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  1. I wondered where we pick up our reward for joining. Thanks!
  2. In the meantime would it be possible to get a list of the intended rewards?
  3. Thanks for keeping in touch Kibbelz Is there away to use events and benefits to help individual servers? If IS isn't a healthy server perhaps apply benefits. But don't apply the same things to a healthy server like Siel. We have a rich competitive atmosphere I think an unneccessary buff or event could mess it up
  4. Says inventory too full to get rewards but the number of rewwards they give are so many you can't accept them even with an empty, fully expanded cube. Is there a work around?
  5. Guess they are keeping even the glitches classic! Glide avoid fear glitch too? wOO!
  6. Trying to download/ install Classic and keep ramming into this popup. I have all my firewalls turned off and still get it. Halp?
  7. Yeh. I mean it's really great stuff for free and in 8.0 when the enchantment stones change or future things change they dont want peoplewho stockpile to have a huge advantage I guess... but a couple weeks wouldn't have hurt lol
  8. Or remove the limit on how many bots we can report. I see 30 bots in 5 mins.
  9. You have so many people who are willing to give non troll sensible feedback. I wish there was a way you could convince your team to utilize the players when it comes to changes you have control over. We know Korea, iron fist and all that. But when you offer auto hunting in TT it makes us think either the people who instated the idea don't play the game or simply don't care. You could have added it to Red Katalam and added the plat cubics. It's a timed location, there is pvp there are well but you're not surrounded by elites and one shot mobs. I realize adding it to Gelk/Ing would cro
  10. Someone gave it to me and also suggested rolling back to an older nvidia
  11. Oh that makes sense. Well I'm excited to be caught up on SOMETHING. Thanks again!! ❤️
  12. I'm hoping not. My hope is they are fixing experience extractor prices to not include flowers
  13. This is so helpful too thank you! Was this on the powerbook and I missed it? I hate bugging you guys for info Is wear I googled and powerboooked beforehand but must have not looked in the right place lol You're the best ❤️ Dude you screen grabbed and everything thank you. (what youtube channel?) This is a system I'd probably never have looked into if I hadn't gotten lucky on my first time trying to combine. I like that you can switch them out. Right now I am more focused on defense because I'm usually alone and my bodyguard Hyperion has saved my bacon so often I had to aw
  14. This helped me ❤️ https://www.pcgamesn.com/windows-10-game-performance-hit
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