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  1. Give us origin transformation buff status please

    "the transformation changes were made for balance" What? So Kr/EU version don't balance??? So lame!
  2. I don't know why they change transformation buff status when this game ship to West. I play gladiator and i perform slow motion animation skill because my attack speed too slow by chanter,cleric debuff, which one slow attack speed. Ok let calculate Slow attack speed debuff of chanter: -50% attack speed (cd too short) My weapon +19% , title +4%, kasinel +40%, foodcharge of glad give 10%, candy give 3%. total buff is 76% so when i full buff total attack speed i have is 26%( oh like i have weapon 19% + title + candy and no transformation). spear base attack speed is 2.8 so my attack speed is 2.07 it will display 2.1 in character profile. it really slow. my glad play animation skill like he perform slow motion. How about origin transformation kasinel give? he give 60% attack speed mean i have more 20% than NA version. it like weapon 19% + title + candy and ancient transformation. so skill have slow attack speed but character still do it with speed like ancient transformation . to kill chanter or cleric my glad have to deal burst damage but u can see my attack speed like no transformation while my skill on perform that cleric/chanter almost casted thier healing skill make us look like never have chance to kill them. That about attack speed About movement speed buff. Na version give more 10% movement speed than origin version and make meele class hard to reach some target because all of them running cap at 12. slow skill seem not working at all. even glad buff max speed they still run same at 12 . oh same running speed how u can reach some one running same speed at you? extend weapon in this server? omg i hope 7.0 give some. How you guy think about this? could you vote for this one for them fix it? Sorry my English not good