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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 23, 2019

    @Cyan Is IB glitch ever going to be fixed or players abusing it punished? Any chance for players who suffer due to abuses get any compensation? I'm getting really tired/annoyed cause most of the time im getting on glitch abusers who starts IB run already with 3rd transformation 1 shotting my whole team...
  2. Enchantment stone bags in Dredge

    It's called reward in small steps... thx to this bundles some players actually play the game instead of 100% afk. and some might progres with gearing up faster. In pve u gain enchants from every boss, why pvp should be any different? I always pug dredge and tbh. team that goes afk after getting all mini bosses and not kill main boss is a rare case - usually if they wont go for boss is due to lack of heals in group. Besides, once u go to dredge you gotta be fully aware u might waste 30 min for sitting in there, esp. if both teams are afk... So reward for at least trying is fine with me. Tbh. there should be q for derdge with enchantments so even thouse who lose but still play the game might get smth out of it - it would be solution to afk.
  3. About the Steel Rake Fortress event...

    I tested this pulling boss to the ledge etc. Tbh. main problem on non geared chars are adds, gotta waste precious time to kill mobs 1st and then pull boss. Depending on character type - on some pulling boss is easy on some it is resetting a lot. What pisses me off on every char - multiple pulls, slowing down, sleeps, blind and silence debuffs. Non geared players are double screwd due to dmg debuffs - cannot activate anything not port up when got debuff, geared chars got high chance to resist debuffs effect and activate things/port up. Completed run with max points only 1 time - few more times failed on face cuz got slept on platform or got pulled away to many times. New player who don't have defences/attack from cubes and some better gear, there is no chance to make max points = event for geared players only.
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 12, 2019

    I tried this event and im dissapointed... Idea for event instace fun but... on heal spec cleric with half way geared it's pain, no gain... With sw thats half pve geared compared to cleric... keymaster was gooing down 3 times faster but... got stuck in a piece of wall! And reconnect didn't helped so I lost the run. Q_Q Wanted run it on my non geared alts to get the precious purple pieces but looks like it wont be possible cause some mentally challenged person made event for geared only players. Oh well.. my gaming mood for tooday died, hello netflix my old friend........
  5. Scheduled Game Update - March 27, 2019

    Wasnt playing for almost 2 years... Logged in game on begin of the year and found out support spec on sw was turned to piece of nyerk... even non geared dps cleric/chanter have at least 3 times stronger heals on dps spec then sw with support stigmas Used to do the support heals with lil extra dps for groups, now i cant even heal my self in open world pve, meanwhile chanters w/o gear can kill me because they heal a lot for fair amount of hp... Now I see there is another nerf to heals and tbh. my question is why dont ncsoft just remove our heals since it's completely useless and dp what they love to do - force everyone to go dps spec as they want?