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  1. Truth about 6.0

    get the statistics, people voting 3.0, 4.0 are players who started late.. ask old players , 1.5 is best when Aion launched, massive rifts pvp, abyss, siege.. Then 2.0, elite pvp gears, large group farming npc and pvp for AP at Inggison and Gelkmaros. That was the best experience for me, and I spent time exploring all the maps , "cruising" around the maps relax, chatting with friends, having fun (I think others do that too). First Aion development team from Lineage 2, look at the earlier maps poeta, eltnen, and so on. The massive time took to design those maps, the details, grass, weathers, wind blow, tree and grass movements, character expression and many more you could say.... I salute to the development team, their passion and hard work in creating these content so I can experience it. Until today, I still having all the screenshot for the moment in Aion. Started since launch, I purchased anything i could to support the game, collector edition, subscription etc. I really enjoy and appreciate the content, maps, musics, character customization, UI and stuffs, can play for days without sleeping. After the original development team left, later content and maps become less creative, and poorly design. Hacks, bots, gold farmers ruining the game, adding in P2W totally break the game. I understand the company needs solution to survive (operating cost and salary) or to earn profit but this is too much. I come to take a look at the latest content, find it disappointing, removing all the old maps and content to cut operating cost for the server. Force everyone to transform into animals penguin, panda, bear. Personally felt like seizing our memories and history is lost! haha I will remember the moments in Aion and Aion will never be the same again.