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  1. rng rate on Crafted Gear

    AtlorgaurunusToday at 13:14 wanted to know if the 5% craft buff when you have an estate works on the current aetherforming craft. Or it was just in the old craft system that aion had and was removed. GM LindiviorToday at 19:30Hello, Thank you for contacting Aion Game Support Team. As for your inquiry, the 5% increase chance of getting a greater output when crafting when you have an Estate is still in effect. Hope this clarifies your inquiry. If you have other questions, please contact us back. Regards, GM Lindivior NCSOFT Support Team yes its work
  2. @Cyan thank the team's attitude in listening to their customers
  3. pandora gear

    so I realized the statuses are better than coe gear, but pve attack is worse
  4. pandora gear

    Compensates to invest time in this new gear