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  1. Questions about 7.0/Stream

    Vandal / Painter skills preview New skill effects: targetchannelling: You must maintain a laser on your target in range in order to keep the skill effects active. Your movement speed is decreased by specified amount. Ends early if you use another skill, item, or you get stunlike'd. OnetimeGetBoostedDamage: Damage received by target are increased by specified percentage. HealAndFireONZeroHP: Prevent death once and restore your HP by amount. Optionally may trigger a skill. SkillATKDrain: Physical damage over time, with optional life leech. SummonChannellingArea: Looks like to be similar to SummonSkillArea (An untargetable NPC summoned on target area. The NPC uses its own skills), but requires to be maintained in range with a laser.
  2. Questions about 7.0/Stream

    Still 1/2s cast time even with the 2019-01-30 update
  3. Questions about 7.0/Stream

    Are 2019-01-30 skill updates included in our 7.0 deployment this Wednesday? Taiwan's 7.0 includes that skill update patch.
  4. Gameplay suggestions

    A fully sandboxed game is a bot haven.
  5. Aion: Mark of the Vandal update livestream

    How can that be in the case when Aion is included in NCSoft's financials reports?
  6. [Question] Asking is there any Hong Kong players in the same situation as me? (Chinese) Various players from Hong Kong (And a few from Taiwan itself) were reporting that since last week's maintenance they are unable to play on Aion [TW]. Specially, after the Aion client loaded it "Could not connect to the authorization server" thus unable to play. Looked like authorization server was blocking all overseas IPs including Hong Kong and Macau area, so a Hong Kong user who tried from HKBN and PCCW had to use VPN to get in. One people even used a 2-hour free trial of a VPN to do IDD instance. If it is underground communication cable then it should be everything in Taiwan area not be connectable, and not just Aion. And according to a player, same account, same launcher, could login to Lineage 2 [TW] and Blade and Soul [TW], but not Aion [TW] (authorization server not connectable). And their 1:1 inquiries with the E-Box were not getting replies. No protection for paying customers, in Hong Kong and Macau the top up system was working but they could not deliver their service, and there are no return mechanism. As of the latest post, some person has been unable to connect to Aion [TW] for 5 days. NCTaiwan claimed their server was working fine, telling players to check their own connection. Telling players to check NCTaiwan's network connections? Players are feeling that nobody are looking at TW's servers... The only official notice NCTaiwan made was Notice of suspension of Customer Service center activities: [Note: Northeast Taiwan was hit by a Magnitude 6 earthquake before threat of Typhoon Lekima] [Note: Since last maintenance I am getting same "Could not connect to the authorization server" too as I was trying to bring 7.0 information to you guys] [Note: I just connected to Aion TW]
  7. Crucible Spire seems a bit... hard

    The highest floor I've ever made to was 12. That was my spiritmaster with red Pandora weapon/armor and almost all ancient accessories. It was basically completely carried by the spirit (Armor Spirit have massive magic acc bonus) and its +650% damage bonuses against races "Asmodian Daeva" and "Elyos Daeva" (for some reason, all mobs there are considered as either "Asmodian Daeva" or "Elyos Daeva") Crucible mobs in 7.0 have much lower defense/dodge/magic resist and much higher HP. Haven't tested whether they are still considered "Asmodian Daeva" or "Elyos Daeva" so far. Details of spiritmaster skills
  8. See Spreadsheet Want to share your openings of Ice Gem chests? Post the exact number of Ice Gems obtained for each chest you opened here, similar to what is on the Data Collection tab.
  9. sorc vs. anything but

  10. IMPORTANT: for the new class

    Vandal's class prefix is PA.
  11. End of the World 6.5 event stats (Probabilities of # of Ice Gems per chest)

    Thank you, add to spreadsheet!
  12. End of the World 6.5 event stats (Probabilities of # of Ice Gems per chest)

    Thanks! Your runs have been added to the spreadsheet!
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 7, 2019

    The first 3 resets for Mirash/CoE are 80 Luna The 4th-6th resets are 100 Luna each The 7th-9th resets are 120 Lunas each The 10th (final) reset is 140 Lunas, which is what the tradable reset scroll is priced on Luna reset counts and prices reset daily There are "My Luna Rewards" for spending certain amounts of Luna on an account per day Don't buy CoE reset scroll from BCM unless you are planning to sell it on the broker, or if you have run out of Luna resets
  14. End Of The World Instance not dropping chest

    Cubic Lab is basically a carbon copy of Luna weekly instance (Luna Siege).
  15. End of the World 6.5 event stats (Probabilities of # of Ice Gems per chest)

    What were the distribution of your 10 boxes like? The first one or the second one? Combination 1 25 10 10 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 Combination 2 10 10 10 10 10 10 5 5 5 5
  16. Current Gear on 7.0

    Crafted T1 PvP gear are useful for extraction into fighting spirit fragments. You need lots of these fragments to promote T2 Genesis Crystal gear. All existing aetherforging recipes continue to be available in 7.0. It will need 10 Guiding Stones or Kibriums (6.0 material) to convert into 1 Magic Crystal or Alchemium (7.0 material) respectively.
  17. This Event....

    Luna reset costs for Mirash and CoE: Reset Count Luna cost Cumulative 1 80 80 2 80 160 3 80 240 4 100 340 5 100 440 6 100 540 7 120 660 8 120 780 9 120 900 10 140 1040 Reset counts and costs resets daily.
  18. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 7, 2019

    Mirash and CoE are disappearing in 7.0. Mirash: 3 runs, 3 box drops (haven't opened them yet) The last End of the World event involved instances that were to be deleted in 6.0.
  19. Let's talk about 7.0

    Crucible Spire will no longer award Coin of Challenges (Stigmas), and instead award only HP cubicles. Farm them before 7.0 deploys on NA! They can still be exchanged after 7.0 deployment.
  20. sorc vs. anything but

    7.2 laser DPS assumes 1 sec tick rate for everything, based on this document When the different between (P/M attack + PvE/PvP Attack) and defense stats are really huge (big gear disparity), even a few low damage skills do huge damage...
  21. sorc vs. anything but

    Vandal: Colour Monster Stage 3, 9750 damage after 2.8s of charging Colour Fist, 6310 damage instant cast Sudden Smash + Blow (Shunpo chain), 3171 + 4970 damage instant casts Sustained Colour Immersion [Daevanion], 3048 (30) x 2 instant casts Sorcerer: Nukes got their PvE damage reduced to match PvP damage, and removed PvP damage modifier Glacial Shard, 5209 water damage, 4s cast time Storm Strike, 4967 wind damage, 4s cast time Flames of Wrath, 5635 (87) fire damage, 4s cast time Summon Rock, 1293 earth damage, instant cast Empyrean Wrath, 5051 (72) water damage, 2s cast time, 4000 DP
  22. sorc vs. anything but

    Vandal lasers DPS between 7.0 and 7.2, assuming tick damage is the same (I don't have 7.2 client data): Punishment Strap (Aerial Hold conditional) 0.35s tick rate in 7.0 9440 DPS 3304 in 7.2 72688 maximum possible damage 26432 in 7.2 Band of Fierceness [Daevanion] 0.35s tick rate in 7.0 6645.7 (65.7) DPS 2326 (23) in 7.2 46520 (460) maximum possible damage 16282 (161) in 7.2 Band of Forbearance [Daevanion], Band of Rage [Base] 0.5s tick rate in 7.0 3580 (36) DPS 1790 (18) in 7.2 25060 (252) maximum possible damage 12530 (126) in 7.2 Life Binding (life leech) 0.5s tick rate in 7.0 2850 DPS 1425 in 7.2 22800 maximum possible damage 11400 in 7.2 Gravity Binding [Daevanion], Time Binding [Daevanion], Time Holding [Base] 0.5s tick rate in 7.0 1554 DPS 777 in 7.2 15540 maximum possible damage 7770 in 7.2 So Vandal lasers got the DPS / total damage reduced by 65% (almost 2/3 of 7.0 damage) for the 0.35s tick rate lasers, and 50% for the 0.5s tick rate lasers?
  23. 7.0 @ Agust 21st

    STR_CLASS_NAME_ARTIST CHT: 藝術家 DEU: Künstler ENG: Artist ENU: Muse FRA: Artiste STR_CLASS_NAME_PAINTER CHT: 彩繪星 DEU: Colorist ENG: Painter ENU: Vandal FRA: Impressionniste STR_CLASS_NAME_BARD CHT: 吟遊星 DEU: Barde ENG: Bard ENU: Songweaver FRA: Barde
  24. Let's talk about 7.0

    All 6.x Aetherforging recipes continue to be available in 7.0. Monsters in 7.0 drop new material, but they can be converted into old material in 1:1 ratio: Alchemist stone -> Kibrium Magic stone -> Guiding stone However old material to new material conversion is a 10:1 ratio: 10 Kibriums -> Alchemist stone 10 Guiding stones -> Magic stone