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  1. 6.5 !?!

    The new cubic category is called STR_CUBIC_CATEGORY_EresukigalATK_Info. There are two types: Cubic_Stat_EresukigalATK_01 (core_limit_attribute and core_limit_attribute_value - this is a different property than other cubics, which use core_stat_name and core_stat_value) Bronze: IDF7_Ere_atk 30/60/100/160/250 Silver: IDF7_Ere_atk 20/40/80/150 Gold: IDF7_Ere_atk 20/50/100 Cubic_Stat_EresukigalDEF_01 (core_exclusive_attribute) Bronze Level 1 (IDF7_Ere3_step1): damage_reduce_normal 1%, damage_reduce_skill 1% Level 2 (IDF7_Ere3_step2): damage_reduce_normal 2%, damage_reduce_skill 2% Level 3 (IDF7_Ere3_step3): damage_reduce_normal 4%, damage_reduce_skill 4% Level 4 (IDF7_Ere3_step4): damage_reduce_normal 8%, damage_reduce_skill 8% Level 5 (IDF7_Ere3_step5): damage_reduce_normal 15%, damage_reduce_skill 15% Silver Level 1 (IDF7_Ere1_step1): damage_reduce_normal 1%, damage_reduce_skill 1% Level 2 (IDF7_Ere2_step2): damage_reduce_normal 2%, damage_reduce_skill 2% Level 3 (IDF7_Ere2_step3): damage_reduce_normal 5%, damage_reduce_skill 5% Level 4 (IDF7_Ere2_step4): damage_reduce_normal 10%, damage_reduce_skill 10% Gold Level 1 (IDF7_Ere1_step1): damage_reduce_normal 1%, damage_reduce_skill 1% Level 2 (IDF7_Ere1_step2): damage_reduce_normal 2%, damage_reduce_skill 2% Level 3 (IDF7_Ere1_step3): damage_reduce_normal 5%, damage_reduce_skill 5%
  2. Chanter needs a nerf

    Some major nerfs for Chanter skills in 6.5 / 6.75: Recovery Spell and Daevanion versions are no longer affected by shards (shards gives +15% heal effects) Rejuvenating Spell cooldown 10s -> 12s Cleansing Recover Spell and Rejuvenating Spell might even be unaffected by Healing Boost? (Can't confirm from data mining) Overwhelming Judgment and Dizzying Smash damage reduced to 2/3 of 6.2 values Blessing of Wind duration halved (cooldown 3m -> 2m)
  3. How get Items for purify and others questions about PVP gear

    Fighting Spirit Fragments are required for PvP gear promotion and [NCWest Custom Content] Legendary/Ultimate PvP Stones upgrades. Getting legendary and/or ultimate crafted PvP gear is to be considered to be side effect for getting Fighting Spirit Fragments needed for ultimate Genesis PvP gear purification Aetherforging gear proc rates and material expectation (WIP)
  4. Gameforge is kicking ncwest ass

    Well duh, AION in non-Korean regions have to suffer through the 6.2 version through these periods of time.
  5. New Enchanting System Changes

    My chanter got the Genesis Crystal PvP Boots up to Ultimate. The Wings are now at +14, although failed 3 ultimate stones from that point so far, the much bigger part missing is 300+ Fighting Spirit fragments and a few million AP. My Spiritmaster is lacking AP to promote the +15 PvP Weapon. So meanwhile, since AP gain process is so slow, ended up +15ing PvE Bloodsworn Weapon and Chest armor instead.
  6. Attack skills damage comparison: 6.2 vs 6.5 (+overseas skill patch) Datamine sources: 6.2 NA 6.5 Taiwan Assassins: Most attack skills got their damage boosted by 50%. No damage buff for the following: Beast Leap / Leap of the Beast Agony Rune Counterattack / Counter-Attack Windblade Reprisal / Whirlwind Blow Side Strike / Ambush Attack Encircling Strike / Ambush Assault Dizzying Ambush / Swift Heavy Attack Flash Ambush / Swift Ambush Songweaver / Bard: No damage buffs except 2 charging skills (+20%) Chanter: No buffs except Resonant Strike / Roaring Wind Bludgeon (+30%) Two biggest hitting daevanion skills got nerfed - damage cut by 1/3 Spiritmaster: Haha Soul Surge / Soul Theft and Soul Torrent got a 42% damage nerf Stone Scour / Wilderness Rage big damage boost Dot skills damage boosted Inescapable Choke / Vacuum Chain Explosion: cooldown 1s -> 4s, can now cast while moving Vacuum Choke, the no-cooldown instant damage, got +10% damage buff No damage boost for spirit attacks Gladiator: Nerfed: Crushing Assault / Shattering Blow: -235 dmg (-35%) Damage unchanged: Aerial Lockdown Counter Leech Crippling Rupture / Bloodlust Explosion Draining Rupture / Absorb Bloodlust Piercing Rupture Siegebreaker Spite Strike Whirling Strike Cleave Great Cleave Paralyzing Swing / Martial Cleave Righteous Cleave Energy Impact / Energy Explosion Unraveling Assault / Mangling Cyclone 50% damage buff: Crippling Cut Draining Blow Final Strike Springing Slice Sharp Strike 30% damage buff: Crushing Onslaught / Shattering Strike All other attack skills +40% damage Gunner: No damage buffs Templar: Most attack skills +40% damage No damage buff for the following: Aether Leash / Capture Divine Grasp Divine Justice Entangling Chains / Swift Divine Grasp Punishing Wave Siegebreaker Swinging Shield Counter Magic Smash Bloodwind Slash / Bloodstorm Blow Face Smash Ensnaring Blow Shield Shock Cleric: Chain of Suffering - doubled dot dps, same total dot damage No damage buff for everything else Ranger: Most skills got +30% damage buffs Aether Arrow (DP skill) got +160% damage buff No damage buff for the following: Debilitating Shackle Arrow / Shackling Arrow Fierce Retreating Slash / Rear Strike Focused Retreating Slash / Knockback Retreating Slash Shackle Arrow Shackle Arrow Burst / Shackling Arrow Torrent Rupture Arrow Onslaught / Sustained Arrow Rain Gale Arrow Counterattack / Counter-Attack Aethertech Several skills got +125% damage buff in PvE and 46% in PvP Explosive Exhaust / Idium Explosion Meteor Strike / Leap of Destruction Ravager Cannon / Idium Ray Chilling Wave / Cooling Wave Riplash / Wave of Destruction Rocket Punch / Two-Handed Strik Heat Burst / Flame of Demolition Sundering Blade / Collapsing Smash Rain of Knuckles / Storm Strike Bludgeon Battery / Light Attack Beatdown / Strong Attack Steel Storm / Idium Bombardment got +125% damage buff in both PvE an PvP Wizard Nerfs: Flame Ray / Flame Spurt (-27%) Magma Burst / Big Magma Eruption (-9%) No damage change for everything else
  7. 6.5 Daevanion Skill Craft

    100 genesis crystals: 2x camps (60 * 2 = 120) 8x monster hunting quests (13 * 8 = 104) 10x PvP quests (10 * 10 = 100) 480k AP: Lose 3 PvP instances (182,000 * 3 = 546,000) Win 1 and lose 1 PvP instances (182,000 + 364,000 = 546,000) Win 2 PvP instances (364,000 * 2 = 728,000) Play 2 sieges at 50% win rate assuming lowest reward on win (320,000 + 200,000 = 520,000) Play 22 matches of Arena of Discipline at 50% Win Rate (((40,000 + 4,000) / 2) * 22 = 484,000)
  8. EU announces the relase date of 6.5 and more!!!

    They are aiming for 6.5 launch on around April 3 (tentative, subject to possible delay). And server merges will result in 4 servers remaining.

    Number of fragments extracted depends on which item slot the item goes to. Weapons: 3x Armor: Head: 2x Chest: 2x Pants: 1.5x Shoes, Shoulders, Gloves: 1x Accessories Necklace: 2x Earrings: 1.5x Ring, Belt: 1x Wings: 3x Plumes, Bracelets: 2.5x I got around 70-ish fragments from extracting an ultimate failure chest piece (2x). So rings should be around 35 fragments (1x)

    If you are trying to gear up then you are only eligible to do quick entry runs, and do not expect to win any PvP instances at all. Dredgion + Idgel Dome + Evergale Canyon (9 losses per week): 182,000 * 9 = 1,638,000 AP per week Arena of Discipline (10 losses per week): 4,000 * 10 = 40,000 AP per week Sieges (average 2 wins at lowest rank, and 2 losses per week): 320,000 * 2 + 200,000 * 2 = 1,040,000 per week Total: 2,718,000 per week, not including AP lost from dying against enemy players in open world.
  11. Bloodwind slash worth to use it in 6.5 ?

    It's one of the Templar attack skills that are excluded from the 40% damage buff with patch 6.75. And It still only deals 45% damage in PvP. So, useless in PvP definitely. 6.75 damage skills reference 6.2 vs 6.75 damage skills comparison
  12. Aetherforging Leveling in 6.2

    The collected results for 100->200 aetherforging leveling is finally complete!
  13. Number of crafting attempts / Guiding Stones needed per level (Spreadsheet) Under construction! More to be added over time when I get more Guiding Stones to collect data on level ups.
  14. Incoming layoffs for NCwest and hopfully Gideon....

    According to https://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/auv0gr/an_overview_of_the_layoffs_and_events_today_at/ , the layoff is mainly due to lack of progress on two of Arenanet's unannounced titles. One of them is a mobile title. Guild Wars 2 is shutting down? Is Arenanet an subsidiary of NCWest? or NCSoft HQ (Korea)?
  15. Incoming layoffs for NCwest and hopfully Gideon....

    Aion is not developed by NCWest. On the other hand, I wonder what will happen to Guild Wars 1...
  16. Incoming layoffs for NCwest and hopfully Gideon....

    List of Arenanet layoffs on reddit
  17. Ancient gear +15 vs Ultimate craft gear (low version)

    Ultimate craft failure pvp gear gives lots of Fighting Spirit Fragments when extracted! I got 67 of these when I extracted an armor chest piece.
  18. Returning player class choice

    Significant damage buffs for most attack skills on most physical classes: Assassins +50% skill damage Gladiators +40% skill damage Templars 40% skill damage Rangers +30% skill damage Exceptions apply. See skill damage comparison spreadsheet for details, or this forum thread for summary.
  19. Melee Crush not working?

    Oh I forgot to mention, "Perpetual Truth" is the NA name of the proc skill CH_RapidThrust_Custom_A_sys_Cri. In EU English, both the base skill and proc skill are named "Chain Decapitation".
  20. Melee Crush not working?

    Melee Crush / Chain Decapitation has 100% chance of inflicting Snare. When it crits, it procs skill CH_RapidThrust_Custom_A_sys_Cri on a critical hit. In 6.2, it inflicts Snare on the target for 3 seconds. In 6.5, it inflicts Stun for 0.5 seconds. It will be fixed in 6.5. Here's the data of the provoke_after_critical skill in our current 6.2: <skill_base_client> <id>9300</id> <name>CH_RapidThrust_Custom_A_sys_Cri</name> <desc>STR_CH_RapidThrust_Custom_A_sys_Cri</desc> <desc_abnormal>STR_CH_RapidThrust_Custom_A_sys_Cri_Abnormal</desc_abnormal> <type>Magical</type> <sub_type>Debuff</sub_type> <skill_category>SKILLCTG_NONE</skill_category> <skillicon_name>CH_RapidThrust_Custom_A</skillicon_name> <activation_attribute>Provoked</activation_attribute> <dispel_category>DebuffPhy</dispel_category> <target_slot>debuff</target_slot> <target_stop>0</target_stop> <hostile_type>None</hostile_type> <delay_type>0</delay_type> <delay_time>0</delay_time> <first_target>Target</first_target> <first_target_valid_distance>1</first_target_valid_distance> <target_range>OnlyOne</target_range> <target_species_restriction>All</target_species_restriction> <target_relation_restriction>Enemy</target_relation_restriction> <obstacle>4</obstacle> <add_wpn_range>0</add_wpn_range> <casting_delay>0</casting_delay> <auto_attack>maintain</auto_attack> <status_fx>sts_snare.snare.sts_hit</status_fx> <status_fx_bone>Foot</status_fx_bone> <status_fx_slot>1</status_fx_slot> <effect1_type>Snare</effect1_type> <effect1_noresist>0</effect1_noresist> <effect1_remain1>0</effect1_remain1> <effect1_remain2>3000</effect1_remain2> <effect1_effectid>20007</effect1_effectid> <effect1_target_type>Target_Only</effect1_target_type> <effect1_reserved1>0</effect1_reserved1> <effect1_reserved2>99</effect1_reserved2> <effect1_reserved6>1</effect1_reserved6> <effect1_reserved10>Fire</effect1_reserved10> <effect1_reserved11>100</effect1_reserved11> <effect1_acc_mod2>500</effect1_acc_mod2> <effect1_critical_prob_mod2>100</effect1_critical_prob_mod2> </skill_base_client> And in 6.5 Taiwan: <skill_base_client> <id>9300</id> <name>CH_RapidThrust_Custom_A_sys_Cri</name> <desc>STR_CH_RapidThrust_Custom_A_sys_Cri</desc> <desc_abnormal>STR_PR_SonicEruption_Custom_A_Abnormal</desc_abnormal> <type>Magical</type> <sub_type>Debuff</sub_type> <skill_category>SKILLCTG_NONE</skill_category> <skillicon_name>CH_RapidThrust_Custom_A</skillicon_name> <activation_attribute>Provoked</activation_attribute> <dispel_category>DebuffPhy</dispel_category> <target_slot>debuff</target_slot> <target_stop>0</target_stop> <hostile_type>None</hostile_type> <delay_type>0</delay_type> <delay_time>0</delay_time> <first_target>Target</first_target> <first_target_valid_distance>1</first_target_valid_distance> <target_range>OnlyOne</target_range> <target_species_restriction>All</target_species_restriction> <target_relation_restriction>Enemy</target_relation_restriction> <obstacle>4</obstacle> <add_wpn_range>0</add_wpn_range> <casting_delay>0</casting_delay> <auto_attack>maintain</auto_attack> <status_fx>sts_snare.snare.sts_hit</status_fx> <status_fx_bone>Foot</status_fx_bone> <status_fx_slot>1</status_fx_slot> <effect1_type>Stun</effect1_type> <effect1_noresist>0</effect1_noresist> <effect1_remain1>0</effect1_remain1> <effect1_remain2>500</effect1_remain2> <effect1_effectid>20000</effect1_effectid> <effect1_target_type>Target_Only</effect1_target_type> <effect1_reserved10>Fire</effect1_reserved10> <effect1_reserved11>100</effect1_reserved11> <effect1_reserved16>1</effect1_reserved16> <effect1_acc_mod2>500</effect1_acc_mod2> <effect1_critical_prob_mod2>100</effect1_critical_prob_mod2> <effect1_hop_type>SkillLv</effect1_hop_type> </skill_base_client>
  21. Using PvP weapons in PvE instances

    Your effective Physical Attack stat in PvE = Physical Attack + PvE Attack Your effective Physical Attack stat in PvP = Physical Attack + PvP Attack Your effective Magical Attack stat in PvE = Magical Attack + PvE Attack Your effective Magical Attack stat in PvP = Magical Attack + PvP Attack Your effective Physical Defense stat in PvE = Physical Defense + PvE Defense Your effective Physical Defense stat in PvP = Physical Defense + PvP Defense Your effective Magical Defense stat in PvE = Magical Defense + PvE Defense Your effective Magical Defense stat in PvP = Magical Defense + PvP Defense
  22. Broker Fees

    Broker fees are based on a percentage of your asking prices Listing fee: 2.2% of asking price * (Prices * (Tax + 100%)) Commission on successful sale: 11% of asking price * (Prices * (Tax + 100%))
  23. 7.0 Winged Champion Gear > Tier 2 Ultimate

    Judging from the below link, for these whose tier 1 ultimate gear are not enchanted or not +15, starting over from tier 2 ancients would be more enchantment stone efficient than trying to +15 tier 1 ultimates after arrival of 7.0? Aion 6.5 gear enchantment success rate and +10->+15 stones cost analysis
  24. For the regional sales breakdown, it counts all games together, including mobile games (Taiwan Lineage M is Royalty). It doesn't say how much revenue Aion made for each individual region. Aion EU (Gameforge) and RU (Innova) should belong to "Royalty" since they are not operated by an NCSoft subsidiary. Korea also launched 6.5 with the improved enchantment rates much earlier than other regions. In Q4 2018, all non-Korean Aion services had to suffer with atrocious 6.2 enchantment rates (28% ancient-ancient chance from +9 onwards, average 373 ancient stones for +10 - > +15) that caused massive loss of players.