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  1. A very important discussion about Vandal

    Yeah that sounds like @Devil-KT
  2. Plese bring AION back

    Nah I don’t mean something like tia eye event (the event was fine until cyan did the sneak nerf), I’m talking about making a Classic option on the server select screen. Even if it’s for a limited time. The game is super casual now compared to what it used to be like, the aion we have now is almost mostly single player while classic aion felt like a true mmo. Blah
  3. Plese bring AION back

    something that gameforge and korea did for Tera was release the classic version for a limited time, much like an event for a few months. Then that progress got brought over to the live version of the game. although it's out of ncwest's hands to do this on their own (bringing classic back) without the approval of korea, an event of classic would be even just that bit nostalgic for the majority of us. just a thought? sounds kinda lame and poo but it is what it is
  4. Position scoring for GP rewards for KT/EK

    Yeah it was just so confusing. Regardless, we just got our GP season rewards 40 minutes ago
  5. Siege Bot Party

    You can buy your crafted gear over on your alts to enchant then re sell it to your main
  6. Someone got an extra entry to Arena of Harmony this week

    who cares ?
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 22, 2019

    After the consolidation is complete, additional boosts will be added to all servers. More details to come. "additional boosts" he didn't say kt and dn will get the same boosts lol
  8. Position scoring for GP rewards for KT/EK

    so after maint everyone will have 0 gp? even though reset is half an hour or something after maint is over? otherwise, we're screwed and our rewards will be changed if it's not resetting until the normal daily reset time, counting only towards the KT ranking board not EK
  9. Do not support ncsoft!

  10. GP

    Sorry? So, nc want to remove resets from the only 2 pvp instances that give gp yet keep the gp gained from pve'ing in siege? for pvp ranks? can you stop going backwards .. ap to gp npc is understandable, but this is straight up annoying when most of us actually want to reset these instances to gain gp on top of the siege gp. the ones crying about resetting id and ib are most likely the ones losing all the time and just suck ? idk
  11. EU Cares About His Community

    It's been a rocky past for EU for quite some time and they only decided to improve on their version of the game in 5.x and somewhat in 6.x However, gameforge is under a different licence than ncwest, there's still rules and regulations that need to be followed from a business' POV when getting approval from ncsoft for the NA version. Although it is nice to see that gameforge are "listening" to the players but in the end it's all too late. These publishers only listen when it hurts them the most edit: I just wish/hope that ncwest would at least be active again with the community and keep us up to date on possible future improvements, what fixes are being/going to be made so people can stop questioning and sitting on edge on what the next step is going to be. for example - only Cyan has acknowledged that ncwest are aware of the issue of players not gaining ap/gp siege rewards as officer+ ranks and that's it, no word on if there's a fix, when this is going to occur etc. I made a post a few weeks ago about voicing our concern and it seems like ever since then it only happened once to keep us up to date, then they reverted back to their own ways. Well, we can't expect much from nc at this point
  12. NO GP FOR FORT!!!!

  13. Why not change snake buff to drop rate back again !

    you stupid or something? its 2 weeks exp and drop, 2 weeks ap and craft ...
  14. NCWest First Steps to Be Better?

    Welp, too bad these enchantment stones can't be morphed, it's obvious they played around with the success rates of these. Considering they gave out so many. Or i could be speculating.
  15. Illumiel brawl

    Best set up combination is cleric sorc gunner (my group runs that set up) First group to start dpsing kunax is put at an advantage as we get the chariot to attack the tower, while we pvp the opposing faction and their 100 point guards. You are also put at an advantage as you get war points quicker (if you're the team in the lead), at every 1.5k war points you go back to your base talk to the statue and upgrade your transform scroll. This increases your damage and defence severely , and adds 1-2 more skills. The quicker you do this, the stronger you are, the quicker you kill kunax and the opposing faction (2-3hits). You always want a sorc (tome) in the group who will use whirlwind off cd to knock people up in the air and the cleric/gunner (or whatever your set up is) will help dps them down
  16. Just stop

    @Cyan Locking threads because of "no constructive criticism" looks bad on your end. Whenever the community does give you constructive criticism to pass on to the higher ups, we're simply ignored, or treated like we're children. You guys need us more than we need you, from a business point of view, what NCWEST is doing to their consumers is pathetic. When people are spending money to achieve a sense of gratification in-game, even that isn't possible at this point. Empty promises since 4.x , spending resources on a system that doesn't need fixing while wasting another 2 weeks of no enchanting, no proper gp for EK sieges, transform contracts still aren't the correct ones and a lot more that you are aware of. You want constructive criticism? Tell your team to do their job. The sales team should be replaced, so does the marketing and QA team. We're not even asking for much, NCWEST was a decent company up until 2-3 years ago for some reason. Or at least be honest with us and tell us that Aion isn't of interest and just shut it down in NA, because clearly .. selling a product that no one in that company know nothing about is very embarrassing for you lot. If a sales member in NCWEST doesn't know/believe in what they're selling, what makes you think the consumers will trust them? Anyway, not saying this is your fault* but you're the only CM on forums and you need to pass this information on that we've been giving you since 6.0 started. Stop giving us empty promises, fix what needs fixing and that's it.
  17. Just stop

    @Cyan I do appreciate that you acknowledge this as constructive criticism/feedback. However, yes as most of us agree, all we NEED is transparency between ncwest and ourselves. All we keep being told from time to time is either "it is working as intended" (arguable, of course) and most of the time "there's no current plan/s" / "we have discussed this feedback". I know there's only so much you can do to a certain point where letting out too much information can seem obstructive within a companies guidelines and rules, but all we do ask for is a time frame on certain things that are being fixed. Example- 1. Transparent scrolls will be implemented within x amount of weeks/months OR just be straight forward and say there are no plans for these to exist in GST as they are available in events, Luna daily x7 reward key chest, etc 2. EK server situation is being looked into and will provide an update within x amount of weeks/months (by this I mean how elyos are at a disadvantaged number because as I stated earlier, the marketing team is doing it wrong) 3. Certain bugs that are being addressed at meetings will try to be fixed by x date You see where I'm getting at, right? That is literally all we ask for. And have a talk with the sales team who's in charge of BCM because for $40 +/- for 10 ancient PvP enchantment stones .. come on, this is what I mean by not understanding how the game works and selling items that doesn't add value. A ROI should be the main priority, and from what I can tell/see, the only way ncwest's revenue is being achieved is through the $100 transformation pack (which i'm thankful for because even on EU they don't have that luxury, when in fact it's double our price and no guaranteed ancient transform) and possibly the skins/stigma enchantment stones for those who are having a hard time with Anomos etc. (although i can't speak on your behalf about the actual profit and roi being made, this is just my assumption. when I do hope it's a lot more to be able to pay for employees to take home to their families)
  18. Question about Ereshkigal cubes

    Only works against Ereshkigal herself
  19. It’s only a compensation event that’s temporary. Calm down
  20. Scheduled Game Update - March 27, 2019

    Yes , it shouldn’t be necessary. But it’s there and that’s 1 of the 2 “f2p” way there is. Just gotta deal with it. 7 minutes of afking isn’t hard work , but okay
  21. Scheduled Game Update - March 27, 2019

    No , lvl 10 for Luna
  22. Scheduled Game Update - March 27, 2019

    I mean, you gotta be hella stupid to think I’m confusing it with normal transform scrolls .. doing the Luna daily 7 times let’s you choose what reward you want. 1 of which contains a bag that has 20 transparent scrolls. Put it on broker and buy it off alts. Do this 8 times on your account and that’s 160 scrolls a week Please just stop and learn how Luna rewards work before commenting
  23. Scheduled Game Update - March 27, 2019

    Or just make alts on accounts and make 160 scrolls every week each account and trade them on broker to your main