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  1. That's as much defenses as Demaha world bosses! In PvE: Physical skill damage = skill base damage * (1 + (physical_power_boost + pve_power_boost - physical_power_boost_resist) / 1000) Magical skill damage = skill base damage * (KNO / 100 + (magical_power_boost + pve_power_boost - magical_power_boost_resist) / 1000) Class base stats (Physical skill damage is not affected by POW) Observation screenshots Skill base damage can be found here
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 19, 2020

    Yamennes have 15,349 physical and magical defenses. Your alts are only good for C grade, which give only a single fragment.
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 19, 2020

    Shattered Abyssal Sprinter (SAS)
  4. There is no entrance to Red Katalam at around 08:15 server time. (The following time are Server times) On Taiwan it's 09:00 to 05:00 (next day) - 20 hours per day On EU it's 11:00 to 16:00 and 18:00 to 01:00 (next day) - 12 hours per day
  5. Get your GoldPack Here...

    Does the above appear for Prestige users ("Truly Free") or only the F2P users ("Truly Free") see that? ENU: STR_F2P_ACCOUNT_BRONZE Truly Free STR_F2P_ACCOUNT_FREE Truly Free STR_F2P_ACCOUNT_FULLSUBSCRIPTION Truly Free STR_F2P_ACCOUNT_SILVER Truly Free STR_F2P_ACCOUNT_TRIAL Truly Free ENG: STR_F2P_ACCOUNT_BRONZE Veteran STR_F2P_ACCOUNT_FREE Starter STR_F2P_ACCOUNT_FULLSUBSCRIPTION Gold User STR_F2P_ACCOUNT_SILVER Veteran STR_F2P_ACCOUNT_TRIAL Starter
  6. The game is broken for new players

    In the meantime, besides getting Blood Marks, you should absolutely try to get these done every week on your main character too Collect at least 600 Genesis Crystals per week so you can: Buy 5 PvP Enchantment Stone boxes Buy 5 PvE Enchantment Stone boxes Craft 1 Daevanion Skill Extra Genesis Crystals: buy PvP gear to extract for Fighting Spirit Fragments Collect at least 120 Stelliums per week: Buy 5 Legendary Enchantment Stone tickets Buy Silver Cubics that include Physical/Magical Attack Get AP by using up all your Herelym Mine entries 480,000 needed to buy Daevanion Mark of Knowledge Get EXP for extraction Use up all your Luna instance daily and weekly entries Save all Luna materials on your main(s) for the 75% success Legendary PvP Enchantment Stone boxes Do the 4x2 Lakrum 20-mob quests that award lots of EXP Also gives: Genesis Crystals Grade B-C Miniums Bronze Cubics that include Physical/Magical Attack Burn all your PvP battlegrounds entries (Dredgion, Idgel Dome, Evergale) Get additional PvP enchantment stones. Each bag is 90% chance of 3x ancient and 10% chance of 1x legendary Legendary and Ultimate Etiums AP Grade A-C Minium Do NOT quick entry if at all possible! Make or join parties similar to "ID Yolo" or something Participate in fortress sieges Legendary PvP Enchantment Stones Genesis Crystals
  7. The game is broken for new players

    Go to Red Katalam, do camp quests that award Legendary Blood Marks, and use them to buy Ultimate (Fierce) Aureate PvP gear to get started
  8. Share your Lugbug daily/weekly bundle openings here! (7.2 Part 2)

    Added 110 openings of daily bundles and 28 openings of weekly bundles, along with the bundles openings from these opened bundles
  9. 7.2 Lugbug Daily/Weekly Rewards Spreadsheet 7.0 version for comparison To start off, I have opened: 517 daily bundles (Lugbug's Suspicious Bundle) 111 weekly bundles (Lugbug's Precious Bundle) There are changes made to the rewards from these structures. The NA 7.2 patch notes only mentioned the daily bundles being adjusted, but the weekly bundle has changed too. Daily: The rewards item list is the same but the gacha rates are not Rates for Grade A Mimiums have been extremely nerfed! In 7.0 it had around 15% of getting 10x A mimiums, in 7.2 it is now down to around 1%! Weekly: No more Manastone Fasteners and Arch Kerubiel minion contracts - these took up around 20% of all weekly lugbug bundles in 7.0 Lugbug's Versatile Dye added Plastic Surgery Ticket (60 mins) added Around 1 in 10 chance These are single-use tickets! The spreadsheet needs more data from bundle openings! Especially: Weekly bundles (Lugbug's Precious Bundle) Ancient Enchantment Stone Bundles (PvE and PvP chances are not equal) Legendary Enchantment Stone Bundles (seems to be 90% PvE / 10% PvP)
  10. Leveling: 1->80 in one minute

    This screenshot was taken during the last week of TW's Jumping Character event. The Jumping Character button appears when enabled on the server. It will disappear when the event is over.
  11. Leveling: 1->80 in one minute

    This is our version. Hey NCWest, that string does not support HTML tags... Once per account. Choose wisely. Same for the TW one a few weeks ago.
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 12, 2020

    We did not get the correct reward amount for coin_pvp_02 (186000414) and wrap_pvp_battle_result_reward_01 (188071553) to the amounts listed in the announcement exceed the max_stack_count of 10,000 and 100 respectively. Please send out additional mails to affected players with: coin_pvp_02 x10,000 coin_pvp_02 x4,000 wrap_pvp_battle_result_reward_01 x32
  13. old godstones

    Some assassins still use an old weapon in one of their hands (likely mainhand, offhand has halved godstone proc rate) to boost auto attack damage (high weapon damage), while getting all Physical Attack stat from the other T2 ultimate weapon. And also the ability to proc godstones (less 3.5% due to passive skill). When dual wielding, only one of the weapons will apply the Base Physical Attack / Magical Attack (Bonus stats, such as tuning and manastones apply from both weapons)
  14. old godstones

    https://maxperiod.github.io/aion/skillcompare/aionskill72avs70/ALL.html Since 6.0, all player characters level 76 or higher have 3.5% Godstone Resistance.
  15. Scheduled Game Update - January 29, 2020

    You can see the actual skill changes here, comparing skills data files between both versions
  16. Gathering In-game Maps (as of 7.2)

    Google drive folder for gathering UserMapPaintings (ump) Place the downloaded .ump files in (Aion installation folder)/UserMapPainting How to open ump map paintings in your Aion Client 1. Open World Map (Default: Shift+M) 2. Click on the Drawing Tool icon at the bottom right corner of the map window 3. click "Save/Open Map Drawing" (Floppy Disk icon) 4. Select "Open Map Drawing" 5. Browse for your desired map painting to open and click "Open" :
  17. Gathering In-game Maps (as of 7.2)

    Updated ENU (US English) folder with 7.2 gathering maps Direct link to ENU folder: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-X5cP_0qMqxgjWEPpFlNAGQ9vAhZqAeh
  18. Gathering maps for Crimson Katalam anyone?

    Sorry for the delay, here you go Aion 7.2 Gathering UserMapPainting's with ENU names How to use downloaded .ump maps with your Aion client
  19. How's the current state of the game?

    That holds true even back in the 4.0-4.7 days of the original Katalam. [4.0 and 7.2] Katalam is where you do quests to get Blood Marks to buy PvP gear. Expected to get PKed many times in the process.
  20. Lady Ciel? Has NCWest forgot about Empyrean Lord Siel by now?

    In Korea everything are written in Hangul... Katalam is 사르판 and Demaha is 드마하.
  21. Best update ever

    Kind of similar to "Auto Battle" in many mobile games.
  22. Enchantment Level (From) Success (+1, +2, +3) Chance of retaining enchantment level (on failure) Chance of +2 (on success) Chance of +3 (on success) +0 100% 5% 13% 5% +1 95% 5% 13% 4% +2 90% 5% 13% 3% +3 80% 10% 8% 2% +4 70% 10% 8% 1% +5 60% 16% 5% +6 50% 20% 5% +7 40% 20% 5% +8 30% 20% 3% +9 20% 20% 1% +10 20% 20% 1% +11 20% 20% 1% +12 20% 20% 1% +13 20% 20% 1% +14 20% 20% 1% These rates apply when using Stigma Enchantment Stones. Source: KR NShop
  23. So Vandals got nerfed?