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  1. Enchantment rate

    is it just me or enchantment rate went down again after restart?
  2. HACK

    Yeah.. I understand your point.. when I say scroll i meant seed.. he wasnt doing AOE.. he just tagged me and went straight to me like i wasnt in hide mode.
  3. @CyanCan you fix this? I'm a ranger, and its not fair to work during 5-7 days just to get a healing boost manastone. Make the manastone chooseable, or available to broker, or available to warehouse or at least give manastone appropriate to the class. I have 8 ult red manastones useless for my class.
  4. HACK

    Well.. Today, in ID.. i went in hide mode and a Glad went straight to me and attacked me.. I was like WTF?? and this guys was not using scrolls.. I did it 2 more times just to verify if he was using scrolls and nop, he wasnt..
  5. Known Issues - October 9

    Pandora quest not being marked on maps.. and mobs are not marked as quest mobs.
  6. What would happend to old pandora items? Im currently with 2 ultimate items and working on the 3rd item.
  7. Hello, I have made my calcs about how much it cost to craft a T2 weapon. This number is based on 100% chance.. I don't know the exact rate, and its based on your own luck. So, lets say that you get a noble on each try. Example: 1day i was trying to get and ancient noble bow, and I ended with 10 useless bow, that i broke into fragments. And last week I tried to get one bow, and ended with a ultimate noble bow, with 100% chance in each try. The items prices can vary, are based on broker today.
  8. Asmos buff in KT

    I know when the faction is out of balance.. the weak receive a buff to help the balance. But right now there is a situation in KT, asmos has taken all forts and most of the time take the majority of demaha Altars.. the influence ratio is asmos. and they still have buff.. Can some1 explain this?
  9. Ereshkigal Boxes

    Just wonder.. I know many will say, its just luck, but... Most of us just get kinahs box on anniversary... but i have seen people getting many boxes of weapons and many boxes of gears, how comes there is not a balance? is there a bug that some1 is abusing?
  10. Demaha Siege

    Well.. If i dont see a better reward on this demaha siege, i wont comback.. too much effort to get the same reward as Lakrum siege.
  11. Bring Etiums to Forts

    Please bring etiums to fort.. If we got ridiums in previous patch. Why did you remove it? Damaha fort is not working.. So, please do something.. We are going to take years to upgrade our gears.
  12. Valiant and Top Tier

    I’m sorry to disappoint you. But you are lying. Your legions were calling for LFG since the beginning. I was in the league since the beginning when the world boss was on the right side of the map. Even I shout where we were taking the boss ?Demaha city? and the commander replied that we were taking the boss to the Elyos Spawn Camp. I was there fighting against 100+, while the tank was moving the boss. I die more than 5 times there, just to delay asmos a second. And when the boss was like 10% your legion kicked the ally where I was and all your teams members abandoned the ally. Don’t come here to say that we were in the league cuz we were added automatically, your team was adding us. And kicked all allies when boss was under 15-10%. it’s ok. It’s just a game, but sometimes we reflect how we are in real life.
  13. I'm just going to make a few question about new and old PVP gear. 1 - if you have an ult old pvp weapon, you need to enchant that weapon 15+ in order to get a new ult pvp weapon 0+.. Right?? 2- If you have a legendary old pvp weapon, you need to enchant that weapon 15+ in order to get a new legendary pvp weapon 0+.. Right? Im confused right now... What its easier to enchant? a legendary weapon or ultimate weapon?.. I think the path to get the old legendary 15+ and then get the new legendary to 15+, its easier than enchant an old ult weapon 15+ and then trade it for the new ult weapon 0+. Because you need the same amount of Spirit fragment and ultimate etium in order to upgrade from old ult weapon and new legendary weapon. Hope you undestand my point.. My english is not very good looking :D.
  14. Enchantment rates...Again..!

    @Cyan can you take a look to this? I think enchantment is really bad.. I have a legendary item, i have spent more than 50 stones, and the item is still 2+.. thats no possible.. When the enchantment table says that we can enchant a legendary until 5+ with ancient with a good rate.. Even enchanting an ancient from 12+ with legendary stones is a mess.
  15. Valiant and Top Tier

    A temp ban of 3 months would be nice.. lol.. nahh.. I don't mind too much.. and they do it cuz they are greedy, most of them already ult gear and still want more.. I'm just a regular player, ult and legendary mix, I don't really care too much about the weapon roll or whatever, I just go there like many other to get craft material, and the chance to get some enchantment stigma stones, that's all.. I don't mind if the ally who do the most damage get the weapon, that's fair. I submitted my report, cuz what they did, I don't see it correct. And I hope they get some kind of penalty, that make them think twice before doing that again.
  16. Valiant and Top Tier

    You never asked to leave.. First of all the league is not auto accept join.. You were doing allies and LFG to add members.. When the boss was almost dead.. You kicked allies and left out all the allies that you created... I was in a full ally.. and in one second 10 members of you Legion left the ally and the ally was kicked out.. Coincidence? You know why you did that, you know that if you do solo with your 2 legions, you were going to lose the boss. Because Elyos does not matter what, they were going to do a League, we do league all the time to conquer sieges, and it does not matter if your two legions are in or not.. But that was calculated before boss spawn. You added all the elyos to your league and them kicked us out. Long time ago, with GM online, they would deleted the loots to the greedy players.
  17. Yes.. When the faction conquer an altar. Go there there is a npc an exchange the medal that u have 1 per titania collector.
  18. Current Gear on 7.0

    I just have a few questions about our current gears on 7.0. is it coming a new crafted gear? What would happen to the one that we already crafted? would be upgraded or just useless? What would happen to our current pvp gear? i have some legendary 15+, others 10+, 6+ and a few already ultimate. thank yo.u
  19. Vote 20 skin candinates into GST

    Padmaraska/Samatariux Skin and weapon
  20. No way is enchanting not busted

    Right now.. i spent like 15 legendary stones trying to move one legendary item 6+ that i have.. the item stack on 8+. 2 times i reached 9+, and went back to 6+.
  21. Best Ragers Bow Fusion

    My question is.. What the best bow fusion? 1- Ultimate War Bow/Ultimate Masterwork Conqueror Bow? 2- Ultimate War Bow/Ultimate Masterwork Monarch Bow? 3- Ultimate War Bow/BoS bow? 4- Ultimate War Bow/COE Bow? 5-Other? Explain..
  22. Best Ragers Bow Fusion

    Thank u, I got this information a bit late Firebrand better over Cloud War, when i already had my bow on ultimate , like 1 month ago.. So, i have right now the Cloud War. I'm working on my Firebrand too. But i want to get all my gear on Ultimate before going for this. You know, Ultimate stones are a bit difficult. Right now i have the ultimate masterwork conqueror, i was farming and i had the lucky shot, on first try i got the masterwork. But thanks for the information
  23. Maybe we have equal numbers... But the asmodian that came from EK most of them are old players... Before merge, It was difficult to find one player with ult contract... right now i see asmodians everywhere with Ult contract.. most of them are really OP vs the young elyos community that we had on KT before the Merge.
  24. Well... Right now we are being out numbered in KT, that problem came from EK.. But thats not the problem. The problem right now is that most of the asmos that came from EK are really old players, with full ULT gear and most of them with Ult contract too.. in fact too OP vs the young population of Elyos in KT. So.. it doesnt matter if we have the same population on both sides, or we outnumber the asmos, we are going to lose. Many of the star officers on Elyos side does not have even a full Lengendary set, while on asmos side they are already geared. Im still on ancient gear, and i got star 4 a few sieges ago, and i was like how the f** i got this rank? asmos chase me like i were a pro player, when Im a noob player.
  25. Enchant rate broken?

    I have said many times.. since 6.7 update the enchantment rate going after 10+ on ancient, legendary, etc... its a pain in ***, going from 1-10 I don't see it that bad.. but from 11-15 you spent too much stones.. it does not matter which you use, it will fail a lot.