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  1. do not end with the spiritmaster's trademark!!!

    An equally geared SM and Sorc on the same opponent? Nope. You think this is 3.0 or something maybe? It's quite obvious you don't main one.
  2. [Spiritmasters] Nightmarish Lament

    I find it so funny that NC decided to make mres/evasion those stats effectively useless in PvP, yet give mobs what must be like 16k+ mres. It's like they can't stick to one thing.
  3. do not end with the spiritmaster's trademark!!!

    Ok first of all, the main problem is how useless pet's have become; I think we should address that first before talking about SE with or without pet. The problem right now is you can keep pet with SE, and it won't really be a major difference. They die in like 1-2 hits. Their damage is laughable and lower than 1 tick of my own erosion. Bring pets up to lv80 standards, much like they were back in 3.0,4.0,etc. Then we can choose. Right now pet build is a joke and isn't even a real choice if you're any decent SM at all. And you're not an SM, so leave. Doesn't seem like you know anything about the class or what you're talking about if you think we're anything close to sorcs who can literally kill you in 2 seconds fully buffed.
  4. SM Best Xform?

    I actually was going to make a post asking about something related to this. There's different need between PvE and PvP though. With PvE you're casting a lot more vs PvP where things like buff stripping and kb and soul are 0s casts and more animation dependent. First, Modor: NOPE. -- Don't let AT's/Gunners tell you how great it is. For SMs, it's most definitely useless in PvE, and barely worth anything in PvP, unless you think you can kill someone off 24s cd Soul tether and Erosion. I think 35% cast vs 23% atk/17% cast is more interesting since they've seemingly removed the old cast speed 50% cap. Here's where I was going to post on the subject: 0s cast vs. instant cast. I'm not sure if it's just in my head but I notice having higher cast speed makes 0s cast skills faster, which makes little sense but still. (I'd like someone else to verify/confirm this.) I think I'd go with Viola for PvE for sure, and it's a toss between Frigida and Viola for PvP, depending on your latency, reaction time, and skill combination and whether the situation calls for more 0s skills (soul, implo, ero, earth) or cast time skills (nightmare/fear, silence, pain/cyclone). Also on your daevaenion skills unlocked ofc, like Frigida for spamming inescapable choke -- which is the last one I just cannot seem to get
  5. NCoins Gone

    The entire BCM is just messed up. It's missing a bunch of tabs and stuff.
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 22, 2019

    Not quite; some things occur multiple times a week and some per day. And why not? What's 1 more to 50? 50, 51, essentially negligible. I doubt a majority is actually concern about this, since outside the top 100-300 ranked, no one really cares about gp. Heck, I'm in the 100 and I don't even care that much particularly. Go ahead and farmed the 5 extra gp points lol. The only annoying thing about it is how it's harder now to do on less geared alts because camps are constantly being flipped, and it brings all the gp lunatics running around killing the lowbies. It's actually a bad move in keeping new players. There's been a spike in LFG complaints from frustrated/disgruntled people trying to level / progress but can't because of the pvp-geared gp farmers loitering around.
  7. Kaisinel transform

    Probably the weirdest flex I've seen in my history on Aion, but k.
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 22, 2019

    Wait, you mean the same way you fight your own faction for the camps for genesis crystals, which nowadays is way less competitive than back in 4.0 when there were 3-4 entire parties camping each spawn for bloodmarks? And for mob farming sites? And for open world boss spawn kills? And for highest contributions at siege?

    Yep. It's similarly as entitled to think everyone should be given a kaisinel or legendary transform freely. If everyone could get it, why make tiers? If all the melee classes can just play ranged... why make melee??
  10. Enchant rate broken?

    This happens to everyone, but that's what separates lt/srs players from newer/cas ones. It'd be trivial if anyone can just waltz in with a new 80s char and be full +15 ultis in 1-2 months. That would just make the game even more boring bc there's no end game to work towards, so they'd have to keep pumping out new contents faster or lose bored players. It's a good balance between having to work for things, yet it not being so impossible that people just quit (people don't often quit because they can't succeed enchant as the reason). This is the nature of an MMORPG anyways. Plus, if they made it easier, it'd be unfair to all the previous people who burned the effort and kinah into getting their gear +15.
  11. Compensation

    Classic example of give someone an inch, they take a mile. Like ok, you avoided siege and IB and ID... what else were you going to get other than GP, AP, and stones?? No, you wouldn't even have been able to get 31mil AP & 12 ult stones if you did them all for both weeks. So you're basically just dissatisfied that you didn't receive enough freebies?
  12. Screenshot capacity

    You could probably just rename your Screenshot folder to something like Screenshot2, etc. and create a new empty Screenshot folder of the same path name. Not tested though.
  13. Broker Bot and Untradeable Items

    TL;DR OP knew the risk of trying to trade things for dirt cheap on broker. He took it anyways. And when it didn't work out in his favor, he cries for compensation and for GM to do something about it. And when that didn't work out for him, he decries the whole trading system in a last ditch effort to vent his own mistakes, risk and carelessness, as some sort of valid argument against it--even though the entire post was just some weird legal terms excerpt that has nothing to do with the easily farmable kibs he's having a meltdown over. And when people try to tell him it's his own fault, he then turns to blaming them for being idle bystanders. Case solved & closed.
  14. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 15, 2019

    Well that's their own choice to maintain rank 1. Nevertheless, they still got rewarded from whatever activity they did. Activities that they potentially missed out on is a moot point because they could've just became an officer and get compensated now instead of then. It's no different than if they still choose to maintain rank 1 even now; it's a matter of when you're rewarded. But you shouldn't be rewarded twice for the same effort, wtf? The bug only affected officers. So the compensation should be then-officers only. People are just looking for a free handout.. Actually you can? The defending side lost the same amount of people as the attacking side. It's not as if defense was still in full force. People chose to show up or not show up then just as now. Nothing's changed.
  15. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 15, 2019

    Wait, fix what with the event? There's nothing that merits fixing. o_O "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." The last thing we need is another AP fiasco but related to the event...