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  1. I am so close to doing chargebacks on everything I spent on Aion and uninstalling. I will never come back to Aion. This game is truly dead and sad with 400 players running around.
  2. I will not buy anything from BCM Including the pristege pass. Stand with me and sign your name below. Actions speaks louder than words. Let's show these people we pay their wages and they work for us and not the other way around. If they want to be jobless and end up homeless in California then so be it. This game and company deserves everything it has coming to it. I will give it another few weeks to get its act together before I pull the plug and uninstall. Please stand with me and show these scammers we mean business.
  3. I dont understand where pvp instances are timed. This is the only game that limits people. I have to make my schedule around the game if I want to play the game. To be frank I am getting tired and bored of this game. Sieges are at 11 PM eastern us times. Pvp opens at 9 PM and end at 4 am. It only runs for 2 hrs during the day when people are working. It feels like NCWest does not want us to play Aion. maybe I should just charge back what I spent on Aion and leave this POS forever. I dont think they will ever fix this nonsense.
  4. I changed From NA to EU and i have no REGRETS. Gameforge is still a Shitty company but they are ALOT better than this Losers that work for NA WEST. Regarding this update: They merged Servers and reset all Glory Points, so people got Gold Ingots based on Glory Points they had. You can but Anything (see post above for picture of Sand Shops) People can choose to buy what they want, either it be the Legendary Contract or the Ancient ones. each Gold ingot cost same as NA 1.3k and u can buy 3 daily and 4 and 5th can be obtained other ways. My ping is same and i use a ping reducer. g
  5. Join my strike. Dot not spend money on BCM for anything. 30 day pass,Luna or whatever you call it. Do not spend money.
  6. Everyone who cares about their hard earned money and this game should not spend 1 cent in the name of NCwest. This Korean companies are just so greedy and I have seen over and over again how korean mmorpgs fail hard. I love this game for pvp but it's not playable. Ek is dead,and if you like to see how dead, you should see for yourself. People have spent real money and time building their toons on ek and this is why they rather quit than reroll. The grind for pvp gear is real. I urge you to use common sense and go on this strike with me. It will force Ncwest to take some action and do their jo
  7. Junssi they are all pretty bad. I dont think I saw a gpu. You should buy a desktop . Hell I can build u and ship you a great gaming desktop for 500 or so dollars. You need a good dedicated graphic cards.
  8. I will no be supporting AION or NCWest even if this means the death of this game. As much as I love this game and i keep comming back to it. But enough is enough. The GMs and devs do not listen to us. Nor do they answer to our pleas. These people don't deserve our hard earned money. They dont respect us so why should we care? Please join me in this strike. Please leave a comment if you plan to join me and not buying anything on BCM including the 30 days pass. Show NCWest we r serious with out actions and wallet.
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