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  1. Aion 2

    EU thread on this subject
  2. On EU, transform contracts cost 49 Aion Coins (~5 EUR) and there are no guaranteed ancient contract with a 100-pull package... 200 pulls on EU, no ancient contract. No guaranteed bonus ancient contracts. On the other hand they are giving out 2 free contracts per account per week. Share your transformation contract pulls here!
  3. The transformation system is terrible

    Transformation contract combination rates combining 6 whites gives you 45.8333% chance to get a green You don't have to do 4-at-a-time when combining whites, because their rarity can't go any lower than that. Each white duplicate gives you 9.1667% chance to get a green contract. P.S. The odds of combining purple contracts into Kaisinel is extremely bad. (2.75% per purple duplicate)
  4. I'm sorry that you got unlucky with the luck your 100 BCM contracts. Here are the pull rates of these BCM contracts In my testing on EU PTS, when counting only the 29 accounts that opened 122 contracts, 3 of them got a legendary transform, while 4 of them did not get any ancient or legendary transforms.
  5. Gear question

    No. You will get higher level gear with higher basic stats (attack, defense, etc.) as you progress with your storyline and blue quests.
  6. Stats, how do they work

    Test: Chanter Level 1 Training Dummy (Cygnea) Chained Crush - 730 base damage Total Physical Attack in PvE: 14,534 (13,369 Physical Attack + 1,165 PvE Attack) Actual damage: 22,678 730 * (1 + (13369 + 1165) / 1000) * 2 = 22679 So 14,534 net PvE attack is not capped and the full amount applies against a 0-pdef Training Dummy. (Note: "Test Dummy" are completely different things) Note: Level 76+ characters have old +100% PvE/PvP Attack/Defense
  7. Stats, how do they work

  8. Crucible Spire seems a bit... hard

    Ran out of time on my chanter on the Bolivig vampire boss level. These monsters have way too much physical defense and evasion.
  9. Assassin offhand

    1) offhand gives almost full damage when auto attacking (98% average damage for Assassins, 87.5% average damage for Glads and Rangers) 1a) auto attacks are now effected from the new PhysicalPowerBoost (physical attack) stat - every 10 net PhysicalPowerBoost over enemy PhysicalPowerBoostResist (physical defense) = +1% weapon damage 1b) Attack skills only counts your skill base damage and your net PhysicalPowerBoost 2) Godstones cannot be socketed into new gear 2a) Godstones still work on old weapons, but will never proc against level 76+ players in pvp because of new passive skill that gives 35% godstone suppression. They will work against Lakrum monsters though. b) with godstones having only half proc rate in offhands, it'll be impossible to break through that 35% godstone suppression c) Yes, but you will miss out LOTS of PhysicalPowerBoost. New weapons have lots of PhysicalPowerBoost. Monsters have lots of PhysicalPowerBoostResist (Middle Lakrum common monsters have over 8k PhysicalPowerBoostResist) 400 physical attack will add: (base weapon damage * 0.4) extra damage when auto attack in each hand. (skill base damage * 0.4) extra damage with attack skills
  10. You can find them in certain pieces PvE gears (not Lakrum gear or 5.8 exchanged gear) as random modifiers: Weapons Shields Necklace Rings x2 Earrings x2 Belt Wings Feather Bracelet For PvP gear they are only available on ultimate Genesis Crystal gear. They are not available on crafted PvP gear.
  11. Gameforge is planning to boost item sale value to 3x (when sold via NPC)

    I expect it to be permanent when it goes live.
  12. Gameforge is planning to boost the sale value of items to 3x in the near future, as long as the items are sold to NPCs (15% of item base value). Note: item sale value when personal store is used remains at 1x / 5% (unchanged). Original set to go live on the October 30 maintenance, but there were major issues (All chests were empty) which means this new future will be delayed until NCSOFT can provide Gameforge with a new patch. Currently on NA, item sale value is: 2x (10%) with personal shop 1x (5%) with NPCs
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 31, 2018

    MagicalPowerBoostResist and MagicalResist are both still called "Magic Resistance" after the text localization fix... And in the character stats, the defense tab for these two stats are both still called "Magic Defense"
  14. Damage

    Basically if your physical attack < opponent physical defense, then your effective physical attack is 0. (Currently effective physical attack cannot be negative) Some of the normal mobs have significant physical defense. Mainly the level 80 mobs in the middle of Lakrum have more physical defense than the physical attack obtainable from full Lakrum set. In this case your attack skills will do exactly [Skill base damage]. For level 76+ characters, [Skill base damage] * 2, due to new passives that gives +100% PvE/PvP Attack/Defense. Even in some lowbie areas, a few types of mobs (mainly the bulky-looking ones) have more physical defense than the physical attack from best campaign/quest gear available to them. My version of the damage formulas
  15. @Cyan @Hime: Please don't do these kinah changes in 6.x

    We ended up with personal shop sale amount being 2x of NPC sale amount (10% of item value). It's twice the amount that's on post-nerf Gameforge, but it's 40% the sale amount of what EU originally launched 6.2 with (pre-nerf).
  16. Pumpkin King's Haunt Event Reward & Instance List

    I had 20-pumpkin bundle (Gourmet Candy Calaxy) which was acquired during 5.x days that was never opened. Finally opened it after 6.2 hits NA. Opened it and selected the ancient xform contract.
  17. Aion 6.2 damage formula

    Aion 6.2 damage calculation Damage calculation research spreadsheet
  18. Submit your transformation contract pulls here! (Google Forms) Summary table - drop rates by rarity known so far
  19. Can I still enchant Archdaeva gear?

    The most important stats in gear are now: physicalpowerboost (Physical Attack) physicalpowerboostresist (Physical Defense) magicalpowerboost (Magical Attack) magicalpowerboostresist (Magical Defense) Lakrum quest gear are rubbish. Other ancient gears, such as Genesis Crystal or CoE/GoK Ancient Gears, are have much higher of these four core stats. Replace them as soon as you can!
  20. How are your transformation contract pulls? (research)

    Gold Sand Shop. 9,900,000 kinah each, once per week per character. One of the objectives of this crowd-sourced research is to find out the rarity distribution of pulls from such kinah shop contracts. So far it appears that the pull rate is much worse than cash shop contracts, but with a limited sample size so far we cannot draw any conclusions. Here's the rarity distribution of cash shop contracts pull. Tested by myself on EU PTS using 4,060 contracts.
  21. MagicalPowerBoostResist (Magic Defense) reduces opponent's effect MagicalPowerBoost (Magic Attack) at an 1-to-1 ratio. However that stat is incorrectly called "Magic Resistance" which is the same name as MagicalResist. If a character has more MagicalResist than the attacker's MagicalHitAccuracy, there is a chance of resisting the magical spell. This incorrect stat name accours on equipment, skill, and transformation tooltips. Base attributes: dodge: 0 magical_resist: 0 block: 0 damage_reduce: 0 reduce_max: 0 max_hp: 1423 physical_power_boost: 1056 physical_power_boost_resist: 908 magical_power_boost: 0 magical_power_boost_resist: 828 max_mp: 224 parry: 0 Bonus attributes: PvPPowerBoost: 116 PvPPowerBoostResist: 116 Dodge: 181 Magicalresist: 181 physicalpowerboostresist: +1300 magicalpowerboostresist: +1300 MaxHP +25% magicalpowerboostresist +250 physicalpowerboostresist +250 attackDelay: +35% PhysicalPowerBoost: +45 magicalpowerboostresist: +48 HitAccuracy: +137 Dodge: +144 MagicalResist: +144 Critical: +119 Speed: +55%
  22. Aion: Awakened Legacy Known Issues - October 24

    The stat name for MagicalPowerBoostResist should be either "Magic Defense" or "Magical Defense". On equipment, this stat is shown as "Magic Resistance" which is wrong. It is having the same name as MagicalResist
  23. How are your transformation contract pulls? (research)

    What type of contracts did you open? kinah shop or BCM?
  24. Aion: Awakened Legacy Known Issues - October 24

    PvP attack/defense buffs on fortress siege buffs for the disadvantaged races are not working. They are still applying the old pre-6.0 PvP Attack% / PvP Defense% buffs, instead of the new 6.0 stats (similar to Physical/Magical AttackDefense). The old % buffs are capped at 100% and the new level 76 passives already put them up to the cap.
  25. kaisinel pvp buff doesn't work

    Are these the buffs for the new fortresses? I see lots of old PvP Attack/Defense% stats which are essentially useless due to the new 100% cap on the old PvE/PvP% stats... And have no idea why there are two PvP Attack and two PvP Defense buffs for each of these effects.... Level 1 - SYSTEM_Weak_Race_newBuff_D_G1 - Marchutan's Protection / Marchutan's Blessing: PvP Attack +5% PvP Defense% increased by 50% of the base amount (huh? percentage boost in old PvP Defense % stat??) HP +2000 PvP Attack +25% PvP Defense% increased by 50% of the base amount Healing boost +50 Level 2 - SYSTEM_Weak_Race_newBuff_D_G2 - Marchutan's Protection / Marchutan's Blessing PvP Attack +10% PvP Defense% increased by 100% of the base amount HP +4000 PvP Attack +50% PvP Defense% increased by 500% of the base amount Healing boost +100 Level 3 - SYSTEM_Weak_Race_newBuff_D_G3 - Marchutan's Protection / Marchutan's Blessing PvP Attack +20% PvP Defense% increased by 200% of the base amount HP +8000 PvP Attack +12% PvP Defense% increased by 200% of the base amount Healing boost +150 Level 4 - SYSTEM_Weak_Race_newBuff_D_G4 - Marchutan's Protection / Marchutan's Blessing PvP Attack +30% PvP Defense% increased by 300% of the base amount HP +30000 PvP Attack +22% PvP Defense% increased by 300% of the base amount Healing boost +200 All status resistance +100 Level 5 - SYSTEM_Weak_Race_newBuff_D_G5 - Marchutan's Protection / Marchutan's Blessing PvP Attack +50% PvP Defense% increased by 500% of the base amount HP +100000 PvP Attack +40% PvP Defense% increased by 500% of the base amount Healing boost +400 All status resistance +500 We are gonna have to wait for 6.5 update...