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  1. XIGNCODE3 Issue Request Thread

    yea it's worked ,, thank you very much ..
  2. XignCode Error

    Run as administrator .
  3. Cannot Regist XIGNCODE Module

    Run as administrator .
  4. XIGNCODE3 Issue Request Thread

    doesn't work
  5. XIGNCODE3 Issue Request Thread

    ISP Wireless Link Antivirus/Firewall Software Windows 10 defender VPN and External Software None Date & Time sunday, May 27, 2018 ( 9:00 PM UTC ) Frequency Every time I try to launch Aion Description I can no longer launch my game. I run on windows 10 version 1803. I login and click "Play Now", but shortly after the Aion Game Client closes. Only the NCLauncher Model (64 bit) window stays. and xigncode window is not shows up, I checked my Task Manager and it is not running in the background. I also noticed that the XIGNCODE icon is not on my Task Bar.
  6. XIGNCODE3 Issue Request Thread

    when I press "play now" the game logo shows up and nothing happens after that , ( xigncode popup doesn't shows up and the game doesn't run ) ,,, is that same ur issue ?
  7. Hello, I've a problem with my game idk if the client is stupid or my laptop I run the game with medium and high graphics settings ,, my fps is 5-12 BUT!! when I start the game recorder it's jump to 30-45 and the game run smoothly .. today I want to start the recording like everyday when I play Aion but it's won't start and I got this message " the recording was paused bacause there's no enough space " I've more than 500gb free so how can I run and play AIon smoothly without recording ? if that not possible how can I record again ? plz help me I can't play the game in 5 fps and 0 fps when it's crowded from mobs ..
  8. High ping, slow game and run the game in 64-bit ?

    Well I Installed RTL it's dropped 100-150 ms only, not bad with that, the game runing better thx guys for the help ♥
  9. hello there, I moved from EU to NC 10 days ago I reached 69 today BUT !! I've very high ping around 400-700 I'm in Kuwait and my internet connection is good ( 4G Huawei Router download speed is 4 MB/s ) it's far away from the servers I know but is there any way to play Aion ? My ping in EU was 200-300 so I can play normally but here I can't do anything especially in instances and pvp the other question is the game in NC is very slow idk why not like EU I play on low grapichs my system is : Windows 10 pro 64-bit Intel core i7-3537U 2.00 GHz 2.50 GHz 8.00 GB or ram graphics card is Amd readon hd 8730m ( everything is up-to-date ) the fps around 15-20 last question I read some topics here that 64-bit better for reduce the ping so how to run the game in 64-bit ? sorry for bad English and sorry for all these questions .. thank you ♥