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  1. The event mobs are a lot squisher than the regular Apsaranta mobs Mischievous Fairy HP 237,906 Physical Defense 13,400 Rascally Daru HP 328,779 Physical Defense 13,400 The problem: finding them all over the place (they spawn in clusters of 5 fairies and 1 daru) Autohunt is not gonna help you
  2. From my refly monster stats document: Level 85 2-star mobs 1,100,000 HP 19,000 physical defense Level 85 4-star mobs 1,500,000 HP 19,000 physical defense Level 85 5-star mobs 2,000,000 HP 19,000 physical defense 2,854,372 XP Elyos / Asmo non-elite NPCs 1,5000,000 HP 19,000 physical defense 11,547,645 XP The level 85 5-star non-elite mobs have almost as much HP as the previous 5-stars elite mobs at most place. And the real kicker is their greatly in
  3. Are the new NA paragon armor stats matching the values in this spreadsheet?
  4. Wrong forum Pradeth fortress is introduced in 4.0
  5. Inggison / Gelkmaros fortress sieges. Use it to gain 150 PvE attack. In 8.2, extracting Fighting Spirit armor will have a chance to get a new material item, which is used for crafting Fighting Spirit armor box (1 random piece of your class). Level 100 Sacred Relic reward is a selectable Fighting Spirit weapon box. Level 300 Sacred Relic reward is a selectable Fighting Spirit armor box.
  6. The above screenshot is with a +50% XP potion that is dropped from open world (not Apsaranta), turning in 5 dispatch rewards at the same time. Dispatch rewards give 500,000,000 XP each. They are affected by XP boosts such as XP runes! (Should be affected by the halloween coffin buff!) Important: XP runes overwrites other XP buffs. Also, remove all XP runes from your equipment first before popping XP boosts (e.g. coffin buff)
  7. Elyos Repeatable Quest List Page 4-6 contains the list of Heiron repeatable quests for levels 10-75. Including the minimum level to do each quest.
  8. There are 4 types of armor: Robe (lowest physical defense, moderate evasion, highest MR) All classes Leather (low-mid physical defense, highest evasion, moderate MR) Ranger / Assassin / Chanter / Cleric / Gladiator / Templar Chain (mid-high physical defense, mid-low evasion, moderate MR) Chanter / Cleric / Gladiator / Templar Plate (highest physical defense, lowest evasion, lowest MR) Gladiator / Templar What class are you playing?
  9. XP sources from quests: Asmodian Elyos For Apsaranta quests, if you do complete 4 quests of a particular faction you can collect dispatch reward, which includes 500 million XP (affected by XP boost runes). At beginning you can collect this reward once per faction-week. Level up faction renown to collect more dispatch rewards per week! Level 1: 1 times Level 2: 2 times Level 3: 3 times Want to sell your wrong class Fighting Spirit armor to the NPC? Please don't, save them for extraction in 8.2 [8.2] Aetherforging Fighting Spirit Armor Box -
  10. But Apsaranta level 85 mobs have 19,000 physical defense But you can do them in a group
  11. In 8.2, when extracting Fighting Spirit armor there is a chance to get the new crafting material. That new crafting material is used for crafting Fighting Spirit armor boxes. Save every piece of Fighting Spirit armor you get, if you have the space to hold them up to extract when 8.2 arrives in NA.
  12. There will be a second season of Kerubar's Quick Guide which came as part of 8.2 in Korea. In season 2, you will have to complete Quick Growth I before doing any Quick Growth II missions.
  13. You can see the effect of Ranger passive skills: (search for "passive skill") Ranger skills list
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