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  1. Disable Soul Sickness until Housing Bids *Please!*

    Think it was suggested once before, maybe just add the mansion or higher buff instead to prestige pack with the instance entry count and increased ap? even at a $5 US reduction might get alot more subscribers than the current set up...
  2. I see what's going on, you are level 40 and in Reshanta? that means you hit that level BEFORE the new gear was implemented, the level requirement for the abyss was upped to 45 prior to the new uber gear sets being added. With the way the leveling curve has been reworked it might be better, and oddly quicker in the new gear, to start all over again from level 1 keeping the old character for item storage. or just luna afk's until 55 and get that set instead and go back to finish all the campaign quests you jumped over.
  3. Returning Player with friends...questions

    somethings, pve wise, actually require at least 1 physical and 1 magic dps, boss doorways in Archives among them. And pvp all eggs in 1 basket still happens with certain groups, I have a cleric with a ridiculous block set from 4.9, let alone what a more recent gear out does, but no MR versus some other players that have MR sets that only purpose builds can even scratch, so having 2 different types of dps simultaneously hammering a single person still works. doesn't have to be a tank, just physical damage.
  4. Alchemy Profession

    GHp's always sell, along with superior flight pots, even UA BM camp mobs clip wings.... 10k for scrolls? he's gonna hate me every time the flight buff is up
  5. to a point, I actually play more in the mornings working evenings, but that has to be ALOT of transfers to eat 7 hours, guessing it's the folks that have all their spinels and just like me, rank means nyerk all. Hopefully any small bits, like the missing returned player NPC"s are brought in and other such minor oopsies not getting the FULL 5.5/5.6 patch entailed....
  6. Aion the fps crusher

    it's something in the base software that just poorly utilizes hardware, 1.x days a 2.5ghz dual core, any maker and a TNT2, of all things, use to run this game at 45-50 fps medium settings but no bloom. That's what I had back at launch and was able to jumpshot like crazy on like a 512k adsl connection(did it with a gladiator silly enough...), now with hardware that's maybe a year old and 60mb/s cable, I can't do it at all.
  7. @Cyan/Hime Fallen Poeta exploit

    Exactly Cheese, when the most 'hardcore' Korean players took about twice as long.... but I've mentioned in a few places in game, as long as those whales keep dropping money on BCM(like the over rated/costed berdin stars..) NCwest low level employees will just float by getting a paycheck for minimal effort....
  8. The Feels

    Or having to actually finish ALL of Steel Rake to have more than 4 stigmas/ non-green,,,, and then the constant kisk/obelisk bouncing to get the lights...
  9. PSA: XP events and XP amulets stack multiplitively

    humor has no wrong, just failed audiences
  10. Opening Wings

    double tap space bar fairly quickly, you will begin gliding
  11. PSA: XP events and XP amulets stack multiplitively

    it is, for the dyslexic and bassackwards....
  12. Magical Aether Morph?

    crap happens, but you can't be faulted for not knowing, it was part of 5.1, loss of gelk/iggni forts. which was several months ago. BTW proper choice of crafting to use with the old school gathering methods, even making your own pots/food/jellies is a bargain after you get in to expert/master ranges.. NO lfg/legion group happenign for what you weant to do, 20min of puttering in iggnison/cygnea and you'll have a month's supply
  13. Magical Aether Morph?

    they exist, got sent to the capital cities and are now just another page on the menu of morphing books
  14. PvP Gearing for New Players?

    you MAY be out the set bonus, BUT the significant jump that 70 has, even base stast over 65 is noticeable, then you add in the +8 to +10 archdaeva stones... which do remain when you purify. the only downside I see after you get a 70 set is workign towards al lthe omegas and greater supples(no failed enchantments) you'll need along the way. PS I could show you with the SM Beri if needs be.
  15. Server Merge FAQ - Updated: 9/22

    TY cheese, I should have been more specific, meant more a checklist what to clear out before manually transferring(read teh guidline/restriction page). the 'after merger' bit was more an "Oh crap, I left soemthign behind, now how da heck I get it before it's to late" warning