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  1. lol and that is what happened...idk how to delete a post>_>
  2. Damage for my ranger mysteriously has dropped 25% damage as of 3/15 normally max damage on stunning shot is 126,627 in my current gear and today I log in and my damage max is 101,000 all skill damage for ranger has dropped 25% as rain meter shows. lethal arrow usually 84,000 skill damage on monster now is 67,000 Ive tested my max damage on mobs near archon and I know what the max damage on skills are. If your company is ninja nerfing ranger before the update which further will nerf the damage and doesn't post this information I will make sure people know and have a chance to get a refund from the credit card companies for the money spent. =) Fix this issue with ranger damage and every other class that is having this issue. good day!