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  1. Oops, correction: (can't edit above post) 1. to reach evasion/parry/block chance cap on Kromede, you need close to 1,500 evasion, 1,600 parry, or 1,700 block stats respectively (evasion/parry/block chances are capped at 30% / 40% / 50% respectively).
  2. 1. Do SAS item mode on Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Tuesdays Item/Classic mode switches over on 06:00 server time each day Instance entries reset on 09:00 server time each day 2. After entering SAS, unequip all (or as many as possible) HP gear, and don't forget to put them back on If your inventory space is limited, remove the ones with highest HP 3. Aggro the big crystal thing 4. Deal 1 million or more damage to the boss 5. unequip all (or as many as possible) physical defense gear If your inventory space is limited, remove the ones with highest
  3. Are you on the NCWest EU site? NCWest doesn't have a publishing license for Aion for the EU region. That belongs to Gameforge.
  4. My highest character right now is a level 37 cleric, but I got some tested monster stats in my monster stats spreadsheet: Kromede the Corrupt (level 37 final boss at Fire Temple) has: around 802 weapon damage (avg) close to 1,200 physical accuracy. Most of her skills can be evaded, parried, blocked as they physical and deal physical damage. Miserable Struggle deals physical damage that is weapon damage x 3.21 1. to reach evasion/parry/block chance cap on Kromede you need close to 1,300 evasion, 1,400 parry, or 1,500 block stats respectively leather
  5. EU 8.0 (Part 2) update notes (Compare to Korea 8.2 Update on powerbook) EU also getting the Empyrean Sacred Relic season extended. Their tentative season end date is now 2022-03-22, while ours will tentatively end on 2022-05-18. That should be the estimated date for 8.2 update.
  6. And now we have a 2-day notice that the 2 servers are merging
  7. As ERC-721 Tokens (for equipment) on Ethereum? (ERC-20 for stackable items) Transaction gas fees on Ethereum are way too high Would need to make too many transactions even at our population levels
  8. Only got 1 hour of F2P Siel's Aura time today - event ended early? Accounts were logged on and in-game at the time of reset (2021-12-23 09:00 ST) nvm, after closing and reopening the client I got back the 3 hour of F2P siel's aura
  9. Enchant your low level weapons (that you currently use) to +10 as much as possible. Lower level enchantment stones are much cheaper than endgame gear enchantment stones.
  10. +attack% damage bonuses are calculated from your base weapon damage, enchantment damage, and power shard damages only. (Chanter damage buffs and weapon mastery passives are +attack% buffs) So try to get a staff with the highest base damage possible An attack +5 manastone will simply increase your damage of each physical attack (auto attack or attack skill) by 5. (that's before applying crit multiplier). They don't add to your base weapon damage and is applied after the +attack% buffs. If you fill up your 42 manastone slots with +5 attack manastones, they give +210 attack total,
  11. Parry reduces the damage of the parried attack by 40% while other effects remain Evasion completely nullifies all damage and effects of the evaded physical skill, and causes the skill chain to break. Note: some monster skills are magical spells that deal physical damage - these check against MR instead, but can also be parried. Some monster skills have a property that make them not resistable (such as more powerful skills used by Esoterrance bosses). They can't be evaded/parried/blocked/resisted. Some monster physical attack skills may have an always-accurate property th
  12. The real classic server maintenance post So not a copy and paste
  13. My monster stats spreadsheet (mainly Elysea / Abyss) Here you can see how much accuracy and weapon damage of some lower-level monsters have (low-30's and below). Evasion helps mostly against elite mobs which deal huge amounts of auto attack damage. Leather armor gives most evasion out of the 4 armor types. Magical auto attacks from monsters check against evasion / parry, not MR.
  14. "Aion Classic" for classic server "Aion Refly" for Katalam (live server)
  15. This is what I got: Heart of Apsaranta first boss stats and AOE avoidance
  16. The event mobs are a lot squisher than the regular Apsaranta mobs Mischievous Fairy HP 237,906 Physical Defense 13,400 Rascally Daru HP 328,779 Physical Defense 13,400 The problem: finding them all over the place (they spawn in clusters of 5 fairies and 1 daru) Autohunt is not gonna help you
  17. From my refly monster stats document: Level 85 2-star mobs 1,100,000 HP 19,000 physical defense Level 85 4-star mobs 1,500,000 HP 19,000 physical defense Level 85 5-star mobs 2,000,000 HP 19,000 physical defense 2,854,372 XP Elyos / Asmo non-elite NPCs 1,5000,000 HP 19,000 physical defense 11,547,645 XP The level 85 5-star non-elite mobs have almost as much HP as the previous 5-stars elite mobs at most place. And the real kicker is their greatly in
  18. Are the new NA paragon armor stats matching the values in this spreadsheet?
  19. Wrong forum Pradeth fortress is introduced in 4.0
  20. Inggison / Gelkmaros fortress sieges. Use it to gain 150 PvE attack. In 8.2, extracting Fighting Spirit armor will have a chance to get a new material item, which is used for crafting Fighting Spirit armor box (1 random piece of your class). Level 100 Sacred Relic reward is a selectable Fighting Spirit weapon box. Level 300 Sacred Relic reward is a selectable Fighting Spirit armor box.
  21. The above screenshot is with a +50% XP potion that is dropped from open world (not Apsaranta), turning in 5 dispatch rewards at the same time. Dispatch rewards give 500,000,000 XP each. They are affected by XP boosts such as XP runes! (Should be affected by the halloween coffin buff!) Important: XP runes overwrites other XP buffs. Also, remove all XP runes from your equipment first before popping XP boosts (e.g. coffin buff)
  22. Elyos Repeatable Quest List Page 4-6 contains the list of Heiron repeatable quests for levels 10-75. Including the minimum level to do each quest.
  23. There are 4 types of armor: Robe (lowest physical defense, moderate evasion, highest MR) All classes Leather (low-mid physical defense, highest evasion, moderate MR) Ranger / Assassin / Chanter / Cleric / Gladiator / Templar Chain (mid-high physical defense, mid-low evasion, moderate MR) Chanter / Cleric / Gladiator / Templar Plate (highest physical defense, lowest evasion, lowest MR) Gladiator / Templar What class are you playing?
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