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  1. Sorry, correct me if I'm wrong but I didn't see him using food or a transform in that screenshot. So I'm assuming both of those + chanter mantras will elevate that by 100-200, easily. Also sorcs have two (? I haven't played sorc since 4.x so I'm not sure of the changes to the skills this patch) super reliable skills that give even more magic accuracy. I think it's reasonable. Also @Unbeatable-KT he won't respond with a dps meter. I don't think he has it, and that's why he's ignoring your posts at this point.
  2. When you start fighting him there should be lava on the floor. You have to make him stand in it, then he will take damage like usual. If he doesn't have the debuff from the lava you will only hit him for 1 damage per attack no matter what.
  3. Same here! In general, I'm really enjoying the patch. Coming back to Aion after a year is really nice, and the changes are pretty refreshing, though I'm still getting used to some of them. There are some issues I have w/ the patch, but largely they're very minor. The transparent transformation scrolls are one of them. Selling only 1 on bcm for a dollar a pop is pretty insane imo, so hopefully that's adjusted/changed in the future. However, for me, it's definitely minor and not game breaking like it seems to be for a few people on the forums lol.
  4. Whoa, this is terrible. Sorry about that OP. This is honestly unacceptable. NC, you should honestly guarantee at least one ancient contract in these bundles. Sure, they're largely RNG gambling, but if your players are willing to drop hundreds of dollars, this is nothing but a huge burn for them and, likely, they won't be purchasing from the store again... which is something any company should not want to happen. The shop needs a huge update in general, so please look into this as well.
  5. No, you can't own a name, therefore the concept of stealing it does not apply. Unless you have a sort of trademark for it, but considering this is an online game yeah, doesn't work that way. Very generic names were probably taken shortly after the game went live on NA, so a lot of people who decided to use them are likely inactive. You might be able to get one in that case, but if someone with a generic name IS active and well, you won't be able to use it. That's what I'm getting from what Cyan said.
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