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  1. I haven't run into any trouble meeting the other side. *shrug* People are out there. Just gotta run quests long enough to do so. The problem is a lot of the Lakrum rewards were boosted and I think a lot of people are still trying to squeeze as much as they can out of that. (For example, you get cubicles with your weeklies rather than just the stones, and some of the lootable equipment was improved.) You're gonna have a hard time pulling people from that as they try to gear up.
  2. Don't know if this thread is checked anymore, but there's an entire room in the new area that's entirely in Korean. Clicking on the books gives you something like this:
  3. Sorcs in Mass PvP is like a game of ding dong ditch. You throw an ice sheet or flame waltz into a big crowd and run run run run run! (Sadly it works.)
  4. I miss the abyss as well. The complaints about PvP, well....were everywhere. Even the lowbie areas always had some ganker around the corner, and the same PvP farming gangs that never gave you a moment to breathe. At least in the Abyss you were expecting it and could hide in the pure size of it, and were ready to dish some out in return (since the PvP gear was a bit different). Also, the free flight plus the haunting music just kinda pulled the feels out of you. Sometimes I wonder what the game would have looked like if they'd made the old PvP gear Abyss-Only or something... Have it lose
  5. A whack on the head to you for obvious SAO reference. But otherwise you're entirely right. The problem with the Everquest/WoW style gameplay: The whole single-player vs. grouping requirement with no reasonable alternatives to advance your character in level or story. It has happened so many times over and over: New MMO comes out, hype exists, tons and tons of newbies flood the new servers. In the course of this, there's always somebody available to run that "heroic" instance, to do that raid, to advance that story. So as expected, in time all the characters max out to "end
  6. I have been observing various MMOs for decades. I think the old-style of leveling/grouping/raiding that we were introduced to in Everquest, WoW, etc is dying in general. This isn't just about Aion. The games I see active and flourishing with no massive population drops don't go along with this gameplay style. The issue is this: What happens to any and all long running MMOs? The original players all get to the endgame, and other than making an alt or two, stay there. And as time goes by, older players even lose interest in alts. Newer players show up, and get trapped in the conte
  7. Your computer has to download and process information from hundreds of different character models, All of them with custom bodies and faces, and many of them altered with dyes, at a time. And every time new ones pop in? It has to do it all over again. If you're out cruising around Lakrum looking for trouble from the opposite faction, you'll probably only meet at most 10 other character models at a time, and it'll be fine. But if you're in a big crowd, that computer's going to struggle juggling hundreds of them. There are many long-running MMOs that struggle just as hard with newer hardware in
  8. *phew* Thanks so much for the info. I scared myself when it was a "Trade" window.
  9. Having gotten the full set of legendary from the pandora missions, I went ahead and reskinned it with a set from the old-game, since I needed the stats but frankly don't want to be running around in a tutu. Then I realized something. Do I have to trade these in to get the "ultimate" of this set? If so I have just stuck myself, and I suppose I'll have to get all my ultimates from crafting or instances. Can anyone give me some input?
  10. Thanks for the heads up. I was disappointed when it wouldn't let me put my old Jotun's set in there. But I suppose I can re-use the skins over and over.
  11. Like the others said, you no longer need the npc to reskin outfits. There's an option in your menu. There's even a menu option to "save" an item's skin permanently for multiple uses. (I think it only works on cash shop skins, but correct me if I am wrong.) Only thing is, unless you plan on reskinning every 5 minutes, you may want to wait until you hit 80. 1-80 is now like an extended tutorial for when you hit Lakrum, and after that it's about getting better and better gear. I can't describe it any better than that. Even the next major update doesn't have levels added on.
  12. I would love to pieces a "classic server". I also see nothing wrong with a "classic server". But I don't think it'll happen. I think the more likely situation is that the game will pull an Everquest 2 and re-open the "destroyed" areas as "ruined" areas with new content. And the thing that gives me that gut feeling is the fact that they've started putting new content in some of those "rushed through" old areas. The game isn't about a Daeva's journey through the many lands of Atreia anymore. It's about PvP in the various lands of Balaurea. And unless (or until) the story takes s
  13. I was in your shoes about 2 weeks back. Unfortunately a lot of the nostalgia areas are gone. Apparently there was some cataclysm or something and a good number of zones were "destroyed". A lot of the old leveling/quest areas are entirely missing. I've been doing a bit of experimenting with alts and there isn't much other than the old odium vs. odella quests. You're not going to spend hours or days at a particular camp with a bunch of NPCs. You're going to spend a few minutes, an hour at most. Heck, I don't even know if the old group areas still have instances to go after. The remaining ga
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