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  1. But you will have nowhere to move your opposite characters!
  2. My last time opening Luna daily S grade bundle was on 2021-01-02. Opened 30 bundles and got 10 Grade A-C minium bundles. Luna Bundle Contents
  3. Past +20, each additional enchantment grants +1 HP. Paragon / Extreme equipment are referred as infinity equipment in all of the internal names, for example: enchant_destruction_Finality_world_bm (for enchantment success rate data) world_bm_matter_enchant_f_infinity (for type of enchantment stone) T3_80A_INFINITY_A02_F_(weapon type) (for stat gains from enchantment) (equipment type)_infinity01_all_f3_a_80a (for the Paragon equipment items) Despite with the outcry from the Korean players, with how crappy these success and critical failure rates are, that change
  4. GMs don't need +20 Paragon gears (or any gear at all) to kill you. They have 3 skills do 10,000,000 base magical damage! (2,340,000 to 3,120,000 damage in PvP depends on class) (Might not be affected by magic attack stat becuase it does not use shards) {QA} Loki is an Assassin (90 knowledge)
  5. Arena of Discipline ladder was reset last Wednesday and matchmaking ratings of all players have been reset to 2000. If you have not completed 5 matches (empty arenas do not count) you are unranked and do not qualify for seasonal rewards. Most likely your opponent is unranked as well. Most people end up cramming their 5 matches in the last week so they can qualify for Arena of Discipline seasonal Luna rewards. Need some better rewards to encourage players to play more arenas in the first 3 weeks of the seasons so players can have their matchmaking ratings calibrated a bit better.
  6. https://forum.aion.gameforge.com/forum/thread/805-general-event-discussion/?pageNo=428 Gameforge tried to put on 5x exp for the Solorius event and they could only get 3x too
  7. But what are the chances of pulling these items from the dice gacha?
  8. Loss of the rear barricade should result in a grade of F?
  9. See Spreadsheet Daily / weekly S grade bundles Grade A-C Minium Bundles Luna crafting bundles (e.g. Legendary enchantment stones, Kinah bundles)
  10. Yes, but Gemstone enchantment success rates are changed as follows: +0 -> +1: 100% +1 -> +2: 80% (no corruption chance on failure) +2 -> +3: 80% (no corruption chance on failure) +3 -> +4: 80% (no corruption chance on failure) +4 -> +5: 40% (10% corruption chance on failure) The rest are unchanged
  11. Look at the sheer number of monsters spawning per round in Contaminated Underpath! Transfectant Crawler on 3rd round: 150 of these things spawn in total! Does these cause big server load? (and their appearance guarantees S grade)
  12. Item Skills (Volkswagen Weapons [Imbued], Consumables, Skin Skills, Mount Skills)
  13. Skill Changes for second part of 7.7 update Introduction of +10 gemstone refinement effects (overwrites +5 version, but contain all of their effects anyway) Many %-based healing effect are changed to flat numbers. Ratios are typically (exceptions apply): 1% Heal -> 1000 HP Heal HP +1% -> HP +500 Abyss rank transformations buffed See other changes in above websites We're going to have another round of of skill changes in 7.7 part 3 Full skill reference available here
  14. These list also contains things not shown in the in-game description Player Class Skills (Asmodian) Player Class Skills (Elyos) Non-player Skills (NPC / monsters / environment / etc.) Minion Skills Polymorph Skills (such as temporary instance transformations). Search "IDBC" for Idgel Dome transformation Abyss Rank Transformations (5th dan and above)
  15. Be mindful of these in Classic: Equipment Enchantment There is no safe spot at +10 - Failure enchantment attempt of +10 equipment will reduce it to +9 Enchantment failure from +11 or higher will still revert enchantment level to +10 There are no such thing as Ultimate Enchantment Stones Use supplements when enchanting +12 or higher equipment! Manastone Socketing Equipment can have up to 6 manastone slots for Fabled (yellow) or greater Upon failure of manastone socketing, ALL manastones already socketed
  16. On Taiwan 命運之神 server (3rd server opened with 7.0 deployment). 14 Asmos on the entire server at 13:57 server time.
  17. Combining 5 legendary transformation and ending up with an ancient? Is it supposed to be possible, even on gameforge?
  18. Spreadsheet Share your snowball openings by posting here.
  19. There are for last year's event. The rates may or may not have changed for this year. Official event page for this year
  20. https://www.aiononline.com/news/frozen-magic-2020 But unlike past events, Snowballs (except BCM ones) and related event items will be deleted once the event is over!
  21. Due to Coupon Collector's Problem, as you have already collected most of the Bitterthoorn pieces for your class from the random boxes, the remaining pieces for your classes will become harder and harder to collect because you will end up getting duplicate gear too (beside the wrong pieces too). Save your orange reagents for the last few pieces
  22. The rune skills have internal names starting with "rune_" and gemstone skills start with "odian_". The rune skills are used for all class so they are found in the "ALL" subpage, while gemstone skills are class specific.
  23. Rune +1 = SkillLevel +1 Rune +2 = SkillLevel +2 Rune +3 = SkillLevel +3 Rune +4 = SkillLevel +4 Rune +5 = SkillLevel +5 Rune +6 = SkillLevel +6 Rune +7 = SkillLevel +8 Rune +8 = SkillLevel +10 Rune +9 = SkillLevel +12 Rune +10 = SkillLevel +14 Rune +11 = SkillLevel +17 Rune +12 = SkillLevel +20 Rune +13 = SkillLevel +23 Rune +14 = SkillLevel +26 Rune +15 = SkillLevel +29 Rune +16 = SkillLevel +32 Rune +17 = SkillLevel +35 Rune +18 = SkillLevel +38 Rune +19 = SkillLevel +42 Rune +20
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