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  1. well we all know that we run multiplayer instance as solo just holding a group and getting all we can from that instance, why can't we just enter it without the boring holding grp, it is a risk anyway if someone enter a multi instance and he can't run it alone, he lose his run so i think it wouldn't be a problem for u NCsoft, it would also fix that boring thing that happen when the grp holder crash and u see ur run wasted
  2. Well that's true, but the number strenght is not an invalicable obstacle, most of elyos on kt are low geared soldiers rank 4-9, they litterally die to a rotation of a spirit master with pve set (i swear, i tried ) in my opinion asmos have just to cooperate more and to answer when someone ping an ely on map (it's common that people ask for help and noone answer)
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