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  1. How are your transformation contract pulls? (research)

    So you should have opened 200 normal contracts plus 2 guaranteed-ancient contract? You have multiple copies of certain transformations. What's the exact number of normal, greater, and ancients (excluding the 2 guaranteed ones) that you pulled? I need your exact numbers in order to be able to include your pulls into the statistics...
  2. attributes and timing of transformations

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cMWoomPiFiPNzPkKi3aOVbTDn20WQpCpMcSM8Ebrc_o/edit#gid=0 2-star and 3-star transformations got +10% movement speed boost 4-star transformation got +5% movement speed boost Attack speed and cast speed on 3 star and above transformations reduced All other stats got cut into half
  3. Magic Defense name in 2 stats??? BUG

    Looks like the devs at Korea are responsible for this mixup: In the Defense tab of character info screen, the name of the MagicalResist stat is shown using the string STR_TOOLTIP_SKILL_STAT_MAGDEFEND: NA: Magic Defense (wrong) EU: Magic Resist (right) On the equipment MagicalResist stat name is correctly displayed in the gear. The string used is either STR_TOOLTIP_SKILL_STAT_MAGICALRESIST or STR_TOOLTIP_SKILL_STAT_MAGICAL_RESIST_O (both have the same content on NA and EU): NA: Magic Resistance EU: Resist Magic On a different note, NA now calls MagicalSkillBoostResist as "Spell Debuff" instead of "Magic Suppression" on the old equipment. STR_TOOLTIP_SKILL_STAT_MAGICALSKILLBOOSTRESIST: NA: Spell Debuff EU: Magic Suppression
  4. Spreadsheet of transformation stat differences on NA vs others Only transformations with stat differences are included in the spreadsheet.
  5. @Hime @Cyan Attack formulas!!?

    Here's my version of the formulas (WIP): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PNmbQKpX_-Q8_y72drHCcekk-4wY68xguuB6Ecx2EnM/edit And my damage calculation research spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gQixDIeBIbve-x0uuQrXp3GEv7Jvhw68L09lS2Q8UGg/edit#gid=500658198 Do you have less (Physical Attack + PvE Attack) than the monster's Physical Defense? in that case your effective Physical Attack will be 0. Since 6.21 a few of the monster (usually physical oriented), including lowbie areas, have more physical defense than the physical attack that can be gained from campaign/quest gears, nullifying all of your physical attack stats.
  6. [News] Aion: Awakened Legacy Arrives October 24

    For the Account Warehouse, what will happen if the amount of kinah in there does not evenly divide by 30,000,000? For example, there is 100,000,000 kinah in account warehouse, after the patch hits there will be 3 Gold Ingot Bundles and 36 kinah bundles. Are the remaining 10,000,000 kinah going to be lost?
  7. Where are the new god stones?

    All level 76+ players automatically get new passive skills that provides +100% PvE Attack, +100% PvE Defense, +100% PvP Attack, +100% PvP Defense, and +35% Godstone Suppression.
  8. The gear enchantment deadline occurs BEFORE the update maintenance! It is 12:00 PDT (PACIFIC Daylight Saving Time) Tuesday, October 23! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZFCqgEX2rPLQ1CCXcFqYirA57mKIsNAr_kJuz1lVI8Q/htmlview?sle=true#gid=2096806614
  9. About 6.2 Enchanting - Why you should be worried

    These enchantment rates (and the powerbook ones) are pulled from the game data (enchant_datadriven.xml). Theoretically every region could have different enchantment rates (china, Europe, japan, Russia, Taiwan, USA) , but they all currently have the same rate (based on what the client data shows) I have reloaded my personal SQLite database with EU "post-nerf" enchantment rates update, and from the client data side the enchantment rates appear to still the same. One thing I don't know is, whether if gameforge made any server-side stealth nerf to the gear enchantment success rates, that are not visible to client datamining...
  10. About 6.2 Enchanting - Why you should be worried

    Check out my version of the 6,2 gear enchantment success rates which also includes the probability of +10->15 for each of the 9 enchantment stone quality / target quality combinations.
  11. apocalipse chest

    Here is all of my event Linkgate runs so far. My conclusion: 2x drop rate events do not affect event extra drops like Apocalypic Chests.
  12. Kinah exchange cap for 6.0

    On EU the cap is 5,400 Gold Ingots per character. Note the exchange rates: EU: 8,700,000 kinah -> 1 Gold Ingot + 1,300,000 kinah NA: 30,000,000 kinah -> 1 Gold Ingot + 12,000,000 kinah Effective kinah divisor: (old kinah / divisor = new kinah) (not including the Gold Ingot) EU: 6.7 NA: 2.5
  13. What are the chances 6.2 will be delayed a week?

    It's a colossal patch. Expect a delay of 1 week (or more) if there are problems, particularly item conversions, on ncwest's side. And expect a LONG maintenance on the arrival of 6.2.
  14. uhh hello? nerfed event

    Please take a look at my spreadsheet detailing how many chests I get from normal mobs / boss mobs in Linkgate Foundary for every run I have made so far. There are 2 tabs: Week 1 (no drop event) Week 2 onwards (2x drop event) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SvmeyT5ABoqYYUibRJBjDgaNTN5gp5-1sp69BnOjFq8/edit#gid=481384213 It appears that the 2x (+100%) drop rate event does not affect event extra drops, such as Apocalyptic Chests. The calculated base drop rate at the top rate does not factor drop rate events.
  15. [News] Awakened Legacy: Item & System Changes

    These rates applies to the cash shop contracts only. From other people's posts in other threads, the Kinah shop contracts have even worse pull rates (around 95% probability that your pull will be 1-star contracts?)
  16. Leveling path recommendations?

    EXP events and amulets do not affect quest reward EXP. Only monster kills.
  17. master harvester weapon box chanter shield

    To the point where Chanter's Daevanion healing skills have been nerfed twice since the launch of 6.0 on Korea...
  18. In the latest KR update, Chanter's Recovery Spell and their Daevanion versions can no longer be boosted by Shards. (Shards boost base weapon attack and skill damage by 25%, and base healing by 15%) https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/KR_-_Update_October_4th_2018
  19. @Cyan @Hime: Please don't do these kinah changes in 6.x

    I expect this kinah nerf will result in a massive deflation, which means the Gold Pack prices should decrease over time due to the massive lack of kinah supply.
  20. aion 6.0 transform contracts

    So it appears that kinah shop contracts have even worse pull rates than the cash shop contracts? From my EU PTS testing, cash shop contracts give out greens about 30% of the time.
  21. [News] Aion: Awakened Legacy Arrives October 24

    And here are the respective numbers for 6.2 (queried on EU data files): StringTable_Dialog.xml 3860 client_strings_bm.xml 156 client_strings_bmrestrict.xml 63 client_strings_dic_etc.xml 2083 client_strings_dic_item.xml 3225 client_strings_dic_monster.xml 6539 client_strings_dic_people.xml 6182 client_strings_dic_place.xml 1660 client_strings_etc.xml 842 client_strings_funcpet.xml 14320 client_strings_gossip.xml 2168 client_strings_item.xml 65524 client_strings_item2.xml 65509 client_strings_item3.xml 50868 client_strings_item4.xml 9919 client_strings_level.xml 5444 client_strings_monster.xml 59356 client_strings_msg.xml 7294 client_strings_npc.xml 24355 client_strings_quest.xml 24778 client_strings_skill.xml 30396 client_strings_ui.xml 8843
  22. [News] Aion: Awakened Legacy Arrives October 24

    Two complete game language translations will have to be done: Brazil - Portuguese Chile and various other LATAM countries: Spanish And for each language, look at how many lines of Strings have to be translated for each of these languages: client_strings_bm.xml 155 client_strings_bmrestrict.xml 63 client_strings_dic_etc.xml 1961 client_strings_dic_item.xml 3083 client_strings_dic_monster.xml 6150 client_strings_dic_people.xml 5836 client_strings_dic_place.xml 1548 client_strings_etc.xml 830 client_strings_funcpet.xml 14310 client_strings_gossip.xml 1980 client_strings_item.xml 65524 client_strings_item2.xml 65509 client_strings_item3.xml 49847 client_strings_level.xml 5281 client_strings_monster.xml 58020 client_strings_msg.xml 7068 client_strings_npc.xml 23358 client_strings_quest.xml 23078 client_strings_skill.xml 29576 client_strings_ui.xml 8073 stringtable_dialog.xml 3720 And that's not including cutscene subtitles, quest dialog (which there is a lot of them). These numbers are for NA 5.8.
  23. [6.2] List of Terminated Items

    Another note regarding the "Omega Enchantment Stone / All-Powerful Enchantment Stone" and "Tempering Solution / Holy Upgrade Serum" items on the terminated list: The terminated version of these two specific versions of Omega/APES and Tempering/Serums are untradable test items that happen to have the same name, icon, and description as the ones we're all familiar with. These untradeable items do not have "[Event]" in front of the names, thus they are different items from our [Event] untradables. Check aioncodex to find out how many different items that have the same name there.
  24. [6.2] List of Terminated Items

    List of Terminated Items Note that the list have been separated into 5 categories: Usable items Non-usable items Crafting Recipes Quest Items Junk Items
  25. [6.2] List of Terminated Items

    Note that there are 4 different items that have the name "Broken Crystal Ball" and the same icon: 182006892 junk_world_event_wide_use_02a 186000437 coin_pvp_02_tradable 186000438 treasure_01a_tradable 186000439 item_idarena_pvp01_01_tradable The third one, treasure_01a_tradable, is the one that is getting terminated. But it is not the ones we get from events... The first one, junk_world_event_wide_use_02a, is probably the one we get from events, which is not getting terminated.