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  1. GHp's always sell, along with superior flight pots, even UA BM camp mobs clip wings.... 10k for scrolls? he's gonna hate me every time the flight buff is up
  2. to a point, I actually play more in the mornings working evenings, but that has to be ALOT of transfers to eat 7 hours, guessing it's the folks that have all their spinels and just like me, rank means nyerk all. Hopefully any small bits, like the missing returned player NPC"s are brought in and other such minor oopsies not getting the FULL 5.5/5.6 patch entailed....
  3. it's something in the base software that just poorly utilizes hardware, 1.x days a 2.5ghz dual core, any maker and a TNT2, of all things, use to run this game at 45-50 fps medium settings but no bloom. That's what I had back at launch and was able to jumpshot like crazy on like a 512k adsl connection(did it with a gladiator silly enough...), now with hardware that's maybe a year old and 60mb/s cable, I can't do it at all.
  4. Exactly Cheese, when the most 'hardcore' Korean players took about twice as long.... but I've mentioned in a few places in game, as long as those whales keep dropping money on BCM(like the over rated/costed berdin stars..) NCwest low level employees will just float by getting a paycheck for minimal effort....
  5. Or having to actually finish ALL of Steel Rake to have more than 4 stigmas/ non-green,,,, and then the constant kisk/obelisk bouncing to get the lights...
  6. double tap space bar fairly quickly, you will begin gliding
  7. crap happens, but you can't be faulted for not knowing, it was part of 5.1, loss of gelk/iggni forts. which was several months ago. BTW proper choice of crafting to use with the old school gathering methods, even making your own pots/food/jellies is a bargain after you get in to expert/master ranges.. NO lfg/legion group happenign for what you weant to do, 20min of puttering in iggnison/cygnea and you'll have a month's supply
  8. they exist, got sent to the capital cities and are now just another page on the menu of morphing books
  9. you MAY be out the set bonus, BUT the significant jump that 70 has, even base stast over 65 is noticeable, then you add in the +8 to +10 archdaeva stones... which do remain when you purify. the only downside I see after you get a 70 set is workign towards al lthe omegas and greater supples(no failed enchantments) you'll need along the way. PS I could show you with the SM Beri if needs be.
  10. TY cheese, I should have been more specific, meant more a checklist what to clear out before manually transferring(read teh guidline/restriction page). the 'after merger' bit was more an "Oh crap, I left soemthign behind, now how da heck I get it before it's to late" warning
  11. thank you for the corrections.. 1st time around bothering to transfer anything myself. I also triple checked what and where before hitting purchase/submit, I have ZERO faith in NC software not glitching.... lost a few arms fusions and decent gear/skin snafu's...
  12. just make sure of anything in account warehouse, IE have nothing lost in it to a conflicting faction after the dust is clear day of merger, the rest of your stuff will be right where you left it in bags, character warehouse, cabinets, storage pets...
  13. depends, where were you trying to go? if trying to get to IS instead of Siel, just reque it after maintenance, if going to SIel, well, dependent on how late you que it up, may not be going there(if coming off TM or KR)
  14. take as long as needed... been getting disconnected a bit to much this evening, including a boot from a winning OW(under 5k left to win ><) and NOT sending a ticket to support, I checked with unvisited websites to check my connection, instead of software, maybe put effort in to the hardware side this time....
  15. unsure of the new values, but the combined stats from mana stones and essence do stack towards diminishing returns. So as you gain better stones, you can slowly start taking essence points down, with some 74-75 players having most of their points in skills instead of enhancements or off stats shoring up a class weakness.
  16. for both sides, it's the last town you fly, not teleport statue to. On Elyos side, it will be in the bottom right corner of the map.
  17. I admit I jumped in early(yay working 2nd shift) but I only had to move 3 characters, out of 14, the other 11 are automatically going to the same place. as for cross server friends, I may have had 1, was NOT declined. just be ready 9am central next wednesday.
  18. in game, look at the essence window, mouse over precision, adds to MA, +5 is about 18-19 MA, with 3-4 gain for each +1
  19. Exactly Nyinu, I had built a Sorc like the SM, but precision 9 stones and Sof, we're looking at 4.3k min MA... plus there is a hidden cap in game of 50% resisting magic.
  20. you're definitely going to have to switch to a new ap gear set with will stones, 3k MR is to far under, my SM only using +6 precision stones, 35 in precis, sits at 3k MA before ANY buffs. btw, she's only 71.....
  21. well, jellies are 449's, but the stuff you actually use is 500, I've looked at aether forging, unless going for the new feline mount/ghp's that give back 2.5k health, after level 30ish is pointless, since that's roughly where you can turn the old superior manastone ores in to +1 stones when you only have 2 to start morphing them up....
  22. alchemy/cooking are ALWAYS useful... skip the handcrafting unless you see a bow skin you really like. if you have the kinah, certainly level aetherforging to get a fair amount of useful stuff, BUT master cook/expert alchemy alongside a double 499 tapping skillset will give you al lthe consumables you'll need in this game. I would say skip the expert in alchemy if it were not for 1 item NOT sub 400 in the new table of results, superior flight pots, these are near infinite flight time, losing maybe .5 seconds each time you have to chug 1, even with landing level 4, some UA mob or opposite f
  23. I currently run a mix of knowl and precis stones, but on an SM who can take advantage of the MA to land more debuffs offsetting the slightly lower boost in pvp, receiving some of the lower mb back from gear enchants/accessories. and how much magic boost are you looking for in pve? unless gearcalc is off by miles instead of yards, mythic ac gear with just knowledge +6, AOE orb/mythic ac orb fused and just clarion acc, non pure +10 plume is about 4800.. For physical classes, it's actually easier mixing precision/health stones,
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