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  1. I know some true pve queens that never earn a single gp in this game that would hurt... and the total limit is currentl;y about 130mill for an archdaeva. As for making Kianh, I've suggested before in other threads on this, do ALL your daily quests, work the day lights out of events you are remotely good at...
  2. To a point... TTC and barracks, quite easy.. adma is a little finagling... DL/AOE/COE need a partner, and usually it's the chanter and SM together that does all of the above short of the final boss(es)
  3. aether is for sale in the crafting areas of capital cities/housing areas but those are a set limit per day. on a side note, that's the extant of my alchemy goals... the mana stones were a rip off (friend who does make waters tried the design out... BAD results) I get a bit more consumable mileage from same char being a master cook... A few items can actually be gotten in housing if you own a basic house(owned 4 to actually make the materials, not to be a douc....) Main req is that your neighborhood is a level 5 village. G'luck
  4. blood mark eternal, mostly called discordant IIRC, also a resulting skin from a long process of proccing crafted gear. the concept art is nice, but in game... nobody left it the original skin for more than an hour max.... or they dump them for ap
  5. Now we have it's waters from 400 to 430, then flight pots to 460 and can cruise on to 499 on recoveries...
  6. instead of a screen... might want vids on youtube....
  7. also the fusing of items tends to make that happen... neither item soul bound beforehand, I found out the hard way when I went to hand a prov/asherion book off to an alt with the ayas bag manastones to spam socket......
  8. Megaphone trolls again... you have to be on Asmo side KT for more than 20min to truly understand... hopefully the server hardware got a proper once over so the DDoS BS is knocked down a little, most it cost me so far is a few wing mark boxes(yeah really needed those...)
  9. the bracing waters are still 500, but the 430/440ish craft for flight pots now gives the near infinate flight time superior pot result. I know because it tends to be what I place on broker when I've hit the npc limit dumping junk. I'll make sure to have said design selected when I take the SS.
  10. Get RNGesus better confectioneries and high end floozey's.. sadly, the rate is pretty random, I only afk the daily, when a Saam run happens, some chars get an omega every S run, others have yet to see 1 since the original patch. On the 1st topic, do give fair lead time omegas are returning to the BCM... will it be p2advance? likely. But it does bypass the funtacalar drop rates lately....
  11. Not sure if you really need true mastery anymore, but 400+ crafting is pretty simple, fine elemental stones to waters until it no longer gives a skill up, some pots 'should' be available to get you the rest of the way. once superior flight pots open up, you're on the downhill and actually at the point you can still make money. No need for the balic crafts, superior recovery pots/serums are about 460/470, which can be achieved spamming the flight pots. after maintenance is done I'll try to get a screenshot from 1 of my alchemists to show the path.
  12. good luck with the BCm suggestion... people have griped about the char limit per account for years... SW is actually how the person feels like playing it after 66, I've seen some pure dps 1's that can make a sorc/master at weaving sin/glad cry, I've also seen a sub par geared solo heal an all ranged group in Adma on an event run(boss fight for I think a card drop, not to the pumpkin we had last week) the class adapts well to how the run is going, all how well YOU react. so have fun and SLOW level it so you understand what it can and can not do.
  13. infernal blight and shackle of vulnerability from an SM as well... but it does point out things should be going smoother/faster damage-wise IF other people understand their class's skills. Granted I likely do less dps that I could but with said skills in pve/pvp, the sorc/SW/dps cleric does hit harder...
  14. he has a harvester with asherion under orb... we ran DSL for our final pumpkin together last night, I wanted book, he wanted orb and we got the other's choice... and +15 that and full sop fridgidia gear, he's tryign to figure out if 6/7's are enough in it or should it be 9;s I think
  15. Quite true, even on my other pc before it died, most for my chars I had to wheel and zoom in on my chest to actually start cranking out the damage on specific classes(not a good thing on say 2nd boss CoE when you have to step 5m every 20 seconds the right way to get out of the puddle)to go from 25-30 fps to 50-60fps ....
  16. last town you can fly to from the main port in(has the portal to abyss), will be a shugo sells designs for ancient coins. The manastone choices may seem nice but a friend tried them, got wierd combos like mb 25/block 12, accuracy 8... the better, more reliable to sell design from the same NPC will likely be bracing water but that entails using all your possible runs of infinity shard to get materials...
  17. the plain enchantment stones still have use, so don't throw them away... use them for that crap spot in the 50 skill range of aether forging... pet jerky, deconstituting back to dust for (hopeful) RNG reconstitution in to shiny stones...
  18. also it's not great kinah, but likely to do them anyways for the exp all the Norvs/Illuma dailies open at 70+ that can be soloed amount to just over 13million.
  19. it may go badly as an Elyos ranger, being more a single target burst class or anything in leather for that matter, gunner not much for area effects, sin? after blind... LOLZ!! these I know because I've run them through it. may have to leave the quest until 60, when you don't aggro anything unless you WANT to and have all the traps you feel best about laid down.
  20. here comes a 'good old days" speech, but in the p2p days, not sure if the players ever got the account back but when we could check other people's stuff on the website(made hiding info pointless and silly) we always could tell who got caught for hacking or RMT, the char in question would still be the same level, but NEKKID and NO KINAH, NO AP... not a farkin thing beyond level and a name unusable by anybody else, what happened to that?
  21. friend was bound there, it still exists but on the 1st week of... 5.3 I believe, he zoned in and even the npc's were gone, not even a portal to get back out, he had to express mail himself a scroll to leave.
  22. hard to say if any are on broker, but might be since FT/KT blue quests give them as rewards. and yes Kall, it is stupid, I actually remade an AT because of how silly the newly introduced stuff was before I let that character go idle about mid 5.1, was less time to get back to 66 than it was to farm ac's/AoE/CoE upgrade items, Nothing wrong with actually getting some of the coin gear sets they aren't horrid skins
  23. Think it was suggested once before, maybe just add the mansion or higher buff instead to prestige pack with the instance entry count and increased ap? even at a $5 US reduction might get alot more subscribers than the current set up...
  24. I see what's going on, you are level 40 and in Reshanta? that means you hit that level BEFORE the new gear was implemented, the level requirement for the abyss was upped to 45 prior to the new uber gear sets being added. With the way the leveling curve has been reworked it might be better, and oddly quicker in the new gear, to start all over again from level 1 keeping the old character for item storage. or just luna afk's until 55 and get that set instead and go back to finish all the campaign quests you jumped over.
  25. somethings, pve wise, actually require at least 1 physical and 1 magic dps, boss doorways in Archives among them. And pvp all eggs in 1 basket still happens with certain groups, I have a cleric with a ridiculous block set from 4.9, let alone what a more recent gear out does, but no MR versus some other players that have MR sets that only purpose builds can even scratch, so having 2 different types of dps simultaneously hammering a single person still works. doesn't have to be a tank, just physical damage.
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