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  1. @Sneakygravy-KT gg mate. just reset? gimme a IDD weapon box as real comp, how bow dah nc? =_=
  2. When you can't do shit against a whole 30 second stunlock chain bc your 1 rs only lasts 7s, yet that's considered "utility" and "not broken" but one 3s fear and the all the classes comes crying on sm thread... Wow. Aion has truly turn into a QQ-shit show.
  3. Aside from the class displayed right under their names, you can clearly see who actually played a SM recently and fully, and who did not. Those who didn't really like to hype it up, and it shows. Idek why there are leathers here complaining with their 3+ resists that takes 4 whole seconds to burn off with our 2.2 atk speed. Jeez, I wish I had 3+ evades. Lmao, like I really wish SM are as OP as this thread is making them. @NCsoft Maybe start by making our fears affected by cast speed, because they aren't.
  4. @Cyan Can we get an event where we can get a daevanion skill box in which we can choose whichever one we want? It can be limited to 1, IDEC, but it would help many of us not blessed by luck to finally get the one skill we've been looking for or missing week after week after week.
  5. If you buy all your stigma enchantment via broker in game, you should expect to spend about 1.3bil~1.7bil on avg to get a full +9 6-stigmas set. I think this estimation is based off a stone price of 16~17mil per stone when I was doing it. It's going for much higher now, though (which it should), so probably more than that. Really, people selling +9 stigmas for like 150m-200m are cutting themselves short, because that's a great bargain. Unless you have amazing RNG, finding normal stigs for 250m+, greater for 325m+, and major for 400m+ are pretty worthwhile--I'd say generous even at this mi
  6. Well, that's just it. We don't know. So what we don't know, we'll just have to fill in the gap. I'm taking the percentage from the only source out there, which may or may not be accurate. The assumption here is that it's accurate. Statistically, the chance to fail at a p=52% success rate 8 times in a row is what I stated, that's was pure math. They're all "independent" (although this has been argued due to the disgusting P-RNG) events, and there's only 1 possible combination, so it's simply .48^8 = ~0.00282. The number of tries, n, isn't relevant here, whether he enchanted n=8 times or n=300 t
  7. This ofert dude literally failed 8 ult stones in a row. You're supposed to have "52%" success rate here. To fail 8 in a row, that's ~0.282%. You are statistically way more likely to get a kaisinel transform combining 2 legendaries. Yet this kind of thing isn't uncommon and happens to a lot of people, majority of which more than once. So yeah, "52%" my ass. "We double checked and ensured the rates are correct my ass." Maybe they thought the success rate should be like 10%, and it is indeed at 10%, but that's just ridiculous.
  8. LMAOOOO, sir, you.. YOU are the real MVP. This response made my day hahaha
  9. Damn right, this. Also, I've failed the 75% kinah bundle 3 times out of 3 at different times... tell me how tf is that "75%" Dude, I feel sorry just for reading that. I feel your pain though. I used 10 legendary stones to go from +8 to +9 on my red wings. I then spent 5 red stones to get to +10... 5. for +10. In total, I had to spent 9 reds to get to +15. That's just... ludicrous considering how much effort goes into getting them, and how limited you are each week. They're trying to get us to buy their shitty OverPriced stones on BCM...
  10. Damn, I had to quit gaming first year. I'm shook you even managed to dig out time.
  11. Ah... another way to create artificial kinah scarcity. They love making it harder and harder to like this game and see how thin our patiences can go, don't they?
  12. I agree. It helps to get you going starting out, but the closer you get to endgame the more insignificant it becomes. All I really care about in PvE is IDD now, and paying 1 reset for that per week is way cheaper than Prestige for a month--and soon even that will become irrelevant. In PvP, having extra runs means I get more stone bags faster, so that's prob the only major thing. But once you hit full red, even that isn't a big deal anymore. In all in all, at my current status, I can go just fine without it. It'll help my pvp set speed up a bit, but that's about it. But at the same time... 1.2k
  13. Just to be clear, no one here thought SMs are weak. And no one thinks Sorcs are weak either, except for, ironically, you. Guess reading isn't a forte either. I can see why you're so bad at the class. I'd think every other class is OP too if I was that bad.
  14. ^Classic example of what too many BRs on a game looks like. That's cool, just start making shit up, wrong implications, cherry-picked words, imaginary points, while comprehending absolutely nothing of what was said. Then simply blame the other guy for being "retarded" at the end to try to justify yourself. Lol k. if yOu EveR gOT rOlLed bY sMs, dElEte aIOn.
  15. Lmao ok, you're making the assumptions that I'm the worst SM or something. I've had no trouble against any of these classes, aside from AT, that don't outgear me so far. Yet, somehow that "proves" your point (what is your point anyways other than the crying?). So I can't win, huh? Clearly, in summary, you're just a hurt sorc that wants to complain and call every class broken because you have trouble killing them, when you shouldn't if you just get better--but you can't because you're too busy crying about it instead. Every class aside from sorc is OP. Case solved. Pro tip: tone down
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