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  1. 7.5 INFO HERE NOW !

    And botted to hell Since the trend being set with 7.x is to move world maps to hourglass (stamina) cross server zones, do you think there will be possibilty to see Red Sarpan + Red Tiamaranta (deleted in 4.8), Tiamaranta's Eye (not deleted but event only), or even South Rakhan (deleted in 1.0) as part of the cross server map rotation in the future?
  2. Stigma Enchantment Data (+11 stigmas, 164 stones used)

    Where can you find that on the KR Aion website? Is there any updated table for up to +15?
  3. Enchantment Rates - NOT HAPPY

    Enchantment rates from +8 onwards (The left table in red applies to us) Stigma enchantment rates for up to +8
  4. Vote Jake for NCsoft NA

  5. Demaha mobs are too tough for me !!!

    Demaha 4-dot mobs (Rega included) have as much defenses as first boss of Primeth Forge Hard Mode
  6. Gathering In-game Maps (as of 7.2)

    Google drive folder for gathering UserMapPaintings (ump) Place the downloaded .ump files in (Aion installation folder)/UserMapPainting How to open ump map paintings in your Aion Client 1. Open World Map (Default: Shift+M) 2. Click on the Drawing Tool icon at the bottom right corner of the map window 3. click "Save/Open Map Drawing" (Floppy Disk icon) 4. Select "Open Map Drawing" 5. Browse for your desired map painting to open and click "Open" :
  7. 7.5 INFO HERE NOW !

    Kekekelio has added datamine for infinity gear success / destruction chances on English powerbook. ( Success chance % | Destruction chance on failure % ) Note that infinity gear needs to be +7 in order to break even with +15 Dark Talon PvP gear. But Past that point, when somebody manages to +8 a piece of infinity gear then it is gg.
  8. 7.5 INFO HERE NOW !

    1.0 patch (Commercial launch of Aion) Deletions Tijerid Central Area Water Field Howling Wilds Ishalgen Wilderness Barat Forge Caverns Great Altamia Plain Kubil Canyon Karoon Mountain Anatalia Tijerid Fesra Juhdenil Erole Left Tijerid Commercial Area Right Tijerid Commericial Area Vein of Flame SOUTH RAKHAN Additions Poeta Ishalgen Altgard Verteron Eltnen Heiron Morheim Beluslan Sanctum Pandaemonium Theobomos (1.5?) Brusthonin (1.5?)
  9. Stigma Enchantment Data (+11 stigmas, 164 stones used)

    Here are my old tests back in 6.2 EU PTS, for success rates up to +8: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1O254fnJhHMfMjvso9YYkOCZ8K6rODuVr_MPvYll-2u4/edit#gid=269709311
  10. 7.5 INFO HERE NOW !

    No world maps deleted in 7.0 2.0 patch: Additions Inggison Gelkmaros Silentera Canyon 3.0 patch: Additions Sarpan Tiamaranta Tiamaranta's Eye 4.0 patch: Additions Katalam Danaria Indian Deaths / Katalam Underground 4.7 patch: Additions Levinshor / Akaron Kaldor 4.8 patch: Deletions North Katalam Danaria / South Katalam Sarpan Tiamaranta Indian Deaths / Katalam Underground Additions Cygnea / Signia Enshar / Vengar Indian Deaths / Katalam Underground (Elyos) Indian Deaths / Katalam Underground (Asmodian) 5.0 patch: Additions Iluma / Esterra Norsvold / Nosra 6.0 patch: Deletions Eltnen Verteron Theobomos Morheim Altgard Brusthonin Levinshor / Akaron Kaldor Indian Deaths / Katalam Underground (Elyos) Indian Deaths / Katalam Underground (Asmodian) Iluma / Esterra Norsvold / Nosra Additions Lakrum 7.0 patch Additions Demaha / Dumaha 7.2 patch Additions Red Katalam (North) Red Danaria / Red Katalam (South) 7.5 patch: Deletions Cygnea / Signia Enshar / Vengar.
  11. China to regulate online gaming habits

    Here's my own chinglish translation to the image mentioning to the proposal: 1. Execute online game account real name registration policy From this, <<Notice>> request strict real name registration, all online game user must use valid identity documents in order to process game account registration 2. Strictly regulate non-adult-aged persons using online game time duration Require everyday 22:00 to next day 08:00 cannot provide game services to non-adult-aged persons, statutory holidays limit 3 hours per day, other days limit 1.5 hours per day 3. Regulate on providing paid services to non-adult-aged persons Regulate game service businesses cannot provide paid services to users under 8 years of age Same game service business providing game paid services: Users between 8 and 16 years of age: Single top up cannot exceed 50 RMB Total monthly topup amount cannot exceed 200 RMB Users 16 years of age or older who are not adult aged: Single top up cannot exceed 100 RMB Total monthly topup amount cannot exceed 400 RMB 4. Execute increased enforcement on businesses 5. Explore executing age guidance policy 6. Strongly guiding parents, schools etc. society various forces of power on non adult aged persons monitoring and protection policy responsibilities, helping non adult aged persons get a proper online game spending view and behavior patterns Issued by Xinhua agency (Registration for mainland China Aion requires real Chinese name and Chinese identification card number. That information is also used to determine whether anti-addiction system apply or not) Also, https://forums.aiononline.com/topic/5953-chinawhofailed-of-lineage-m-problems-ncsofts-future-is-not-so-bright/
  12. Chanter Skills effects These mobs have 11209 physical/magical defenses Blessing of Wind - 1848 Magical Wind damage Pledge of Earth / Oath of Earth - 1890 Magical Earth damage Back in pre-Refly (6.0) days, these skills had always been affected by Magic Boost. Chanter staffs have Magic Boost so the proc damage of these skills were much higher than tooltip damage. In 7.0, the PvE damage of these two have been increased to match the PvP damage. (base damage doubled, 200% PvP modifier removed) Good luck getting a magic attack set on your chanter. For PvE you will need to solo heal PF and IDD. Not yet known if Magic Attack still affects these two skill sin 7.2. Procatk_Instant skills: Affected by Magic Attack unless the skill's target_relation_restriction = "friend" Procatk_Instant skills that are not affected by Magic Attack: Extermination of the Balaur / Annihilation of the Balaur Divine Fury Apply Lethal Venom Scoundrel's Bond / Dagger Oath Not affected by the Magic Crit stat Not affected by movement modifiers Do not use shards (Aethertech's Detonating Shot / Loaded Cannon Fire uses shards but is not a proc-on-attk skill, not tested)
  13. Demaha mobs are too tough for me !!!

    Normal Demaha and Red Katalam mobs have 11209 physical/magical defenses Regatus Drakans (80 Genesis Crystals, Mop-up, Solving Mermomas quest), Stellusia Mercenaries, and Red Katalam camp bosses have 13399 physical/magical defenses
  14. 7.5 INFO HERE NOW !

  15. 7.5 INFO HERE NOW !

    Nothing announced so far. And additionally I don't have a KR account, so I won't be able to provide a datamine comparison until 7.5 lands on either TW or EU (or NA if they managed to get it that fast, but basically impossible).
  16. 7.5 INFO HERE NOW !

    That's the infinite weapon: https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Item/101550264 It has lower starting stats than other equipment. It starts with only 1 manastone slot and no PvE/PvP stats. It can be brokered. Infinite enchantment stones appears to be only usable on infinite equipment.
  17. Stigma Enchantment Data (+11 stigmas, 164 stones used)

    Their version of Stigma Enchantment events (no +9 safe spot) (The table on the left side is base success rates i.e. our rates) Stigma enchantment event on Taiwan was just as bad (Chinese) 2,000 tries, seen +11 twice 900 tries, no +10 Time to go back to mainland China server
  18. 7.5 INFO HERE NOW !

    Apparently this is the new tier for beginner PvP gear? (Weapon costs 800 Genesis Crystal, Cradle of Eternity skin, almost same stats as non-intense ultimate Blood Mark gear) Contains new list of items directly purchasable with Genesis Crystals
  19. 7.5 INFO HERE NOW !

    People actually liked Cygnea and Enshar? I am actually glad to see these maps deleted, the linear layout is absolutely horrible, practically a flat piece of land with no place to glide, and things are spread out far apart
  20. 7.5 INFO HERE NOW !

    Lots of +34's, even more +33's, even even more +32's, even even even more +31's, ... have been destroyed in the quest for +35...
  21. 7.5 INFO HERE NOW !

    Still not known yet: Stat gains on amplification Success rate on overenchantment Chance of item destruction on overenchantment failure

    That would be this spreadsheet? So NCTaiwan's and Gameforge event page saying +8 -> +9 is 30% base chance, and the spreadsheet says 20% chance, the success rate tester (me) was having bad RNG?
  23. 7.5 INFO HERE NOW !

    Official update notice (Korean) Link to the "Fast Translation" by Yuki#0009
  24. Drop buff my ***

  25. How to get Stigmas in 7.0?

    About 10% chance from a Lugbug weekly bundle