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  1. now that I could agree with, would it be to hard to actually have your gm's do some actual work just watching for who has what on accounts for say... 48-72 hours, whoever DOES log in to both sides from an account should be sent the freebies, the rest of us can just dump $10-20 US to get our items/kinah in 1 place
  2. or the ever popular Visa and MasterCard..... now that you've had the laugh, most of these look OK to be put on the survey
  3. thank you Angina for what I was pointing at....
  4. I have severe doubts you'll budge back to 'free' like you previously announced, but maybe consider an even lower cost? I'm likely only moving 2-3 chars to consolidate an account, not free up a conflict personally, but I know of a few people that have 3-4 to move, per account with multiple accounts....
  5. They did, but a fair number of now blue quests float around Brusthonin that "should" get you to 50, and thus popping open the campaigns that send you to gelkmaros.
  6. Also around Illuma/Norsvold are daily quests that grant 1.8million kinah per turn in, the exp is ok, and 4 of them are doable at 66, anotehr 4 open at 70 that can done solo. each is a gather or kill 20 X, just these will get you about 2-4%(at 70 ymmv) and 13mill, DAILY.
  7. nice builds.. and I must bring up 1 stigma I know for sure is outside the norm reduced mp/cool down from charging, Benevolence, charging actually increases the output, since it is an always on skill with minimal or no MP cost.... I actually have 1 charged, so not some glitch on mouseclic. the # 2, pvp build, not bad but is a little more vile using mag freedom instead of cyclone, especially if running with bards and sorcs in group full debuff a target, running an MA build... watch what froggy/treble cleave or aetherflame/storm strike do afterwards for the lolz... AT'
  8. ty for the vintage chuckles... almost up there with the 'ho to gun slinger' posts...
  9. the later 2 should be easy sicne they both come under 'precision' both the essence points and mana stones for arch daeva gear, and will also raise your magical accuracy as a side effect, but also use +5 or better,,,, 4 and less are worse than the old composites/green stones. attack can be done through power and as a side benefit will sort of upgrade your physical defense... but not enough to really notice when that gladiator starts swinging a +15 provenance/spinel fused PA....
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