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  1. Make all BCM items brokerable.

    Yes, more money for NCSoft and better freedom for every player.
  2. Small tweak for Transformation Candies

    We have made a ton of posts like this, nobody likes the new look and those that like it are a tiny minority. They said in the future, you will be able to hide the transformation look in your client, just like when you want to click "hide pets" or "hide minions" etc, you will be able to hide the transformation look. The developer who is responsible for this should be fired along with the team that approved of it.
  3. Entering multiplayer instance as solo

    I agree on that. Every instance should be able to get in solo, what does it matter if the instance is meant for 3 players or 6 players or more. If you want to get in solo you should be able.
  4. Can't progress past level 55

    So I am 55, I did al Belusland Campaigns, there is no Gelkmaros Campaign for me.