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  1. Quiting game

    ty Aieryn i will think on it.thank you for your kindness.
  2. Quiting game

    good point .this is men world.and they always thinking that war games are for boys .girls need to play with their barbies.I hate that reason and thought. therefore I told my gender.
  3. Quiting game

    lion cage is an old term. To understand this you need a good knowledge of history and general culture.you must strive to learn, not to understand. start from the ancient greek and roman gladiator arenas.
  4. Quiting game

    lol I've never read the name before. You're not as famous as you think. very sad.....
  5. Quiting game

    what a funny.nearly you wil play with mobs .you cant find any asmon in game .enjoy
  6. Quiting game

    he said before he was soft quit game also .but he didint say a reason.
  7. Quiting game

    first you must know i am not he .it must be she and second you tell me why you soft quite game ?? what was you problem.and third dont more talk blank more
  8. Quiting game

    It should be easy to talk blank looking from the outside.
  9. Quiting game

    before i never play aion and i was just start to play new and i was dont know that all about aion and servers.i thought new server is good to starter new people.old servers has strong player also.soo in that reason you must know that.there are not all player in ek played before dn or kt servers. please fair a bit
  10. Quiting game

    are you sure ?? you thought that we get all free stuff.ok now listen to me we were just 10 months player ncsoft give us 250m kinnah after merge we went kt we saw that 250 m kinnah is nothing.basicly a mansion going to sell 300-400 m kinnah .:) broker also we have no gear we have nothing.dont think for your side ,you can do empathy.kt server and players nearly 5 years.we are just 10 months.you must know that to make pvp gear prometh is taking time and need much work.lakrum is pvp maps and all quests are in pvp zone.if you have not geared you cant do nothing.get it?now please be a little fair
  11. Quiting game

    special thanks for ncsoft .they desteroy EK players with merge.a lot of ek players was quit after merge we are just few player staying in game.but day by day we see that time to quit.we are just 10 monts player we have no much gear.ncsoft were put us to lion cage.we cant do nothing .quests dailys camps pandora pvp intances all are imposible to do .elyos are strong .they have all (+ game masters too ).good days and good games friends.
  12. when the new event will come

    we need a new event.game going to bored.previous event only worked in ncsoft.the players who payed monet to take scrools they get legendary transformation.it was not a fair event.now we are waiting a new event for players . dont you see game is going to die.
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 5, 2019

    true !! when ncsoft destroying ek players in that reason the winners are just dn and kt server players. glad for you friend
  14. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 5, 2019

    correct .before merge a lot of player was leave after merge the other player leaving game too.i was ek player .when we came kt server kt ppl was took our names and after merge they selling it to us high prize kinnah.we cant get mansions and estates.cuz some smart kt players get mansions with their alt and they selling a mansion 200m-300m . we are realy unhappy to merge.we have no home and no more kinnah now .and i bored to play aion .i dont like my new name i dont like to be homeless i dont like kt server anymore.
  15. Ereshkigal Server Consolidation FAQ

    finaly it is the time of merge.this is our last day in ek . our heart was broke and we are hopeful to future in kt .