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  1. Colorweaver ?

    STR_CLASS_NAME_PAINTER DEU: Colorist ENG: Painter FRA: Impressionniste CHT: 彩繪星
  2. Let's talk about 7.0

    [Youtube] [AION 7.0] Changes to Instances [Youtube] [AION 7.0] Changes to Crafting [Datamine] 7.0 Cubic stats [Datamine] Tier 1 and 2 gear enchantment stat boosts
  3. Let's talk about 7.0

    [EU] 7.0 patch collecting issues and bugs [EU] 7.0 initial live impressions [EU] 7.0 patch notes [Datamine] 7.0 vs. 6.5 Player skills effect comparison
  4. Ranger Stigma Blazing Trap Magic or Physical Damage?

    The trap NPCs have 0 base magical attack, so no matter what kind of gear tuning, cubic stats, and manastones, the trap's magical attack will never exceed the magical defense of any realistic target. Blazing Trap (Spent about 8 million to buy it so I can test, not enchanted) Base damage: 2174 (20) Increased to 21540 in 7.0, but stigma enchantment no longer increase damage +650% damage vs. Asmodian Daeva, Elyos Daeva reduced to +420% in 7.0 Trap magical attack: 106 base: 0 From cubic: 106 Cleric magical defense: 4604 Actual damage: 423 (expected 2912 in 7.0) Staggering Trap Base damage: 986 No damage bonus vs Asmodian Daeva and Elyos Daeva Trap magical attack: 106 base: 0 From cubic: 106 Cleric magical defense: 4604 Actual damage: 25 Note: Summoned NPCs (including traps, SM spirits, Cleric servants, Painter/Sorcerer area-summon spells) do not have PvE/PvP Attack/Defense. Level 76+ players have passive skills that grant them +100% PvE/PvP Attack/Defense (old stat). Net PvE/PvP Attack (old stat) is bottom capped at -90%, so summoned NPCs deal 10% damage vs level 76+ players. Many of such skills have big conditional damage % bonus vs.Asmodian Daeva and Elyos Daeva to partially offset the +100% PvP Defense (old stat) passive skills.
  5. Colorweaver ?

    Where did you find the announcement regarding the NA name for the class PAINTER?
  6. Aion 7.0 vs. 6.5 Skill Effects Comparison (player class skills) 7.0 skills data are from Taiwan 6.5 skills data are from NA Comparison are based on standard game data and not region-customized game data (From what I seen so far, class skills have never been customized by either NA or Taiwan) Includes only max level skills Skills that had been removed from 6.0 may still appear in these charts
  7. Ranger Stigma Blazing Trap Magic or Physical Damage?

    Ranger traps are NPCs with 0 magical attack that deals magical damage. The stats of player summon NPCs are not affected by equipment base stats or skills. Their stats are only affected by equipment bonus stats (including manastones) and cubic stats. In 7.0, Blazing Trap is expected to deal 2912 damage in PvP regardless of gear.
  8. Aion 7.0 vs. 6.5 Skill Effects Comparison (player class skills)

    Some classes skills deal damage indirectly by having the class skill summon an NPC on a target area, and then have the NPC deal damage to enemies using its own NPC skill (have an _N_ in the internal name after the class prefix). There's no way to link these two skills using only game data analysis so I simplly set up the filters not to exclude skills with _N_ in the internal names. Clerics, Painters, Ranger (traps), Spiritmasters (Pet ultra skills), and Sorcer(er/ess) have such type of skills. These NPCs have their own magical attack (10864 magical attack for level 80 characters in 6.5). Stats can only be increased by by bonus stats on equipment (includes manastones) (not base stats) and cubic stats.
  9. Aion 7.0 vs. 6.5 Skill Effects Comparison (player class skills)

    Painter page now have EU English names! Also changelog for other things: add accurate hit, levels for forced block/parry/dodge, EU painter skill names, fix missing petrification effects on painter skills some procatk_instant skills (assassins and templar's) are not affected by magicalpowerboost Add delay ID and SubTypeBoostResist add effect ID to effects and dispels Add DPS and HPS and totals for DOT/HOT effects merge enmitys from 4 effects into one add MagicCounterATK effects add rune burst status effects and stigma type
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 24, 2019

  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 24, 2019

    NCTaiwan doesn't have Luna shop either. Regarding the Daily Luna Material box, here are the probabilities of each material type, but the values are recorded before the most recent Luna recipes update. Will the probabilities be changing after this maintenance with the removal of the free material box? But instance bosses drop a Luna material box now (a different item from the Luna shop one).
  12. When is 7.0?

    In previous updates, deployment occur 2 weeks after the announcement of the update (With the exception of big update 6.0 which we were given 4 weeks advance notice). So most likely, 7.0 deployment will be about 2-4 weeks from now.
  13. EU 7.0 Patch Notes

    You need a Gold Pack to create more than 2 characters on an account in EU...
  14. CUBE Silver & Gold For 7.0

    Aion 7.0 updated Cubic / Cube stat tables
  15. Ragnarok Online had the renewal update that deleted a bunch of (useless) open world maps, and imposed level difference factors on exp gains such that level 100 characters have very few options available for leveling. The difference of exp given out by monsters of similiar level have reduced a lot, and the only way to level up efficiently is to mob up and AOE all of them. (AOE damage in Ragnarok Online do not have enemy number caps unlike Aion do, typically 6) iRO used to run a classic server with pre-renewal server, but it was recently shut down due to the age of the server software. Gravity Interactive basically ran it without any support from their Korean HQ. Ragnarok before renewal was particularly bot-friendly, where bots would just farm at low level maps and eventually hit the level cap there.
  16. Gameforge's 7.0 deployment pushed back to July 24, due to "Critical" issues identified by their QA team https://en.aion.gameforge.com/website/news/general/news_update_7_0_postponed/
  17. Aion 7.0 vs. 6.5 Skill Effects Comparison (player class skills)

    SignetBurst (Rune Burst) uses a different damage formula though. I haven't researched how such damage are calculated, but at least its damage is affected by a ratio depend on level of signet carved on target: Signet Level Damage compared to level 5 signet 1 1 / 7.5 2 1 / 3 3 1 / 1.5 4 1 / 1.25 5 1 / 1
  18. Aion 7.0 vs. 6.5 Skill Effects Comparison (player class skills)

    "AttackDelay" is the internal stat name for Attack Speed increase.
  19. Aion 7.0 vs. 6.5 Skill Effects Comparison (player class skills)

    The removed skills (except SM's Disenchant) are not coming back. Just updated the tables so the removed skills will no longer show up there.
  20. Ranger Stigma Blazing Trap Magic or Physical Damage?

    Blazing Trap Effect Lv 8 7.0 6.5 [Cast Time] 0.5 [AOE] fireball radius 5 SpellATK_Instant Earth Damage 21540 [Conditional Damage] +420% on _Race_PC_Dark, _Race_PC_Light [Critical Rate] 0% [Cast Time] 0.5 [AOE] fireball radius 5 SpellATK_Instant Earth Damage 2174 (20) [Conditional Damage] +650% on _Race_PC_Dark, _Race_PC_Light [Critical Rate] 0%
  21. In the passive skill "Boost Defense / Strengthen Defence Lv 1", the effects are: PVEDefendRatio +1000 PVPDefendRatio +1000 ProcReduceRate +35 So godstone resistance for level 76+ characters should be 3.5% (not 35%)? Looking at a now-removed skill called "Boost Godstone Resistance / Increase Godstone Resistance Lv 1", it has the effects of ProcReduceRate +2 (2 per enchant) - i.e. +0.2% with additional +0.2% per enchantment
  22. Pandora vs Voidsoul

    In 7.0, Tier 2 legendary PvE gear will have a little bit higher base stats than Tier 1 ultimate gear. But They have only 3 retunable stats instead of 4. You can get Tier 2 Legendary PvE gear in Frozen Monolith / Holy Tower, which is the 7.0 equivalent of the 6.0 CoE/GoK.
  23. They won't proc in PvP because of the 35% godstone resistance of level 76+ players Haven't tested their damage in PvE yet
  24. Paralysis Godstones. Especially when used by dual wielding classes with high attack speed. (Offhand godstone have halved proc rates). Since 6.0, level 76+ characters have +35% godstone resistance. The newly revamped minions work similarly to godstones in the past, but the equivalent of a paralyze godstone did not return in this form. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4.x and earlier gears: +10 is not a safe zone. If enchantment fails at +10, it goes down to +9. Also during 3.x and earlier, you had a whole bunch of different leveled stones eating away a huge chunk of your inventory space. When endgame gear was level 65 eternals, you needed level 95+ enchantment stones in order to get the best success rate for enchantment, which were very rare.
  25. Legendary Transform from a 62 Type Contract ?

    Transformation contract gacha rates The data collected from production servers are limited. Not one of the white contracts or cash shop contracts have recorded a Legendary transform pull on production servers so far.