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  1. Reselling from the BCM

    The BCM primarily tailors to the end-game.
  2. Non-weapon using class someday?

    Perhaps we will need to add lots of "noweapon" type weapons? noweapon Test Pick
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 18, 2017

    Watch out: the mechanics for obtaining a Golden Card is a Complete (Kompu) Gacha! In this case, the "Grand Prize" - the Golden Card, which itself is a Gacha too.
  4. Why some skills has tool tip higher dmg but deal less dmg ?

    In case of pvp modifier for sorcerer spells you can check this spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1e38P3PygeDVHvJgskG2HShLfMATiPk-Fm-qTIZuRAgg/edit#gid=0
  5. Chanter Questions

    The following offensive chanter spells are affected by MB: Infernal Blaze Promise of Earth Effect Pledge of Earth Effect / Oath of Earth Effect Blessing of Wind Effect / Blessing of Wind Smite DoT from Mountain Crash And also your magical damage godstones. Healing skills are affected by Healing Boost instead.
  6. Power Shards

    Power shards do not affect spell damage. (Their damage are not affected by weapon damage)
  7. For a Sin 2 Daggers or Sword/Dagger or Dagger/Sword?

    Crit multipliers for various weapons: Dagger - 2.3x Sword - 2.2x Mace - 2.0x Greatsword - 1.8x Polearm - 1.8x Bow - 1.7x Staff - 1.7x Unarmed - 1.0x Damage critical multipliers are applied after reduction from physical defenses.
  8. "Master Server" that Korea has?

    As of 5.6, on the master server it takes 58,504,838,529 exp for level 1 to 55 10,664,607,273 exp for level 54 to 55. Compared to normal servers, which take: 374,747,481,018 exp for level 1 to 75 162,596,142,000 exp for level 74 to 75 234,158,036,144 exp to get 27 additional CP at level 75 (level cap) And additionally, in the game data: 212,018,420,019,754 exp for level 1 to 99 27,165,744,395,704 exp for level 98 to 99 29,185,843,359,773 exp to get 300 additional CP at level 99 (level cap) Aion exp charts
  9. I wish PVE 65+

    Avoid the regions closest to the home bases of Iluma / Esterra (if you're Elyos) or Norswold / Nosra (if you're Asmo). These are the biggest PK hotspots for 5.0. Enemy faction PKers can appear outside these regions, but are much less frequent.
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 27, 2017

    The cake buff (+200%) means it triples your exp gained (3x multipler from amulets).
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 27, 2017

    It's worse than server wide buffs + 100% amulet. Server exp event and amulets stack multiplitively. Server exp events: No event (now): x1 Regular double exp events (incl. previous week): x2 2017-09-22 Aion NA anniversary: x3 Exp amulets: Regular 100% amulets (e.g. Poeta/Ishalgen farmables): x2 Daeva's Day cake 200%: x3 (Cake buff is an exp amulet and cannot be combined with other exp amulets) Exp event and amulet combinations: (effective exp multiplier) Regular double exp event with regular 100% amulet: 2x2=4 Last week's double exp event with 200% Daeva's Day Cake: 2x3=6 2017-09-22 Aion NA anniversary with cake: 3x3=9 This week (no event but with cake) 1x3=3 With my level 64 chanter sitting at 149 billion out of 162.5 billion exp to reach level 75 (91.68%), with this effective 3x exp I am not going to be burning any of my remaining untradable Fissure scrolls in order to achieve Bankai this week...
  12. Enchanting and Tempering Success Rate Question

    See my big enchantment success rate research spreadsheet: (the tab should be "Abyss L75 | +16 and above | RU 5.6 PTS") https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19TlSdgbUqhMBWXbTLCErD-Ss29zOmuvmEUZKVAs0enY/edit#gid=284545703 The 75 Abyss overupgrade test attempts came from various RU PTS 5.6 youtube videos, collected together into a spreadsheet. Sorry, I haven't done any analysis on tempering rates yet, except bracelets...
  13. And remove the level difference-based passive chance to resist magic, so players of any level should be able to land spells on a target of any level as long as they have more MA than MR. Current level 1-99 exp chart since 5.0. Don't touch the current exp chart please. Nobody, even the biggest whales, should ever get much further than low 80-ish. The trope "Absurbly High Level Cap" should be how Aion should be. PvP battlegrounds and instant battleground should remain to have a level cap (can vary by instance), where players exceeding it will have stats automatically reduced to that level cap, and excessive CP have to be removed before they are allow to queue for such instances. The recommended level stat reduction apply based on the instance level cap.
  14. Shining stones vs. omegas and eternals?

    Sorry, the above is for mythic archdaeva gear. I should prepare to buy stuffs to make a test for eternals too.
  15. Shining stones vs. omegas and eternals?

    Enchantment success rate are terrible without supplements. Without supplements, using shining / glowing stones have an approximate odds of 1 in 8 for reaching +7 (not accounting for the ~5% chance of getting +2 on a single attempt) Here's my test data collection spreadsheet (updated from time to time): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19TlSdgbUqhMBWXbTLCErD-Ss29zOmuvmEUZKVAs0enY/edit#gid=677634904
  16. PVE set for physical classes

    For offensive PvE armor, the most important attribute is a high level of enchantment. Especially dual wield classes such as Assassins and dual wield Gladiators. Each enchant levels adds 1 to your base weapon damage, which are affected by +% damage skill buffs (including passives). Can be achieved more cheaply using low daeva gear (level 65 or under). Ideally it should have some +attack bonus and 6 manastone slots. Good luck enchanting your Archdaeva gear though...
  17. For instance, +100% exp event (2x exp) +100% exp amulet (2x exp) Results in 4x exp gained. Note that exp events and amulets affects exp from monsters only! (gathering/crafting too, but their character exp is negligible) Quest rewards are not affected by these!
  18. Prestige Case rewards

    Upper abyss boxes still award Ceramium medals. 1 Ceramium medal -> 210 Petra medals -> 210 Fragmented Spinel -> 0.21 Spinel Medals
  19. PVE set for physical classes

    Conditioning costs of Harvester / Ancient Fallusha gear is the same as (Holy) Apollon and Labyrinth / Holy Maze gear. Full list of conditioning / augmenting cost of all gear: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Mn8HUDKMyx2GRJTYnx2DnjDE0pRgRctgrg1Y5NFF0Qw/edit#gid=0
  20. Crucible Spire

    That video was recorded before you posted about the Promise/Pledge of Earth CP reallocation in this thread. The video took nearly 24 hours to upload. You should post about this trick in the class forums too!
  21. Crucible Spire

    Here's my full run with my level 74 chanter in full DPS spec:
  22. The perks of playing in a "dead" server

    So that mob is worth about 920,000,000 exp, or more than 4 Fissure / Luna runs. Did you have guild exp bonus on you? How long did that took you to kill Yannabis (Yanubis)?
  23. Crucible Spire

    Never thought about maxing Promise of Earth, buff, then respec again. Gotta try it sometime next week (period between maintenance) Captured a full run of my chanter today, before hearing about your trick. It will take a full night of sleep to upload... Try again when you hit level 72. You only deal 90% damage against Modor (level 75) when you're 4 levels below her.
  24. Crucible Spire

    Lunatic Modor has approximately 650 strike resist, so you will need about 1150 crit strike to max out the crit rate at 50%. Tested with my Chanter and giving him 857 crit strike for this test, I got the following results: Hits: 368 Crits: 82 Crit rate: 22.28% Strike resist as calculated: 634 To be a little more conservative account for RNG variances, let's just round it up to 650 strike resist. The above results were gathered using my own custom code (which uses the chatlog parsing engine from Aion Grind Meter) that can recognize the 2-strikes and 3-strikes as a single attack (ARM will recognize these attacks as 2 and 3 separate attacks respectively).
  25. Please see all my test attempts and commentary in the following Google spreadsheets: Part 1: Low grade Enchantment Stones ("Enchantment Stone") on Adma / TTC (L68), no supplements Part 2: Mid grade stones (Shining / Glowing Enchantment Stones) on Frostforged (L71), no supplements How to read the spreadsheets: The top part of each sheet represent the exact outcome for enchantment of every piece of gear. The entire journey of each gear piece are presented in each column: The outcome (+1, +2, or failure) of every enchantment attempt made to them. The item slot (chest, pants, feet, shoulders, gloves, shield) and gear type (weapon, cloth, leather, chain, plate) When gear is broken due to enchantment failure, how many Chronos or Eternity stone received from it. The middle part of each sheet contains the summary of enchantment success rate, starting from each level tested. The bottom left part of each sheet is the probability of getting +1 or +2 for each successful enchantment attempts. The commentary are in the bottom right part.