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  1. Please remove the rewards for losers or bring some kind of point system to get rewards. Right now instances like EC is a place where plp goes to be AFK to ****** gameplay of others that really want to have pvp/pve on that instance.. Its not nice to go there and fight 20 vs 60.. and 70% of your ally being AFK waiting for losers rewards. Bring back instances like Padmaraska where you had to do pve/pvp at the same time in order to get the loot chance. Not spaces for AFK people.
  2. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    Nice.. But.. where can i trade <Event> Aether Bloom? Whats the Name of the NPC.. Im on Elyos Side..
  3. Should Aion open Classic server too?

    I miss Sematariux and Padmaraska, those pvp on Inggison and Gelkmaros.
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 3, 2019

    As others noticed.. I was trying to enchant 3 ancient items with 90 ancients stones.. The items were already +12 +13.. So, I spent all my ancient stones, and just one got to +15.. the other 2 items stay on +10. Enchanting from +10 to +15 is a nightmare right now. I know that enchantment rate decrease while items are in higher level.. But say an example. This is how i see it, i dont have a way to test it. Ancient item plus ancient stones.. level Rate 1 100 2 90 3 90 4 90 5 90 6 80 7 80 8 70 9 70 10 60 11 20 12 20 13 10 14 10 15 5
  5. I think there is some kind of bug while trying to enchant pvp Ancient item with Ancients pvp stones. Before patch i could go from 10+ to 13+ or 14+ and backwards trying to get to 15+. I have all my items on 10+, today I spent more than 60 ancient stones and maybe 50 of them fail on 10, none item move over 12+, only 2 got to 11+ but went back again to 10. I tried to use some legendary stones, and its the same.