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    Aion Gear / Transform > skill filthy casuals
  2. Let me Start off with saying, they have great pvp flow, aka combat is good, looks nice blends together same as in PvE. Now the truth about Aion pvp, it’s garbage, straight gear dependent, all these skills people think they have is progression & gear > skill, by a large margin, someone in Ancient pvp gear is no fight for someone in legendary gear let alone someone in ultimate gear. Aion is as casual as a game can come literally no way to gauge who is actually good at pvp, arenas is the closest thing and you better be full ultimate to compete, and most are just win traders at that. You literally don’t need to be good at pvp at all to progress your pvp gear. You can just afk all instances and eventually you will have good enough gear to kill people no matter your skill. Iv never played another game where I can’t compete in first tier pvp gear key word “compete” you are in a pvp set and you are legit getting two hit by people. Don’t understand the love for the pvp in Aion. People barely leave Lakrum and when they do it’s to do PvE for PvP stuff lol. The people who que for pvp either roll the other teams face or if it’s hard they say screw it and go afk. It’s bad... and I’m not even bringing transformations into the equation which allows people to completely kite others making them useless.
  3. What I'm feeling about the Game now

    I only started in 6.2 and my god I’m glad I did. I told my friend this game wasn’t good for years, he convinced me finally after like 5 years and my gosh you ever had a I told you so build up 6 years???
  4. NCSoft Core Mission Statement

    After reading that mission statement it all makes sense now. I wrote an identical statement as a attention grabber in 5th grade.
  5. State of The Game

    You mean people are still playing this game? Let alone buying stuff lol games been broken for a full week now, like really broken not some little stuff. It’s unacceptable. And you don’t need to ask anyone to stop buying from the shop theirs literally nothing worth buying.
  6. Why is there a time to Q for PVP instances

    It’s funny, if you actually take the time and sit back to think about how aion is played you come to realize how bad of a game aion truly is. It has beautiful graphics, and cool classes / skills, but then the gameplay is a utter disaster. Only game where skill can literally not be measured, Zerg wins sieges, pvp gear progression is enjoyable to me, but the advantage of gear it gives is insane, and literally pvp game breaking this is the reason people just afk. No trading, time restrictions for the lack luster pvp, entry restrictions on literally everything? When did this become a thing in mmorpgs. You can’t see your character you made you have to be some ugly soldier looking thing or a bunny, and if you don’t have that you are also at a huge disadvantage. Aion is simply alive right now because theirs no other mmo worth investing into while waiting for the new powerhouse mmos to be released I don’t even have to say their names everyone knows what I’m talking about. The new patch just came out, and I’m sitting here ready for 7.0 just to have a reason to play other than Wednesday - Friday. Aion will be a forgotten memory come Q4 2019. I haven’t even talked about the poor customer service that no one takes responsibility for or the sad attempt at a cash grab bcm (10 ancient pvp stones for like $30) are you that oblivious? What is Aion? I never tried this game until 6.2 while my friends played it for years and I only came to have something to play with them and my god... was I right about not touching this game.
  7. Roll back the game to 6.2 until you fix the issues

    The difference between you, and me. I was raised to eat whats on my plate, if they told me it was chicken, but gave me beef... well guess what i'm eating beef. Another thing, its not like you are the only one... everyone has it thus makes it fair, stop crying at least you got something. Don't like it, don't buy prestige or what ever else you think gives you the right to bytch so much about petty shit.
  8. Urgent fix, Trauma Plate Trigger

    Id laugh if they say working as intended, and just didn't put it in the patch notes. Big smack in the face for ya their wouldn't it? Not everything is a bug, just call it as it is, Ninja Nerf welcome to Aion
  9. Roll back the game to 6.2 until you fix the issues

    "Ranger perspective" Hey... I get buff this patch 10% flat value increase AWESOME! no more maths I have do know how I hit RNG anyway, (doesn't realize this is a slight balancing patch for them with increased mixed into the wording) "Ranger perspective" Now I shoot and kill 10% faster!, continues to pop all buffs with user chain skill, bury silence (even though their silence can't be potted anymore) hey why you know die in two hits & 10% faster???!?!? NCSOFT BULLSHIT LIE! TO ME GIF MONEYZ BAKS! THIS LIE WHOLE PATCH CRAP YOU SAY BUFF I NERF WAHHH LIE BAD NCSOFT I legit think NCWest is laughing at any ranger who complains this patch, wondering why they don't see a 10% increase in their damage.
  10. You’re one of those people, if they made an arena where everyone went in with same gear, you would quit because it’s too hard. This game molds to players who can buy skill aka paying to win in a subtle way, making you think you are actually better than people due to how big of a gear difference you had. Only reason I’m saying this is because you cried about money. And a FYI I support the game as well.
  11. Roll back the game to 6.2 until you fix the issues

    He’s just crying about his ranger, who he thinks is under powered... idiot.
  12. What money are you referring too? Last I checked aion is free, and excuse the foul taste in my mouth reading about a ranger only getting a slight buff when they didn’t need a buff in the first place. Theirs several variables to look at. You’re probably just like the other genius ranger who didn’t turn on his power shards.