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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 4, 2019

    months waiting a good event and now that happen.. its a ISSUE
  2. Fix GP Quest pls =)

    U guys made the "weeklys" a daily and the "daily" a weekly (just saying cuz text doesn't match how they working) and the camps quest right now as dailys takes a lot of time, 6 camps per day is a nightmare this is 42 camps at week... even the genesis weeklys just take 9 camps per week
  3. Prestige players get some plus on every event, why not this one ?
  4. New GP Daily Bug?

    Im not getting my daily quest for 20 GP, is it weekly and the text is wrong? or its a bug ?
  5. New GP Daily Bug?

    what doesn't make sense is a Daily quest x3 times? usually the weekly quest are multiple times dailys are once a day