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  1. My testing spreadsheets: 5.6 4.9 through 5.1
  2. Skill with ID #69: WI_EQUIP_Cloth - Luxury Clothing Proficiency Armor mastery: Clothing Sorcerer version. Each classes were intended to have their own version of that skill, where they all have the same name and effects Allows you to wear Luxurious Clothing with great proficiency. You look fabulous.
  3. And for a comparison vs Refly, Mortasha (AoA NM) have 133,323,861 HP (Do note that geared Refly characters have way higher DPS than geared classic characters, Mortasha have high refly-specific stats, and attack skills with huge damages)
  4. Classic auto attack damage formula: Attack damage = {(Weapon damage * [Power / 100 + % attack bonus] + Straight attack bonus) * movement modifier - opponent Defense / 10} * product of all other %-based damage bonuses Classic physical attack skill damage formula: Attack damage = {(Weapon damage * [Power / 100 + % attack bonus] + Skill damage + Straight attack bonus) * OneTimeBoostSkillAttack bonus * movement modifier - opponent Defense / 10} * product of all other %-based damage bonuses Where: Weapon damage = random(minimum damage, maximum damage) + Enchantment damag
  5. Producer's Letter - September 2021, by Associate Producer Loki What's coming with the Classic 1.5 update, from Aion Powerbook (Note: Abyss treasure room will not be available in Classic 1.5)
  6. Can't log in on both classic and refly servers on the same account at the same time... Get system error (20) on either way, if you log in refly first and try to log in classic you get system error on classic if you log in ckassuc first and try to log in refly you get system error on refly
  7. For future Classic changes, check out Aion Powerbook. Some fast-tracked features: Armfusion and +15 enchantment Original 1.9 -> Classic launch Steel Rake Original 1.5 -> Classic launch Kromede Trial Original 2.0 -> Classic 1.5 Arena of Discipline / Chaos Original 2.7 -> Classic 1.9 Split Sales Origina 4.? -> Classic 1.7 Some pushed-back features: Abyss treasure rooms: Original 1.5 -> Classic 1.7
  8. Aion Classic was launched on June 2021 for NA. Go check it out!
  9. After lots of deaths soloing some Fire Temple mobs on my cleric (stand still no kiting, level 10 white staff and empty gloves slot except when fighting Rotan, to avoid exceeding evasion cap), I bring you detailed monster stats of some of the Fire Temple mobs: Fire Temple Monster Stats (WIP) Focusing on level 33 mobs for this time (and the level 34 Gargoyles which there are many), the higher level mobs to be done later when my cleric gets higher level (Haven't tested whether you can block magical auto attacks with a shield or not, my cleric used a staff to do these tests)
  10. Leather evasion set - All monster auto attacks check against evasion/parry, including magical auto attacks (Leather gear have highest base evasion) Level 28 Kaidan Sharpeye have about 780 accuracy, so around 1080 evasion will reach 30% evasion rate cap for that mob (and watch out his 418-571 base attack) You can fill the rest of the manastone slots with parry too And don't forget to get all the concentration accessories and headgear
  11. What game are you going to play? Classic or Refly? Classic is currently very similar to what you used to be playing back then in 2009. Skill data is 2.7, but only 1.2 contents are accessible. Classic service launched this June. Refly is currently on 7.9 (part 2), and has massive differences from the classic Aion.
  12. That's because there is a cap limiting XP gains from a single mob to 20% of your XP bar. Crucible spire floor 10 and 15 bosses XP gain are also affected by this single mob XP cap. But berdin star charges still discharge at 3x the mob's base XP value: you get 1 XP per point discharged, unaffected by 20% cap Not affected by XP buffs or XP events so at 15th floor of crucible spire boss you will end up wasting XP charges.
  13. Yes should be (MR-MA) / 10 (%), plus the above listed rates if you're 5 or more levels below your target (whether monster or player).
  14. your level - opponent level: additional resist chance (in addition to the regular MR-MA/10 (%) resist rates) -5: 10% -6: 20% -7: 30% -8: 40% -9: 50% -10: 60% -11: 70% -12: 80% -13: 90% (resist rate cap) This apply to both PvE and PvP - if your opponent is completely naked and is much higher level than you, then the above list is the resist rates. Physical attacks don't have hit rate penalty against high level targets
  15. Yes, several attack chains for both of these classes. Although the chains between classic and refly versions are a bit different...
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