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  1. it doesn't take much to be better... low bar even an ant can't limbo under afterall.. going from 2 horns to 5-6 according to NCLogic is a reliable improvement
  2. I'd say the guys in between BT and hexway, out in the open. Maybe even check the canyon in lower left of Gelkmaros, heading to Padma's on foot, a fair few elite/grade 4+ common balaur mobs IIRC.
  3. Quite easily.... BT for legion mates even pre 4.9 I'd go in with a 65 SM and clear out the 3 door bosses in maybe 10-12 minutes. Dragging some alts through there should be the most reliable means of getting any master level balic materials.
  4. the twin gifts which have the better items, happily stick around.. havea box somewhere from the very 1st time it happened... the 65 celebratory is only good for the manastone boxes you'll be using as filler/finishing after you get archdaeva gear and stones.
  5. it's high end aether tapping, and with the current grind it leveling system, getting dp to make them is actually fairly frequent if outside an instance, alchemy only converts stones downwards in level, fine to major to greater to plain to minor.
  6. I've done that boss on a 70-71 ranger... and also seen a 25k hp cleric get 1 shot just from bad rng of all 4 eyes turning at once towards them. See if there's a difference just having your friend move 5m away from the corner. teh chanter doesn't really need to be in party, just have a friend/legion member buff all of you before going in.
  7. go looking for ancient manastones like MR or Msupp... just to have a quick gear change to a "OH NYERK' set if, in your case, aether twist AND spell dodge are on c/d..
  8. level difference and timing of skills, whoever gets the insta-stun/fear off 1st basically has won... sorc may have harder hitting skills, but an SM can keep the lockdown going if timed right. Want truly scary? get stuck in a 3v3 arena against both and SW
  9. they popped up with the trees last time, it's a bug in I believe the [event] tag line on them how certain other items like luna supples/temperings/omegas are unsellable to npc's... why this particular item even got such a tag when you couldn't trade the normal to begin with..
  10. if there's any actual gripe, it should only be about the pug vs premade facing each other... I've actually had more fun(and once or twice solo won)in a QCue vs QCue match up than supposed premade roflstomper group(s)
  11. People have been askign for years about this, 1 of the very 1st gripes during beta/prelaunch.... MAXIMUM of 8 characters per account, servers not withstanbding. you made 2 asmodians on X... go over to Y and only 6 slots open to make elyos, during the days of subbing the game..............
  12. Life long philosophy.. repeal some child safety laws... evolution is getting pissed at what's slipping through the cracks.....
  13. I'll have to go checking on my DN-E chars, most of the spots are like where you fly to from the main town, the higher your level, the more turquoise arrows pop up further out in the map, at 72 I'm getting quests where the level 80 'world bosses' are, NE and SW corners.... but that's in norsvold. I'll see have to have a little fun drawling on the map, no guarantees since my highest Ely right now is I believe 50-60% through 69.
  14. more signs the gm's sometimes don't know the FULL story, if you put in a +6 up to a certain point, you do get the +20 mr per stone, but bigger than modern singer's... there are caps, once reached, you get LESS per stone/point
  15. seet hat little down arrow in between hp/mp/sped and attack? check to see what will is actually at, you may have hit the cap and have to drop cp's to see more effect from the stones.... where's Momo... ps edit. hard to say how much 'gain' you're actually getting, using precis +6/7 stones in like 2 pieces of 70 gear reian acc and a +7 mb/ma plume, my SM sits at about 3017 MA BASE with food/buffs taking it closer to 3500 at 72.. let alone wtf a 75 clothy gets with +5 essence cores and +10 stones..
  16. I hope this is for a pve rotation... pvp I tended to use(retired from sorc in 4.9)arcane thunder bolt/somnolence 1st to buy the time to use Soul and similar long cast skills. I also tend to play wierd, not so much a rotation but skills are off c/d, the situation if CC is needed, which dots/debuffs are still ticking for more than 5 seconds...
  17. here's giving Sm's left bewb to see an aetherboard then
  18. Sadly, there is northing profitable after the 460 mark to make until you hit 500 for the bracing waters. It's mostly personal use(and I still only make the superiors to archdaeva morph to vitals...) It's super cheap because NPC's sell them as well. I personally have both tapping skills at 499 and take advantage of guest blooms to not have to get my materials off broker. To keep making money, you may have to do the alt tab to youtube/crunchyroll/netflix/ mass crafting of flight pots and greater heal pots to fund further work.
  19. we already headed to the pub for shots and brew, we're pretty chill... It may cost a little to do, but I suggest when you go to make the 2nd craft(399/499)make sure to have 3 if not 4 crafts ready to go materials wise so you don't have to go back out and regain items.
  20. a blanket reset the DAY OF the merge, would have been equal opportunity ahole , now it is to late. Harm than good, to who? I said the company MISSED an opportunity to make some sales on those old CC warriors.... Personally, I could care less for ANY GP gain at all, I run OW/IDL etc for the spinels and ap, for other chars... I'd rather be that guy is an R 9 in +15 prime captain's gear that just wrecked the 'officer' still thinking their old gear is so ooohlalaLOL.... Both Beritran Gov's as soon as the patch giving said gear came out, immediately switched over. It confu
  21. Glad to see so many people can get their thongs tied in a knot about a few par for the course NC-west snafu's. Yes the AP to gp npc's should never have been implemented, and they popped back up after the merger... let alone just wiping EVERYBODY back to 0, no current viable gear needs rank, those who know how to get the rank would have done so again in no time, likely with boosted sales of say... EB/IDL/OW and IS reset scrolls (good job shooting yourselves in the foot missing that cash grab btw) I know this because I watched how fast the top 30 on BR had climbed in the 1st 3 months, I had
  22. I believe it's called 'rotating' for a reason, it's there for a short time, then removed, may come back in a few months... still waiting for the aetherboard mount to come back... I have mounts with 13.0 speed, but just not as cool
  23. I was agreeing with you, just suggesting NOT discounting it after the level was passed by. Some of your wall of text seemed to say not use it at all, if I misunderstood, let's go for tekillya shots and a guiness
  24. LordV... when I say ripoff, that's exactly what she tried crafting, expecting say MB 27/macc 8's or mb 27/hp 42's... and got MB and like block 5 or attack 7's... PS the craft bundle does have a use, but for items you no longer level up on, say you were at 460 skill and need more waters for making the recovery pots...
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