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  1. For your own sake stay away from this NPC !!

    That Luna reward should be multiplied by 80 in order to be consistent with other NA adjustments (All Luna prices and previous Luna inventories were multiplied by 80)
  2. Ah ok. I never got in hold of a single ultimate stone before. This behavior is also not mentioned in the in-game description of ultimate stones. I never even knew about that until the moment I datamined the enhantment success rate from Taiwan 6.5 game data. This is not mentioned on English powerbook either. (And there was a bug in my previous script used for generating the spreadsheet table data, which read enchantment_penalty_type from the wrong records - Original 6.2 enchantment success rates, applies to Gameforge, ultimate odds fixed)
  3. 6.5 enchantment success rates, and average number of stones needed to go from +10 to +15 While digging through the enchantment success rate data of the Taiwan game files, I have discovered that failed enchantment attempts with ultimate stones appear to no longer reduce the enchantment level of gears ("0"). Can anyone confirm? (ancient and legendary stones remain "-1" for +1 to +9 and "10" for +10 to +14) enchantment_penalty_type 0: enchantment level stays the same (ultimate stones have this set to 0 for all levels and gear grade) -1: enchantment level drops by 1 10: enchantment level is set to 10 And does this apply to our NA 6.2 enchantment rate improvement too?
  4. New Enchanting System Changes

    Here's my analysis on how many stones on average will now take to enchant gear from +10 to +15 (Your RNG variances will vary) So starting now, use ultimate stones from +13 onwards, for legendary and ultimate gear?
  5. Number of crafting attempts / Guiding Stones needed per level (Spreadsheet) Under construction! More to be added over time when I get more Guiding Stones to collect data on level ups.
  6. Damage of Turrets in Luna Daily

    Contaminated Underpath / Hell Pass Single Fire Cannon / Rapid Fire Cannon (1 Bright Aether) - Successive Shooting / Repeated Shot 14000 fixed damage 30m range Fires once every 3 seconds approximately Single target Area Antiaircraft Gun / Artillery (2 Bright Aether) - Bombing / Bombardment 25000 fixed damage 20m range Fires once every 7 seconds approximately Fireball (circle) AOE with 4m radius, hits up to 5 enemies Single Shot Aethercannon / Powerful Aether Cannon (2 Bright Aether) - Electric Shock 44000 fixed damage 20m range Fires once every 4 seconds approximately Single target
  7. Aetherforging masterwork chance?

    Aetherforging Gear Craft Proc Rate Research So far I can only conclude that proc rate for ancients is in the ballpark of 20%-ish. Sample size is too small for Legendary to draw any conclusions. I left them at Legendary masterwork and equipped them on my main chanter. My boot is legendary PvP Genesis Crystal. Waiting for NCWest to buff up the enchantment rate (if NCSoft approves the request of getting 6.5 enchantment rates before the arrival of 6.5 update)
  8. wtf is PVP now ? are you kidding me?

    Be grateful that you do not lose exp, kinah, inventory, equipment, stigmas, quest progress, and enchantment levels when you get PKed by the enemy faction.
  9. Level 76+ player characters gets new passive skills that gives: PvE Attack (old stat) +100% PvE Defense (old stat) +100% PvP Attack (old stat) +100% PvP Defense (old stat) +100% Godstone Suppression +35% Spiritmaster pets don't get these buffs. This effectively makes them deal half damage and receive double damage against level 76+ targets. Test target: Level 1 Cygnea Training Dummy 0 Magical Defense Level 80 Spiritmaster Total Magic Attack: 11268 (Magic Attack: 9805+1132, PvE Attack: 331) Weaken Spirit Lv 7 (1968 Power): 48876 damage 1968 * (115 / 100 + (11268 - 0) / 1000) * (1 + 1.00 - 0.00) Element Smash Lv 2 (2094 Power): 52006 damage 2094 * (115 / 100 + (11268 - 0) / 1000) * (1 + 1.00 - 0.00) Level 80 Water Spirit Total Magic Attack: 13547 (10864+2683) Command: Water Disturbance (2091 Power): 30417 damage 2091 * (100 / 100 + (13547- 0) / 1000) * (1 + 0.00 - 0.00) Command: Water Detonation Claw (2601 power): 37836 damage 2601 * (100 / 100 + (13547- 0) / 1000) * (1 + 0.00 - 0.00) Command: Hydro Spike (3273 Power): 47612 damage 3273 * (100 / 100 + (13547- 0) / 1000) * (1 + 0.00 - 0.00)
  10. [Youtube] Death of a Game: Aion

    There is another thread on this topic:
  11. Spirit Master weapon

    Orbs have higher weapon attack than Books. Even then weapon damage is low, so auto attacks don't do much damage. Orbs have 3m range and Books have 16m range, when auto attacking. Notes: Weapon damage do not affect spells All Spiritmaster and Sorcerer/Sorceress spell casting range are not affected by weapon range.
  12. Start Petition

    Please visit aiononline.com for customer support. The petition is too short. A Support Petition must be at least 5 words in length. The Support Petition has been received. The receipt number is n. This is your nth petition. You may make m more Support Petitions today. There are n users waiting in the queue to lodge Support Petitions. The GM invited [yourname] into a chat. The GM has sent [yourname] a proxy petition. Petition number: n. The GM has created a proxy petition, but the user is offline. Petition number: n. Please visit aiononline.com for customer support. Your Support request has failed. Please try again later. You have used up your daily quota of n Support Petitions. You cannot make any more inquiries with this account today. A Support Petition has already been received. Please wait for a reply. Your proxy petition request has failed. [yourname] has already received the Support Petition. Your proxy petition request for [yourname] has failed. The error code is n. The request for a proxy petition has failed. (The user is currently offline.) The error code is n. Petition No. n has been cancelled. The petition has been cancelled. You have n Support Petitions left for today. You cancelled the proxy petition request for [yourname]. Failed to cancel the petition. Please try again later. The Support Petition is already being processed. Support Petitions cannot be submitted at the moment. Failed to cancel the request for a proxy petition to [yourname]. The error code is n. The User ([yourname]) is not in the game server. Beginning chat with a GM ([gmname]). The GM ([gmname])'s response is complete. Please evaluate the Support Petition service in a moment. You are not in a chat with the GM. An error has occurred while transmitting the conversation log to the GM. Please try again later. This is a message from the GM: [gmmessage] Please select the type of your petition. Please enter your petition. You are not allowed to evaluate the reply of a Support Petition. Your petition has been received. The receipt number is x. There are n users on the waiting list, and the approximate waiting time is x. You have submitted n petitions today, and there are m more petitions left. Thank you! There is a reply to your petition. You are in a chat with the GM. Your petition is being processed. A reply to your petition has arrived.
  13. 6.2 was the best patch but not in NA

    Using ancient on +9 or higher legendary or ultimate gear have a 5% (1 in 20) success rate, and this will continue to be the same for 6.5 and 7.0. There is major variance in RNG, you can have long stretches of failures and then a bunch of successes nearly back to back. Or even get that piece of gear to +12. With the scarcity of legendary stones, don't use legendary stones when the gear is exactly +10. Then use legendary stones from +11 onwards. It takes average of 373 ancient stones, OR 51 legendary stones, OR 26 ULTIMATE stones, to +15 ancient gear from +10. lol.
  14. Reason why enchanting rates is so bad +

    This request is very likely going to be rejected by HQ.
  15. TEMPLAR Help me !

    Punishment is actually multicast 2 times, like Bloodwind Sash, but it is not mentioned in the NA in-game skill description. It also has nice 1266 base damage, before random multiplier (0.5x/1x/2x). It requires greatsword to use. Templar attack skills reference
  16. Snowball Event

    The snowballs are no longer tradable/brokerable/legion warehouse, but they are still account warehouse storable. This mean get your alts on your same account to level 76 and get them all!
  17. Combining Contracts

    Didn't NA received a customized setting where it is impossible to receive a contract with lower rarity than the ones being combined, even when only 2 or 3 copies are used? (Added NA information in the above spreadsheet as a separate tab) Let's compare the string STR_MSG_TRANSFORMATION_COMPOSE_USER_INFO between NA and EU: NA: You can only combine transformations of the same grade. Using more transformations increases the chance of promotion.Up to 100 transformations are shown below for each grade. EU: 1. You can fuse two or more transformations with the same level. 2. If four or more transformations are fused, you don't receive a transformation with a lower level.3. The list shows up to 100 transformations.
  18. Combining Contracts

    Transform contract combination rates
  19. http://news.gameforge.com/ov?mailing=322RM1DY-LXSY1C&m2u=32CZQHOF-322RM1DY-16C1AWM
  20. Spiritmaster rotation

    Try use this spreadsheet to pick skills for your rotation I don't main a SM, but maybe consider keeping these skills on cooldown as much as possible? Keep Erosion up and keep spamming Inescapable Choke / Vacuum Chain Explosion Lv 200 if you have it? If not, then the following? Weaken Spirit Lv 7 -> Element Smash / Elemental Smash Lv 2 Soul Surge / Soul Theft Lv 200 / Soul Torrent Lv 1 All of your pet attacks

    Pledge of Earth is affected by Magical Attack, not Physical Attack. Test against "Training Dummy" in Cygnea (no physical/magical defense) - Note: This is not the "Test Dummy" with weird damage calculation codes! Pledge of Earth has 660 damage. Chanter has 105 knowledge, 11431 physical attack, 68 magical attack, and 1249 PvE attack. Level 76+ characters have +100% PvE/PvP Attack/Defense (old stat). Damage = 660 * (105/100 + (68 + 1249 - 0) / 1000) * 2 = 3124 But every monster in end game have significant amount of magic defense that renders every chanter's effective (Magic Attack + PvE/PvP Attack) to zero. For example, Kairom, Ancient Kibrium Elite Grade 3 miniboss, has about 8725 magical defense.
  22. Reason why enchanting rates is so bad +

  23. FIX arena ranking

    Gameforge had to disable the season rankings due to bug (point reset every week)
  24. Revised range information for Spiritmaster pet attacks. It is now shown in both command skill (C) range and spirit skill (S) range.