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  1. New map too big for NA aion

    The new map is the same size as all other field maps. 3.072 × 3.072 km (1.909 × 1.909 miles)
  2. Lugbug's Story quest - Leibo Soul item

    On Taiwan, Leibo Soul Traces box can only be purchased 1 times per week, so that weekly mission can only be completed every third week.
  3. Aion 7.0 vs. 6.5 Skill Effects Comparison (Player skills, NA Edition) In this comparison, the "new" column is NA 7.0 and the "old" column is NA 6.5. The internal class name for Vandal / Painter is PAINTER. We got the skill updates from the 2019-01-30 Korean patch.
  4. Aion 7.0 vs. 6.5 Skill Effects Comparison (Player skills, NA Edition)

    Which skills are missing?
  5. NA <3 new players, kill 1 mob, rest 10min to get full HP

    Most Demaha / Dumaha mobs (Common Frade 2) have 11209 physical defense Regatus Drakans (Common Grade 5) have 13399 physical defense The mobs in that map with 9998 physical defense, I think these are altar guards If you are in Lakrum gear then you do not belong in Demaha / Dumaha. Your effective PvE Physical Attack = Physical Attack + PvE Attack. NA Vandal / Painter gear will be distributed after next week's maintenance.
  6. Skill Changes Applied

    I have confirmed the changes, through skill effects datamine comparison.
  7. Is my storm strike suppose be nerfed?

    Sorcerer nukes have their PvE damage reduced to match PvP damage. (skill damage reduced by the PvP damage reduction from 6.5, then the PvP damage reduction is removed) Completely not explained in the patch notes https://maxperiod.github.io/aion/aionskill70vs65/WIZARD.html
  8. AT nerf

    https://maxperiod.github.io/aion/aionskill70vs65/RIDER.html The PvP damage penalty for these skills have been removed, so damage in PvP is not affected. So the ninja nerf only applies to PvE damage
  9. Drop Rate

    Lakrum monsters not linked to quests and might drop magic crystals: (Don't know if LDF7_Raid mobs drop magic crystals or not) LDF7_E_FanaticAs_80_An Frigida Scout Ambusher / Special Assassin of the 39th Reconnaissance Unit LDF7_E_FanaticFi_80_An Frigida Scout Soldier / Special Fighter of the 39th Reconnaissance Unit LDF7_E_FanaticPr_80_An Frigida Scout Medic / Special Medic of the 39th Reconnaissance Unit LDF7_E_FanaticWi_80_An Frigida Scout Mage / Special Foot Soldier of the 39th Reconnaissance Unit LDF7_E_Octaside_Dark_80_An Shadowtuft Arachna / Black Arachna LDF7_F_Defender_Fighter_Ruins_80_An Ancient Overseer / Ancient Garis LDF7_F_Defender_Mage_Ruins_80_An Ancient Guardian / Ancient Garem LDF7_F_EreshDrakan_As_80_An Frigida Reconaissance Ambusher / Special Assassin of the 39th Spy Squad LDF7_F_EreshDrakan_Fi_80_An Frigida Reconnaissance Soldier / Special Fighter of the 39th Spy Squad LDF7_F_EreshDrakan_Pr_80_An Frigida Reconaissance Medic / Special Medic of the 39th Spy Squad LDF7_F_EreshDrakan_Ra_80_An Frigida Reconnaissance Sniper / Special Sniper of the 39th Spy Squad LDF7_F_EreshDrakan_Wi_80_An Frigida Reconaissance Mage / Special Foot Soldier of the 39th Spy Squad LDF7_F_IronTurtleBaby_80_n Juvenile Cragshell / Small Starturtle LDF7_F_IronTurtle_80_n Cragshell Starturtle / Rockskin Starturtle LDF7_F_SadoFighter_Ruins_80_An Ancient Meizrem / Ancient Mez LDF7_G_EreshDrakan_As_80_An Frigida Scout Raider / Special Assassin of the 39th Surveillance Unit LDF7_G_EreshDrakan_Fi_80_An Frigida Scout Brute / Special Fighter of the 39th Surveillance Unit LDF7_G_EreshDrakan_Pr_80_An Frigida Scout Cultist / Special Medic of the 39th Surveillance Unit LDF7_G_EreshDrakan_Ra_80_An Frigida Scout Deadeye / Special Sniper of the 39th Surveillance Unit LDF7_G_EreshDrakan_Wi_80_An Frigida Scout Sorcerer / Special Foot Soldier of the 39th Surveillance Unit LDF7_G_Rafflesia_Sea_80_An Coastal Malodor / Impaling Malodor LDF7_G_Whipworm_80_n Angler Clodworm / Shimmering Blue Clodworm LDF7_Raid_Summon_Fi_80_Ae Frigida Reconnaissance Soldier / Special Fighter of the 39th Spy Squad LDF7_Raid_Summon_Pr_80_Ae Frigida Reconaissance Medic / Special Medic of the 39th Spy Squad LDF7_Raid_Summon_Ra_80_Ae Frigida Reconnaissance Sniper / Special Sniper of the 39th Spy Squad Demaha / Dumaha monsters not linked to quests: (The mobs starting with LDF8_Drop should drop magic crystals. Not sure about the others) LDF8_A_D2_Dionaea_80_An Sunburst Dionae / Sunset Dionae LDF8_A_D2_Fungy_80_n Dale Fungie / Canyon Fungie LDF8_A_D2_Wildboar_80_An Roughskin Rynoce / Rough-fur Rynosaga LDF8_All_D2_ClodWorm_80_An Mutated Clodworm LDF8_All_D2_Slime_80_An Contaminated Slime LDF8_B2_D2_DemonTree_80_An Haunted Tree / Field Spectre LDF8_B2_D2_Ettin_80_An Mischevious Ettin / Troublesome Ettan LDF8_B2_D2_FlowerWorm_80_An Submontane Oculis / Mountain Foot Oculis LDF8_B2_D2_Khimerian_80_An Leafwing Orchadian / Field Chimerian LDF8_B2_D2_Lepisma_80_n Spineback Slink / Sharpmane Slink LDF8_B2_D2_debrie_80_n Submontane Ribbit / Mountain Foot Ribbit LDF8_B3_D2_DemonTree_80_An Mountainside Ghost / Hillside Spectre LDF8_B3_D2_ElementalFire2_80_An Hill Rock Spirit LDF8_B3_D2_Ettin_80_An Violent Ettin / Aggressive Ettan LDF8_B3_D2_FlowerWorm_80_An Red Branch Oculis / Redbranch Oculis LDF8_B3_D2_Khimerian_80_An Mountainside Orchadian / Hillside Chimerian LDF8_B3_D2_Lepisma_80_n Spurred Slink LDF8_B3_D2_Neutl2_80_An Mountainside Klaw / Hillside Myutis LDF8_B3_D2_Rhinoce_80_An Mountainside Rynoce / Hillside Rynosaga LDF8_B3_D2_debrie_80_n Hill Ribbit LDF8_B_D2_DemonTree_80_An Highland Dryad / Highland Spectre LDF8_B_D2_DemonTree_80_drop_An Haunted Forest Spirit / Wandering Field Spectre LDF8_B_D2_ElementalFire2_80_An Highland Rock Spirit / Mountain Rock Spirit LDF8_B_D2_ElementalFire2_80_drop_An Sturdy Rock Spirit / Hard Rock Spirit LDF8_B_D2_Ettin_80_An Highland Ettin / Highland Ettan LDF8_B_D2_Khimerian_80_An Highland Orchadian / Highland Chimerian LDF8_B_D2_Lepisma_80_n Ruby Crested Slink / Raptor Slink LDF8_B_D2_Neutl2_80_An Highland Mutis / Highland Myutis LDF8_B_D2_Neutl2_80_drop_An Highland Klaw LDF8_C_D2_Baku_80_An Spotbacked Baku / Bony Baku LDF8_C_D2_Cellatu_80_An Suhara Lake Cellatu LDF8_C_D2_Corn_80_n Desert Frightcorn LDF8_C_D2_Elementalwater1_80_An Nomadic Ancient Water Spirit LDF8_C_D2_Hiiv_80_n Suhara Lake Airon LDF8_C_D2_Varanus_80_dropn Spineback Vortile / Hard Shell Monitor LDF8_C_D2_Varanus_80_n Rockskin Vortile / Roughscale Monitor LDF8_D_D2_Cellatu_80_An Sandstone Cellatu / Sandspout Cellatu LDF8_D_D2_Centipede_80_n Steeljaw Laupede LDF8_D_D2_Condor_80_An Rough-winged Gryphu LDF8_D_D2_Corn_80_n Suhara Desert Frightcorn LDF8_D_D2_Fox_80_An Suhara Nojolf / Suhara Dustpaw Nojolf LDF8_D_D2_Scorpion_80_An Suhara Scolopen / Suhara Desert Scolopen LDF8_F_D2_Griffo_80_An Sandstorm Griffo / Sand Squall Griffo LDF8_F_D2_Harpy_80_An Desert Virago / Sand Squall Virago LDF8_F_D2_Muta_80_n Sandhell Sylphen / Sand Squall Sylph LDF8_G_D2_Bees_80_An Troublesome Bee Swarm / Pesky Bee Swarm LDF8_G_D2_Displacerbeast_80_An Stinging Maeki / Sharp Maeki LDF8_G_D2_Dragonfly_80_An Skinny Leowasp / Cunning Leowasp LDF8_G_D2_Octaside_80_An Venomtail Arachna Hatchling / Poison Tail Arachna LDF8_G_D2_Salivado_80_An Poisonscale Hornskull / Poisonous Tail Sting Hornskull LDF8_G_D3_Drakan_Wi_80_Ae_Q63007 ST-IX Addict Gott / Nakirush Drakan Goth LDF8_G_D3_Drakan_Wi_80_Ae_Q73007 ST-IX Addict Dikal / Nakirush Drakan Dikall LDF8_G_D3_NPC_Fi_80_Ae_cinema Addicted Daeva Street Fighter / Daeva Mutant Ruffian LDF8_G_D3_NPC_Pr_80_Ae_cinema Addicted Daeva Outlaw / Daeva Mutant Highwayman LDF8_G_D3_Shulack_As_80_Ae_cinema Addicted Shulack Felon / Shulack Mutant Vagabond LDF8_G_D3_Shulack_Gu_80_Ae_cinema Addicted Shulack Shooter / Shulack Mutant Vandal LDF8_H_D2_Cellatu_80_An Waterfall Cellatu LDF8_H_D2_Centipede_80_n Ironthorn Laupede / Steel Thorn Laupede LDF8_H_D2_Condor_80_An Shadowed Gryphu / Defiant Gryphu LDF8_H_D2_Corn_80_n Desert Frightcorn / Blade Thorn Frightcorn LDF8_H_D2_Fellial_80_An Mirage Moonflower LDF8_H_D2_Scorpion_80_An Acidic Scolopen / Acid Scolopen LDF8_I_D2_Lepisma_80_An Ruins Slink LDF8_I_D2_Spaky_80_n Ruins Sparkie LDF8_J2_D2_ElementalWater1_80_An Nomadic Ancient Water Spirit LDF8_J2_D2_Muta_80_An Desert Sylphen LDF8_J2_D2_Neutl2_80_An Volcano Klaw / Volcanic Klaw LDF8_J2_D2_Rottentree_80_An Volcanic Rotron LDF8_J2_D2_Trico_80_An Barkskin Trico / Volcanic Trico LDF8_J_D2_ElementalWater1_80_An Roaming Ancient Fire Spirit / Ancient Fire-Stripe Spirit LDF8_J_D2_Ettin_80_An Mischevious Ettin / Troublesome Ettan LDF8_J_D2_Ettin_80_drop_An Ashfoot Ettin / Embers Ettan LDF8_J_D2_Lobster_80_An Volcano Spineshell / Volcanic Spiner LDF8_J_D2_Lobster_80_drop_An Ashscale Spineshell / Embers Spiner LDF8_J_D2_Muta_80_An Volcano Sylphen / Volcanic Sylph LDF8_J_D2_Neutl2_80_An Volcano Klaw / Volcanic Klaw LDF8_J_D2_Rottentree_80_An Volcanic Rotron LDF8_J_D2_Scorpion_80_n Poison Sac Scolopen / Poisonsac Scolopen LDF8_J_D2_Trico_80_An Barkskin Trico / Volcanic Trico LDF8_J_D2_Varanus_80_n Volcano Vortile / Volcanic Monitor LDF8_K3_D2_Displacerbeast_80_An Geyser Maeki LDF8_K3_D2_ElementalWater1_80_An Nomadic Ancient Fire Spirit / Ancient Wandering Fire Spirit LDF8_K3_D2_Stonegolem_80_An Burnt Ametgolem / Burned Ametgolem LDF8_K3_D2_Worm_80_An Emberflame Clodworm / Flame Clodworm LDF8_K4_D2_Displacerbeast_80_An Volcano Cliff Maeki / Volcanic Cliff Maeki LDF8_K4_D2_Rottentree_80_An Ashwind Rotron LDF8_K4_D2_Stonegolem_80_An Ashwind Ametgolem LDF8_K4_D2_Unicorn_80_An Volcano Cliff Zefirun / Volcanic Cliff Grisko LDF8_K_D2_Elementalwater1_80_An_02 Roaming Ancient Fire Spirit / Ancient Fire-Stripe Spirit LDF8_K_D2_Elementalwater1_80_drop_An Roaring Ancient Water Spirit / Ancient Roaring Water Spirit LDF8_K_D2_OctasideRe_80_An Venomtail Arachna Hatchling / Poison Tail Arachna LDF8_K_D2_OctasideRe_80_drop_An Ashfoot Arachna / Embers Arachna LDF8_K_D2_Octaside_80_An Venomtail Arachna Hatchling / Poison Tail Arachna LDF8_K_D2_Octaside_80_drop_An Volcanic Springs Arachna / Volcanic Spring Arachna LDF8_K_D2_Rottentree_80_An Scorched Ash Rotron / Smoke Branch Rotron LDF8_K_D2_Unicorn_80_An Ashfoot Zefirun / Ember Grisko LDF8_K_D2_Varanus_80_An Ashfoot Vortile / Ember Monitor LDF8_K_D2_Varanus_80_dropn Volcano Varanus / Volcanic Spring Monitor LDF8_K_D2_Varanus_80_n Ashfoot Vortile / Ember Monitor LDF8_K_D2_Worm_80_An Firey Clodworm / Fire Clodworm LDF8_Mission_Drakan_Fi02_80_An Remembered Matara / Matara's Underling LDF8_Mission_Drakan_Ra02_80_An Remembered Matara / Matara's Underling LDF8_Mission_Drakan_Wi02_80_An Remembered Matara / Matara's Underling LDF8_Mission_LGuard_As01_80_Ah Remembered Matara / Matara's Underling LDF8_OP_M_Evileye_80_An Gates of Joy Surveillance Orb / Gate of Satisfaction Monitoring Machine LDF8_StellaGuard_Fi_80_An Suspicious Stellusia Mercenary / Strange Stellusia Mercenary LDF8_StellaGuard_Fi_80_An_Q63005 Stellusia Taskmaster Derek / Stellusia Foreman Derek LDF8_StellaGuard_Fi_80_An_Q73005 Stellusia Taskmaster Manis / Stellusia Foreman Mannis LDF8_StellaGuard_Fi_drop_80_An Suspicious Stellusia Mercenary LDF8_StellaGuard_Gu2_80_An Suspicious Stellusia Mercenary / Strange Stellusia Mercenary LDF8_StellaGuard_Gu2_drop_80_An Suspicious Stellusia Mercenary LDF8_StellaGuard_Gu_80_An Suspicious Stellusia Mercenary / Strange Stellusia Mercenary LDF8_StellaGuard_Gu_drop_80_An Suspicious Stellusia Mercenary LDF8_StellaGuard_Ri_80_An Suspicious Stellusia Mercenary / Strange Stellusia Mercenary LDF8_StellaGuard_Ri_drop_80_An Suspicious Stellusia Mercenary LDF8_drop_A_D2_Dionaea_80_An Flowering Dionae / Terra Dionae LDF8_drop_A_D2_Elementalearth2_80_An Barren Earth Spirit / Infertile Earth Spirit LDF8_drop_A_D2_Fungy_80_n Thicket Fungie LDF8_drop_A_D2_Spaky_80_n Grassland Sparkie LDF8_drop_A_D2_Tricorn_80_n Grassland Trico LDF8_drop_A_D2_Wildboar_80_An Thicket Rynoce / Thicket Rynosaga LDF8_drop_All_D2_ClodWorm_80_An Stinking Clodworm / Foul-smelling Clodworm LDF8_drop_All_D2_Slime_80_An Reeking Slime / Stinking Slime LDF8_drop_B_D2_Ettin_80_An Highland Ettin / Gentle Highlands Ettan LDF8_drop_B_D2_FlowerWorm_80_An Bloody Oculis / Blood Oculis LDF8_drop_B_D2_Khimerian_80_An Cliff Orchadian / Cliff Chimerian LDF8_drop_B_D2_Lepisma_80_n Cliff Slink LDF8_drop_B_D2_Rhinoce_80_An Grassland Rynoce / Grassland Rynosaga LDF8_drop_B_D2_debrie_80_n Cliff Ribbit LDF8_drop_B_D3_Lega_As_80_Ae Drakan Assassin Patrol / Wandering Rega Drakan Assassin LDF8_drop_B_D3_Lega_Fi_80_Ae Drakan Warrior Patrol / Wandering Rega Drakan Fighter LDF8_drop_B_D3_Lega_Pr_80_Ae Drakan Medic Patrol / Wandering Rega Drakan Medic LDF8_drop_B_D3_Lega_Wi_80_Ae Drakan Mage Patrol / Wandering Rega Drakan Battle Mage LDF8_drop_C_D2_Baku_80_An Crooked Hoof Baku / Crooked-hoof Baku LDF8_drop_C_D2_Cellatu_80_An Waterfall Cellatu LDF8_drop_C_D2_Corn_80_n Brittle Frightcorn / Spongy Frightcorn LDF8_drop_C_D2_Elementalwater1_80_An Nomadic Ancient Water Spirit LDF8_drop_C_D2_Hiiv_80_n Suhara Lake Airon LDF8_drop_D_D2_Cellatu_80_An Waterfall Cellatu LDF8_drop_D_D2_Centipede_80_n Steelscale Laupede LDF8_drop_D_D2_Condor_80_An Rough-winged Gryphu LDF8_drop_D_D2_Corn_80_n Suhara Desert Frightcorn LDF8_drop_D_D2_Criton_80_An Stonescale Crynac / Scaled Kraton LDF8_drop_D_D2_Fellial_80_An Desert Moonflower / Roughsand Moonflower LDF8_drop_D_D2_Fox_80_An Suhara Nojolf LDF8_drop_D_D2_Kalnif_80_An Suhara Karnif / Suhara Desert Karnif LDF8_drop_D_D2_Scorpion_80_An Backscale Scolopen / Hard-shell Scolopen LDF8_drop_E_D3_Snoowa_Fi_80_Ae Apmaha Fighter Scout / Wandering Wasteland Snuwa Warrior LDF8_drop_E_D3_Snoowa_Pr_80_Ae Apmaha Healer Scout / Wandering Wasteland Snuwa Healer LDF8_drop_E_D3_Snoowa_Ra_80_Ae Apmaha Assassin Scout / Wandering Wasteland Snuwa Attacker LDF8_drop_E_D3_Snoowa_Wi_80_Ae Apmaha Shaman Scout / Wandering Wasteland Snuwa Shaman LDF8_drop_F_D2_Griffo_80_An Sandstorm Griffo / Sandspout Griffo LDF8_drop_F_D2_Griffon_80_An Sandstorm Griffon / Sandspout Griffon LDF8_drop_F_D2_Harpy_80_An Desert Virago / Sandspout Virago LDF8_drop_F_D2_Muta_80_n Sandhell Sylphen / Sand Squall Sylph LDF8_drop_F_D2_SandShark_80_An Dunefin Zanthay / Sandstorm Zanthay LDF8_drop_F_D2_Vampire_80_An Abyssal Dunes Spirit / Sand Squall Spirit LDF8_drop_G_D2_Bees_80_An Swift Bee Swarm / Wandering Bee Swarm LDF8_drop_G_D2_Displacerbeast_80_An Desert Maeki LDF8_drop_G_D2_Dragonfly_80_An Desert Leowasp LDF8_drop_G_D2_Octaside_80_An Desert Arachna LDF8_drop_G_D2_Salivado_80_An Poisonscale Hornskull / Poisonous Tail Sting Hornskull LDF8_drop_G_D3_Drakan_Fi_80_Ae Wandering Drakan Street Fighter / Wandering Drakan Ruffian LDF8_drop_G_D3_Drakan_Pr_80_Ae Wandering Drakan Outlaw / Wandering Drakan Highwayman LDF8_drop_G_D3_Drakan_Wi_80_Ae Wandering Drakan Miscreant / Wandering Drakan Tramp LDF8_drop_G_D3_NPC_Fi_80_Ae Wandering Daeva Street Fighter / Wandering Daeva Ruffian LDF8_drop_G_D3_NPC_Pr_80_Ae Wandering Daeva Outlaw / Wandering Daeva Highwayman LDF8_drop_G_D3_Shulack_As_80_Ae Wandering Shulack Felon / Wandering Shulack Thug LDF8_drop_G_D3_Shulack_Gu_80_Ae Wandering Shulack Shooter / Wandering Shulack Vandal LDF8_drop_I_D2_Baku_80_An Stoneback Baku / Hardshell Baku LDF8_drop_I_D2_Criton_80_An Gray Slink / Grey Slink LDF8_drop_I_D2_Lepisma_80_An Gray Slink / Grey Slink LDF8_drop_I_D2_Lobster_80_An Desert Spiner LDF8_drop_I_D2_Spaky_80_n Ruins Sparkie LDF8_drop_J_D2_ElementalWater1_80_An Roaming Ancient Fire Spirit / Ancient Fire-Stripe Spirit LDF8_drop_J_D2_Muta_80_An Volcano Sylphen / Volcanic Sylph LDF8_drop_J_D2_Neutl2_80_An Volcano Klaw / Volcanic Klaw LDF8_drop_J_D2_Rottentree_80_An Ashscale Rotron / Ember Rotron LDF8_drop_J_D2_Scorpion_80_n Barkskin Scolopen / Iron Scolopen LDF8_drop_J_D2_Trico_80_An Dawnheart Trico / Dawn Light Trico LDF8_drop_J_D2_Varanus_80_n Stoneback Vortile / Angry Monitor LDF8_drop_K_D2_Displacerbeast_80_An Scorched Maeki / Smoke Maeki LDF8_drop_K_D2_ElementalWater1_80_An Roaming Ancient Fire Spirit / Ancient Fire-Stripe Spirit LDF8_drop_K_D2_Rottentree_80_An Burning Rotron / Fire Rotron LDF8_drop_K_D2_Stonegolem_80_An Firey Ametgolem / Blazing Ametgolem LDF8_drop_K_D2_Unicorn_80_An Ashfoot Zefirun / Ember Grisko LDF8_drop_K_D2_Varanus_80_An Ashfoot Vortile / Ember Monitor LDF8_drop_K_D2_Worm_80_An Firey Clodworm / Blaze Clodworm LDF8_drop_K_D3_Lega_As_80_Ae Pavilak Elite Searcher Patrol / Wandering Fabelsag Drakan Superior Searcher LDF8_drop_K_D3_Lega_Fi_80_Ae Pavilak Elite Fighter Patrol / Wandering Fabelsag Drakan Superior Fighter LDF8_drop_K_D3_Lega_Pr_80_Ae Pavilak Elite Priest Patrol / Wandering Fabelsag Drakan Superior Medic LDF8_drop_K_D3_Lega_Wi_80_Ae Pavilak Elite Mage Patrol / Wandering Fabelsag Drakan Superior Battle Mage
  10. Aion: Mark of the Vandal Known Issues - August 21

    Skills that deal damage indirectly by summoning an NPC (Pets, SummonSkillArea, etc.) that will use its own skills to deal damage: NPCs have their own stats, which has been increased with the 7.0 update in account for tier 2 gear stat increases Spiritmaster All Spirits Physical Attack 14134 Accuracy 9051 Magic Attack 14134 Magic Accuracy 9015 Physical Defense 11085 Magic Defense 11085 Earth Spirit HP 51482 Water Spirit HP 21421 Fire Spirit HP 42814 Wind Spirit HP 34254 Tempest Spirit HP 53591 Vandal / Painter Chroma Bomb / Colour Bomb Lv 12 Physical Attack 14134 In 6.5, for Spiritmaster spirits, Cleric damage servants, and Sorcerer Summon Tornado and Ice Sheet, they all had 10864 magical attack. I will need to test them in 7.0, but expecting them to have 14134 magical attack like other summons. Ranger Traps deal magical damage and they had 0 magical attack in 6.5. (not yet tested in 7.0) Haven't tested magical attack yet for Cleric servants and Sorcerer SummonSkillArea skills Summoned NPC stats are Affected by equipment bonus stats (not base stats) and manastones on the player Affected by Cubic / Cube stat bonuses Affects by buffs that target that NPC specifically (example: Armor Spirit and Elemental Spirit Armor for spiritmaster pets) Not affected by the player's PvE Attack / PvP Attack Not affected by skills that affect only the player (such as buffs on the player, passive skills) They do not have the +100% PvE/PvP Attack/Defense (Pre-6.0 stat) that level 76+ players have Damage from these pets are reduced by PvE Defense, not PvP Defense (tested in 6.5) Damage against these pets are increased by PvE Attack, not PvP Attack (tested in 6.5)
  11. Scheduled Game Update - August 21, 2019

    While we are waiting for the incomplete version of 7.0 deployment maintenance being completed...
  12. Boo instrumental of Two Worlds

    ENU\sounds\music (localization data for NA) contains an extra soundtrack file "login_bgm-main.ogg" which overrides the standard login soundtrack above, with a karaoke track. That file is not present in Taiwan and Europe's localization data: CHT\Sounds\music (localization data for Taiwan) DEU\Sounds\music (localization data for EU German) ENG\Sounds\music (localization data for EU English) FRA\Sounds\music (localization data for EU French) Now is the question: Why did NA override login_bgm-main.ogg with a karaoke version of the song?
  13. Questions about 7.0/Stream

    Vandal / Painter skills preview New skill effects: targetchannelling: You must maintain a laser on your target in range in order to keep the skill effects active. Your movement speed is decreased by specified amount. Ends early if you use another skill, item, or you get stunlike'd. OnetimeGetBoostedDamage: Damage received by target are increased by specified percentage. HealAndFireONZeroHP: Prevent death once and restore your HP by amount. Optionally may trigger a skill. SkillATKDrain: Physical damage over time, with optional life leech. SummonChannellingArea: Looks like to be similar to SummonSkillArea (An untargetable NPC summoned on target area. The NPC uses its own skills), but requires to be maintained in range with a laser.
  14. Questions about 7.0/Stream

    Still 1/2s cast time even with the 2019-01-30 update
  15. Questions about 7.0/Stream

    Are 2019-01-30 skill updates included in our 7.0 deployment this Wednesday? Taiwan's 7.0 includes that skill update patch.
  16. Gameplay suggestions

    A fully sandboxed game is a bot haven.
  17. Aion: Mark of the Vandal update livestream

    How can that be in the case when Aion is included in NCSoft's financials reports?
  18. [Question] Asking is there any Hong Kong players in the same situation as me? (Chinese) Various players from Hong Kong (And a few from Taiwan itself) were reporting that since last week's maintenance they are unable to play on Aion [TW]. Specially, after the Aion client loaded it "Could not connect to the authorization server" thus unable to play. Looked like authorization server was blocking all overseas IPs including Hong Kong and Macau area, so a Hong Kong user who tried from HKBN and PCCW had to use VPN to get in. One people even used a 2-hour free trial of a VPN to do IDD instance. If it is underground communication cable then it should be everything in Taiwan area not be connectable, and not just Aion. And according to a player, same account, same launcher, could login to Lineage 2 [TW] and Blade and Soul [TW], but not Aion [TW] (authorization server not connectable). And their 1:1 inquiries with the E-Box were not getting replies. No protection for paying customers, in Hong Kong and Macau the top up system was working but they could not deliver their service, and there are no return mechanism. As of the latest post, some person has been unable to connect to Aion [TW] for 5 days. NCTaiwan claimed their server was working fine, telling players to check their own connection. Telling players to check NCTaiwan's network connections? Players are feeling that nobody are looking at TW's servers... The only official notice NCTaiwan made was Notice of suspension of Customer Service center activities: [Note: Northeast Taiwan was hit by a Magnitude 6 earthquake before threat of Typhoon Lekima] [Note: Since last maintenance I am getting same "Could not connect to the authorization server" too as I was trying to bring 7.0 information to you guys] [Note: I just connected to Aion TW]
  19. Crucible Spire seems a bit... hard

    The highest floor I've ever made to was 12. That was my spiritmaster with red Pandora weapon/armor and almost all ancient accessories. It was basically completely carried by the spirit (Armor Spirit have massive magic acc bonus) and its +650% damage bonuses against races "Asmodian Daeva" and "Elyos Daeva" (for some reason, all mobs there are considered as either "Asmodian Daeva" or "Elyos Daeva") Crucible mobs in 7.0 have much lower defense/dodge/magic resist and much higher HP. Haven't tested whether they are still considered "Asmodian Daeva" or "Elyos Daeva" so far. Details of spiritmaster skills
  20. See Spreadsheet Want to share your openings of Ice Gem chests? Post the exact number of Ice Gems obtained for each chest you opened here, similar to what is on the Data Collection tab.
  21. sorc vs. anything but

  22. IMPORTANT: for the new class

    Vandal's class prefix is PA.
  23. End of the World 6.5 event stats (Probabilities of # of Ice Gems per chest)

    Thank you, add to spreadsheet!
  24. End of the World 6.5 event stats (Probabilities of # of Ice Gems per chest)

    Thanks! Your runs have been added to the spreadsheet!