on you crit hit 20k, what left? And about game balance.. For example in one side you have the defender (Temp, Glad, Aethertech) they are made to resist a lot, in the other side, you have the leather/cloth they are suppose to be weak on defense and strong on attack. But imagine a ranger hitting a glad doing 3k damage, and the glad doing 18k damage. Where is the balance?
  8. Today started an event where u can get PVE ult gear in FM an BOS, instances are really easy. the problem is the drop rate, but if u have friend, u can ask them to give you the loot that you need, the event will last 1 month. Or you can wait and buy loot from players.. right now loot is like 100m to 200m, but in a couple of weeks it will goes down.
  9. I got my full Pandora, cuz its easier to get then IDD/PF/SL set. if you had craft(100) and gather(140), you can easy get the ultimate pandora in 7 weeks. its not that you are going to be 8 hours a day playing during 7 weeks, the problem is that you received 6 quest(that u can repeat 5 time each).. so it will be 30 quest per 5 crown = 150 crowns a week. So you can get the weapon first, and get the other items as you want. I went weapon, shoes(running speed), accesories(Ring, Earings, Belt, and neck) cuz that give you better PVE attack, and after that i went with gear and the rest of accesories. Pandora is not better than IDD/PF/SL but its the best option for some1 that want to play few hours a week.
  10. @Cyan katalam server is going down Again.. NPCs stopped working.
  11. Enchantment is so bad 0.000001 success rate

    I have spent more than 11 ultimate stones just in my bow 13+.. and its still 13+. They should fix that, adding some kind of system, to increase rate while failing. Cuz as the table rate that you attached I have 52% to pass but 11 stones, and all fail.. Thats not a 52%.
  12. Hello! Comming back to AION

    Right now the Best PVP set is the Dark Talon.. you can get really easy the full Ancient set in just one week. But to purify the gear to legendary/ultimate it will take a little time. You need lot of etiums and Abbys Points. I think over 300millions to get to ultimate. To enchant item is not really easy. The enchant rate is something that i still dont understand. There are many things to do in game that you will be occupied all the time.. Level up Gear, Stigmas, Minions, Cubics, Daev Skills, Etc..
  13. @Cyan katalam server is going down.. Many NPCs(Fly, Teleport, Mail) stopped working.. Please verify.
  14. @Cyan Can you please verify if its something wrong with Event Ultimate Enchantment Stones?, I have try the dailies ones, and all has failed. And the 5 ones that we get at Stormwing level 5 Egg, just one got succeed on an item 9+. I know everything is based on RNG. But i have try on different days, places, times, and they keeps failing. 10 ultimate stones in a item 9+, its not possible, or the enchant rate is 0.
  15. Monster Hunt Challenge

    And you want to know the worst part of this?? in EU is running the same event.. and they just need to kill 15,000.. why NA is the black sheep in everything?
  16. There is no use to have buff and events to get enchant stones when we have a really bad enchant rate. I have spent 7 ult stones yesterday and today and just 1 made it. Even I put one ult stone by mistake in a plume 6+, and it fails.. when the rate at this level should be higher. Its really difficult to farm and craft an ult stones and see how it fail 1 over another in a 9+ item, when they say that the enchant rate at this level is 70% of success, well i dont believe that. I also spent 8 stigma stones in a 6+ stigma.. and it still a 6+.
  17. Gear gap / Skilled vs Geared

    I was in the same problem. But there is something that I noticed. I came back in 6.0 on January 2019. I was not playing everyday, until I learned how was the deal with Lakrum map. I was doing solo, but if you get help on how thing work you can do it faster. I had an average gear, most legendary items and 3-4 item ultimate 7+. I was really behind vs most geared players. So, when 7.0 came in, I upgraded all my legendary 15+ items to the new legendary gear items. And right now I have my all my gear ult 9+, and still behind but not that bad. And Im not a p2w player. Stigmas 7+, Daeviation skills 5+, and Legendary transformation. So, when 8.0 comes, I think I will have all my gear ult 15+ and ready to upgrade to 8.0 gears. We will always be behind to really old players, but after each upgrade we get close. Cuz they need to upgrade to new gear too and level up to 15+.
  18. Enchanting

    I have an ult item 5+, so i spent 10 legendary stones on it. and the item ended 5+.. I also have an ult 9+ item. I have spent 5 ult stones, and it still 9+. the enchant rate table says ult stone on ult 9+ item is 72%, so where is my 72%? 5 ult stones.. really? what kind of math are you using? There is not way that u can level up this way.
  19. Enchanting

    Something that i have notice. if you enchant next day with fresh login, you get better RNG. Sometimes I have many hours logged in and when I try to enchant it fails, I have tried many times to enchant a legendary item 12+ with Ultimate stones, and it fails many in a row. I think NCSoft is using some kind of code to force players to log out. Like China games. They dont want zombie players. The problem is that they dont tell us, or we dont know it.
  20. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 12, 2020

    I think they tried to do somethings nice, and ended doing a mess.. They just had to keep the things simple. Why dont you send just 1 box with 50million AP, 50 pvp legendary stones, 20 pvp ultimate stones, 5 grade A minions, 800 Legendary etiums, 400 ultimate etiums.
  21. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 12, 2020

    I think we are going to see a restart soon.. many things stopped working.
  22. Im just wondering or being QQ.. Everytime Elyos are inside killing Boss, when its 25% we get general players disconnected. I can bet more than 50% of the players inside get disconnected.. I have been disconnected more than 10 times, and I can bet if im inside killing boss when it get to 25%, its 100% sure that I'm going to be disconnected. its not my GPU, or CPU or Ram cuz i have a really good computer to play. I have lowered graphics and everything.. and its the same. it looks like its something programmed, cuz I dont get DC on 40% or 30%.. especial on 25%. thats fishy.
  23. Enchantment Rates

    I think plume and bracelet have the worst enchant rate. I dont know how many stones i have spent on a legendary plume 10+. and its still 10+, sometimes it goes to 11+, but i cant to 12+.