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  1. Elite Archon/Guardian Tribunus Jewel (Orb) Magic Boost 760 + 66 Weapon Damage 237 ~ 291 Range 2.5m Tome (Spellbook) Magic Boost 720 + 66 Weapon Damage 184 ~ 205 Range 15m But none of Sorcerer and Spiritmaster's skill usage ranges are affected by weapon range (both Classic and Refly) For game mechanic purposes, Refly means 6.x, 7.x, and 8.0 (and beyond so far - The live server is on Refly game mechanics) Classic means 1.0 through 5.8
  2. In Classic, Magic Boost don't affect auto attacks (Unlike Refly, where Magic Attack does affect magic weapon auto attacks) In Classic, power shards don't affect magic spell damage - they add to your base weapon damage. (In Refly, they boost damage - skills and auto attacks - by 25%) (Magic spell damage formula is the same for both Classic and Refly - difference is net Magic Boost cap is around 2,900 for early classic, 20,000 for Refly)
  3. Katalam is introduced in 4.0, removed in 4.8, and returned in 7.2 in a modified form (different skybox and camps, Danaria only accessible in certain times/areas) Classic is originally stated to go into maintenance mode when 2.7 contents are unlocked.
  4. F2P players who are attempting to get PvP gear will likely not log on until siege time in order to be able to get AP
  5. I'm interpreting that as every region (NCWest, NCTaiwan, NCJapan, Gameforge, Innova) that runs Aion Classic will have the exact same content/business/revenue model as Korea. No regional customization data such as Data/Europe, Data/Taiwan, Data/USA,etc. Siel's Aura system with daily 1-hour F2P for unpaid accounts Restrictions for unpaid accounts after daily 1-hour F2P Siel's Aura used up.
  6. https://www.aiononline.com/shop/founders-pack Scroll down for list of restrictions when you're not subscribed and your 1-hour daily F2P time is used up
  7. Classic will run on a separate 2.7 Client, but content accessible in-game will be that of 1.2/1.5(?)
  8. The developers will have to develop all-new sports skill animations for the Vandal class.
  9. If the two items have different ID's, then they don't stack even if they have the same icon, grade, localized name, localized description, etc.
  10. I think the North Pole would be the most expensive possible place to ever run a data center
  11. And all the new skins from Refly needed to be added to Aion Classic as skins too!
  12. The most difficult question: How will faction conflicts (Both Asmodian and Elyos characters on same account after merge) be handled with only one Refly server remaining? Character faction change on the lesser-played faction (of the player) to the more-played faction? Move characters of the two races into separate accounts by race? Nothing to accomodate and the account must choose to delete characters of the lesser-played wrong faction? Allow characters of both races on the same account to be remain accessible until the end of Aion NA game services?
  13. Aion NA is now hosted on AWS so theoretically NCWest might be able to put different servers of Aion Classic on different AWS regions (US East, US West, South America, and Oceania) so more players around NCWest-covered regions can have at least a server with more optimal pings
  14. Eventually: Korea, Japan, Taiwan (and option for Fast East Russia players too?) will merge into a single Asia-region server. NA, Europe, and Russia will merge in a single Euroamerica-region server. And then: Asia and Euroamerica will merge into a single global server. Your ping will suck if you are not close to where the global server is located in.
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