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  1. Obtaining pvp gear this patch is supposed to be hard imo Server opened June 23rd, only 2 months! The vast majority of the player base are playing the patch for what it is and getting ready for the next patches where there is dredge, Dark Poeta and upper fort instances...THAT is when obtaining AP becomes easier and can buy the end game gear which is 50e. Why are you guys even rushing and desperately wanting that much AP now when you can enjoy PvP fighting people with equal gear and not just 1-3 shotting people because of gear gap. To me, that is not fun at all. Been there and it ge
  2. I support the idea of a 7 day ban and strip everything that is AP related (weapon, gear, acessories and stigma).
  3. THIS. It is 2021, we don't have the time nor the patience as we did back 2009/2010.
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