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  1. [News] Aion: Awakened Legacy Arrives October 24

    Are the pull rates for BCS Transformation Contracts going to be the same as the EU Rates?
  2. [News] Aion: Awakened Legacy Arrives October 24

    Power Shards in 5.8: +20/+30/+40/+50 Base Weapon Attack (depending on shard). Two handed weapons can use 2 at the same time for more Base Weapon Attack. Does not affect spells. Shards in 6.x: +25% Base Weapon Attack for Auto Attacks +25% Base Damage for Attack Skills/Spells +15% Base healing (?) - I didn't test this in EU PTS, got that value through datamining
  3. Should Aion open Classic server too?

    Aion Korea have eliminated* the Master Server with the launch of 6.0, which was pretty much "Classic" Aion as you described, and what 5.x was based on. *Master Servers were turned into standard servers
  4. Threads on Gameforge Aion ENG forums appears to be very negative about the patch due to Transformation Contracts: https://board.en.aion.gameforge.com/index.php/Thread/3946-Aion-6-2-it-s-Good-but-Not-Perfect/ https://board.en.aion.gameforge.com/index.php/Thread/3947-Aion-6-2-feedback-execution/ https://board.en.aion.gameforge.com/index.php/Thread/3949-CORE-OF-GAME-IS-SPEED-ATTACK-SPEED-JUST-DONT-MESS-WITH-THAT-O-M-G/ Transformation Contract gacha rates: (Cash Shop) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JeDN2oL1qwtvAOHbAvUwAbun6zCxVzTmNZoDX5x0UXQ/edit#gid=548167290 Transformation Contract combination rates: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wWWcTmv2x2nGJB-VNF1PSeBqDb3_bzbibYZ1etBCurs/edit#gid=0 You can only buy 1 Transformation Contract per week. It is a different item from the one in the Cash Shop.
  5. A simple feedback about enchant rate in the 6.x

    For your reference, the "enchant rate in the 6.x" are as follows: Equipment Enchantment Success Rates (datamined) Stigma Enchantment Stones Success Rates (tested by myself on EU PTS 6.2)
  6. Wouldn't be this amazing? Aion 6.5 :)

    That's what I'm wondering too - whether the big reFly update for NA will be 6.2 or 6.5...
  7. Physical damage calculation in Aion is complicated. The following spreadsheet contains all of my testing done: (min/max damage values gathered using a custom program that uses the chatlog parser from Aion Grind Meter) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AeGw5vcQeTLm3Xjjb43VUiKZuh-QVUPR1XuGdWBcULo/edit#gid=1968352775 My findings so far: (not valid for offhand weapon or attack skills while dual wielding) Base MinMax weapon damage = Random integer value between minimum and maximum damage on weapon (Thanks Selenn) Base MinMax Damage = (Base MinMax weapon damage + weapon enchantment + armor enchanting + power shards) White Power: Gladiator: 115 (125 while flying) Templar: 115 Chanter: 110 (120 while flying) Cleric: 105 Ranger: 100 (110 while flying) Assassin: 110 (120 while flying) Supplemented MinMax Damage = Base MinMax Damage * (White Power + Weapon Mastery + +% damage buff skills) / 100 Effective Attack Skill Damage = (Attack Skill Damage + Enhancement additional damage * Enhancement Level) +attack from CP_Power: round(830 * CP_Power / (550 + CP_Power)) Bonus Attack = All additive damage bonuses, excluding power shards, gear enchantments, and +% damage skills. Examples: +attack manastones +damage modifiers on gear attack plume +attack foods +attack from CP_Power Boost Physical Attack passive skills etc. High level mob level difference multiplier: When target mob (PvE only) is this many levels higher than the player: (5.6 provisional testing result, tested at +0, +3, +5, +7, +9 level difference) 3 or less: 1.0x dmg 4: 0.9x dmg 5: 0.8x dmg 6: 0.7x dmg 7: 0.6x dmg, 10% miss chance 8: 0.5x dmg, 20% miss chance 9: 0.4x dmg, 30% miss chance 10: 0.3x dmg, 40% miss chance 11: 0.2x dmg, 50% miss chance Skill Damage Multiplier: Focused Shots: 1.3x for next 5 attack skills Killer Eye: 1.5x for next 1 attack skill Random Multiplier From Skills: 1x for most skills. A few skills have random damage multipliers, for example: Rupture Arrow: 0.5x / 1x / 1.5x Stunning Shot: 1x / 1x / 2x Punishment: 0.5x / 1x / 1.5x Leaping Flash: 0.9x / 1x / 1.1x / 1.1x etc. Check skill damage table for more details. Movement Multiplier: Standing still: 1 Running forward: 1.1 Moving backward / sideway: 0.3 Effective MinMax Damage = (Supplemented MinMax Damage + Bonus Attack + Effective Attack Skill Damage) * Skill Damage Multiplier * Random Multiplier From Skills * High level mob level difference multiplier * Movement Multiplier Defense Adjusted MinMax Damage = Effective MinMax Damage - Enemy defense / 10 Level 66+ target damage multiplier: when target mob or player is the following level, apply damage multiplier: 66: 98.50% 67: 97.06% 68: 95.68% 69: 94.31% 70: 93.00% 71: 91.72% 72: 90.47% 73: 89.28% 74: 88.10% 75: 86.94% 76: 85.81% 77: 84.72% 78: 83.66% 79: ? 80: 81.61% Zone % modifier for physical attacks: (what I've tested so far, PvE only) Poeta +15% Belusian +15% Inggision +15% Cygnea: +0% Linkgate Foundry: +0% Norswold: +0% Crit Strike multiplier: Dagger - 2.3x Sword - 2.2x Mace - 2.0x Greatsword - 1.8x Polearm - 1.8x Bow - 1.7x Staff - 1.7x Unarmed - 1.0x Strike Fortitude: I cannot yet determine the exact reduction of Crit Strike multiplier per point of Strike Fortitude. It's somewhere around 0.091 to 0.095 multiplier subtraction for each 100 points of Strike Fortitude. Effective Crit Strike multiplier = Crit Strike multiplier - Strike Fortitude reduction (minimum 1.0x) Auto-attack multi strikes: (attack skills do not apply) Each of the following outcome have roughly the same probability, if possible on the weapon type: 1-strike: 1x dmg 2-strike: 1.1x dmg 3-strike: 1.2x dmg 4-strike: 1.3x dmg multiplicative modifier: Effective Crit Strike multiplier Auto-attack multi strikes Level 66+ target damage multiplier Zone % modifier for physical attacks Parry (0.6x) Block (0.3x for +10 or better shields) Skill shields +2% PvE CP buffs 1 + (PvP attack - PvP defense) / 100 (some level 65 PvE equipment have hidden PvP attack/defense bonuses Global PvP reduction (0.42x) etc. Final damage = Defense Adjusted MinMax Damage * multiplicative modifier 1 * multiplicative modifier 2 * ... * multiplicative modifier n Final damage cannot be less than 1, except damage absorb shields such as Stone Skin.
  8. Is this why NCWest is holding off 6.x?(Atk/Cast/Mvt Spd - Xform Contracts)

    https://board.en.aion.gameforge.com/index.php/Thread/3958-WE-WANT-SCROLLS-BACK/?postID=71884#post71884 https://board.en.aion.gameforge.com/index.php/Thread/3956-HOW-TO-DESTROY-6-x-transformations/ https://board.en.aion.gameforge.com/index.php/Thread/3959-My-idea-of-saving-the-game-fixing-transformations/
  9. Aion 6.2 Stigma Enchantment Stone success rates In 6.0, there is a new Stigma Enchantment Stone which is used for enchanting Stigmas. On each attempt the following are possibilities: +1 Enchantment level +2 Enchantment level +3 Enchantment level No change to Enchantment level -1 Enchantment level For probabilities of each of these outcomes, please refer to my test results at the top of this post. They are different for different enchantment levels and possibility the grade (Green/Blue/Gold) too. I used a total of 1,012 Stigma Enchantment Stones to test their success rates on 6.2 EU PTS. It took me lots of time doing the following to achieve the test results: Creating test accounts Completing the Poeta campaign on one character on each of these test accounts so they can use the trade broker to send Stigma Enchantment Stones to the level 80 Ranger Running Mirash Sanctuary and CoE on level 80 Ranger to get kinah to perform stigma enchantment and purchase cheap useless stigmas for testing Sold ALL of the gear, including equipped ones, acquired there for kinah to perform this testing
  10. With the removal of direct trade using Kinah, now all trades involving Kinah must now go through the trade broker. And they have jacked up the listing fees and sale commissions significantly. As of 6.2 EU PTS, the fees are as follows: Listing fee: 2.2% of asking price * Prices % * (100% + Tax %) paid whenever you list an item on the broker, and is lost whether your item sells or not Sale commissions: 11% of asking price * Prices % * (100% + Tax %) deducted from the kinah paid to you when your item gets sold NCSoft jacked up the upfront listing fee back to whatever it was in patch 5.1 and before. Update 5.3 added support for deducting commissions from items successfully sold on broker. Between 5.3 and 5.8, the sum of listing fee + sale commissions was the same as the Listing fee of 5.1 and prior, and 6.2. But now, you have the old 2.2% pre-5.3 listing fees upfront, combined with the new 11% commission deducted when your item actually sells! They made the broker a much bigger kinah sink than pre-5.3 days.
  11. Trade broker listing fees and commissions in 6.2

    Yes. From EU 6.2 prod Patch Notes: 1. The 'Private Shop' has been removed. 2. The 'Trade Kinah' function and the associated user interfaces (Private Store, Account Warehouse, Legion Warehouse, Mail, Group Distribution) have been removed.
  12. 6.0 Break Power bugged ?

    Chanter's Reasonance Haze is unconditional, but is now a follow up to Melee Smash / Repeated Shatter which is also unconditional.
  13. 6.0 Break Power bugged ?

    Let's wait and see if non-daevanion Recovery Spell has 6 or 10 second duration when it arrives to NA... Prior to 6.0 it used to heal 4 times total - 1 time from heal_instant, and 3 times from heal (HoT)
  14. 6.0 Break Power bugged ?

    For non-daevanion Recovery Spell: 10 second duration in the game data 10 second duration on https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Skill/1862
  15. 6.0 Break Power bugged ?

    Starting with 6.0, Break Power is now usable on stunned targets too, in addition to stumbled targets. And for chanters, the 6.2 update that Gameforge received did not include the one that nerfed 4 chanter daevanion skills on Korea.
  16. Retested on EU PTS 6.2, the +5% damage reduction bonus on shield mastery still applies.
  17. The following hidden effects are not visible in the descriptions of the following passive skills: Basic Shield Training / Shield Lv 1: +0% damage reduction Advanced Shield Training I / Advanced Shield Lv 1: +5% damage reduction Advanced Shield Training: +5% damage reduction So basically for any daevas (Level 10+) who can use shields, the actual damage shield is 5% higher than the listed damage reduction on the shields. For a +10 or higher shield with 70% damage reduction, the actual damage reduction is 75%.
  18. So this is how NCSoft kills off the old PvE/PvP Attack/Defense stats: Give everyone level 76 and above 100% PVEDefendRatio, PVPDefendRatio, PVEAttackRatio, PVPAttackRatio, and 35% ProcReduceRate (Godstone Suppression) Then cap these effects to 100% so these effects on old PvE/PvP don't provide any further effects for level 76+ characters EU Patch Notes: "Change: from level 76 the attack and defence stats in PvP/PvE will only be applied up to max. 100 percent. Note: the difference of PVPAttackRatio - PVPDefendRatio is bottom capped at -50%. There are rifts in Inggison/Gelkmaros/Cygnea/Enshar, but level 76+ can't use these so don't think about terrorizing the low level maps with the new super passive skills!
  19. Ranger with dual wield serious damage ?

    Went through more of the 6.2 PTS... Found out that several types of monsters have ridiculously high physical defense that the player's effective physical attack is reduced to zero. effective physical attack = physical attack - physical defense. effective physical attack cannot be negative In these cases it will be useful to switch to dual wield, pop devotion (+1500 auto attack damage per hand), and auto attack these pesky high defense monsters. (switch back to your bow when your devotion runs out). The +1500 attack bonus from Devotion is not affected by Physical Attack or Physical Defense.
  20. aion 6.0 transform contracts

    Aion 6.2 Transformation Contract Summoning Rates These are my test results so far, by making lots and lots of accounts on EU PTS (each account have enough cash shop currency to buy 40 contracts). Really terrible summoning rates, most mobile gacha games don't have summoning rates anywhere close to this bad.
  21. aion 6.0 transform contracts

    Aion 6.2 Transformation Contract Fusion / Combination Rates
  22. Ranger with dual wield serious damage ?

    The new Physical attack stat affect physical auto attacks too. Test using level 14 Chanter (Power: 110) against Inggision Training Dummy Mace Mastery: 28% Weapon damage: 20-30 Physical Attack: 0 Damage: 27-41 Physical Attack: 409 Damage: 35-53 Weapon damage: 47-71 Physical Attack: 720 Damage: 90-136 Magical auto attacks are now affected by Magical Attack (Magic Boost) too. Test using level 15 Spiritmaster (Knowledge: 115) against Inggision Training Dummy Spellbook Mastery: 2% Weapon damage: 39-43 Magical Attack: 311 Damage: 57-63 Magical Attack: 728 Damage: 74-81 Crit spell 50 Not a single crit after over 500 attacks
  23. Ranger with dual wield serious damage ?

    Just tried out EU PTS 6.2. The 3 non-conditional melee skills are now replaced by bow skills as you class change from Scout to Ranger. Note that even if they keep these skills, the skill damage is very low anyway, as Weapon Attack is no longer used to calculate physical attack skills damage. At low levels, Devotion is very useful while dual wielding, which now gives +1500 green attack (now called weapon attack) on each hand. On a ranger that's +2812 average damage per attack for 7 seconds! Note: This bonus does not work with attack skills so you will not be weaving anyway, just auto attack only for the Devotion's duration. The new Physical Attack stat (basically a physical version of Magic Boost) affects both normal attacks and attack skills.
  24. for my American friend

    For enchantment success rates go to 0:26 of the video. If you fail an enchanting attempt from +10 it will stay at +10. All failed enchantment attempts on an item that is +11 or higher will result in the item dropping to +10.
  25. What a bummer