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  1. @Kibbelz I'm just gonna say I live in your shoes, working for a phone company, and yes, I spend all day getting yelled at for many supposed infractions, real or imagined. You're in a tough spot, and I really really get that. But one of the reasons that fake "empathy" doesn't work anymore is everybody associates it with being told by some corporate guy in a suit to go pound sand. Why? Because literally every company does it before doing....absolutely nothing. It tends to set people off rather than calm them these days. The usual "customer service" or "call center" blogs are usua
  2. Actually you may be onto something. Give some freeloaders some extra siel, but only while actively playing Asmos on Israphel. The free Siel's doesn't work on any other server/faction. Might make an interesting way to balance the population.
  3. Are you talking about the one where you "accidentally" get teleported to the other side? Yeah, I was surprised that wasn't in there.
  4. Just to add...Crafting is a good suggestion. Just understand there's going to be both a time and money sink there to get started. Get in the habit of gathering every resource/aether node you can that you pass by. Yes, even when it's trivial. Don't sell off your mats on broker right away, bank them. Whenever your faction takes a fort, if you haven't already, make a beeline for it and look for morphs in the quartermaster store. These will let you create mats out of aether, and will give you a bit of breathing room from having to gather every last material you see. Having a massive pil
  5. Yeah, this. As an Elyos on Siel I don't really feel like there's too many or two little of either faction. Though the Elyos do have some infighting problems... (To a point it's amusing, but you do wish people would stop throwing tantrums about who messed up what.) I do agree that something has to be done to balance rifting, but my worry is that it ends up like Live did: Gutted. I do not want to lose the Abyss again, so I'm not sure what the real answer is at this point. Honestly I think we could somewhat reign in the "twinks" by making PvP gear useless anywhere except the Abyss (regardle
  6. I do agree with you that you'd never know people were actually enjoying the game when you get to the forums. Steel Rake is back to being the "in" thing again, rifting is frequent, the areas are busy. However, I'd suggest against telling people to abandon Israphel. Eventually, most here are going to want to play both sides of the story. It's probably best to encourage people to make characters on the opposite side of the other server, and vice versa. Having one server dominated completely by one faction over another does not make sense. Though I suppose since the "normal" Aion server
  7. I don't know about the OP, but I didn't have any trouble getting through Newbieland. If anything, I feel like I'm leveling faster than back in the original days. This could be due to the number of double XP days we've had admittedly. Now that said... I do subscribe.
  8. I'm actually saving my Israphel slot for Asmo, since I'm already Elyos on Siel. I never did get to experience the full story from the Asmo side. As for rifting... It's not going to change. But it's also not always twinks when you're ganged up on and repeatedly destroyed. There are areas with a multitude of quests for both sides, and people will often group up to stay safe. Best advice I have is if you're getting repeatedly destroyed, you might considerer doing some of your own rifting and getting some spy quests out of the way. Research which rifts lead where so you can get yourself a goo
  9. Well, as the other two are currently arguing about, it's basically a character who is kept low, but is decked out in the best Abyss PvP gear they can get. In the old game, they were considered dishonorable because they'd farm undergeared players repeatedly for AP, giving them a name for chasing off new players. It is what it is and no excuses should be made. However, attempting to curb this behavior arguably led to Retail's downfall. Now that said, not every person camping the other faction's area is a twink. There are a variety of "spy" (your own faction) and "neutral" (shugo and elim) q
  10. I feel like I keep seeing pets that I can't find any sign of in either the pet merchant or the cash shop. Thanks in advance.
  11. Huh. Clerics are more popular than I thought. I always thought that was one of the "pressure" classes.
  12. I have always been about having one of each. Both have their uses. It'd be pointless for me to join the debate on it, because the good points of both are exactly why you should have both.
  13. Bots are getting annoying, and the filter is as much "cat and mouse" as blocking the bots. Though I really don't know if there's a reasonable way to get rid of them. My "funny" idea would be to get a "right click" option to be able to "report bot", which then teleports the other player to the other faction's Abyss base at the cost of a very large amount of Abyss points, Kinah, or some other sacrifice. But I can't really figure a way to balance that so it can't be used maliciously just because you dislike another player. A /filterstring option that can be added in-game might be an ide
  14. I haven't run into any trouble meeting the other side. *shrug* People are out there. Just gotta run quests long enough to do so. The problem is a lot of the Lakrum rewards were boosted and I think a lot of people are still trying to squeeze as much as they can out of that. (For example, you get cubicles with your weeklies rather than just the stones, and some of the lootable equipment was improved.) You're gonna have a hard time pulling people from that as they try to gear up.
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