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  1. I really tried, guys. I returned to playing aion in the hope that things would improve after 6.2, but after a month I'm quitting again. Two things have not changed with the new patch: cashers and hackers continue to progress 50 times faster than a casual player. To be honest, I could even bear it if it were not for the [damn] transformation system, which is just ridiculous. I have no patience to wait another year while you guys from NC NA decide what to do. Good luck to those who will try to continue. You all are heroes, trully. PS: sorry my bad english.
  2. The eye is dead the same way like both servers. No more good sieges, no more open pvp, no more balance in arenas, a lot of hacks, while new players does not start playing Aion. The only thing that don't stop to grow is the number of people quiting. Why doesn't NCsoft just close the server? Because we have one more (and the last) merge ahead?
  3. Like when Beritra server opened. The first month was so fun!
  4. I left the game two months ago. Since 5.0 the game has lost the fun for me, since the difficulty of improving the equipment has become insane. Casual players like me will never reach gear +25, like other ppl do. The game has died for casual players, and we are seeing consequences of it (people quiting, merges, no more sieges, panesterra died, long time queues to join a simple pvp instance etc.) The 5.0-5.6 system (i didn't try 5.8) destroyed the game. If 6.0 can bring the old Aion system back (even if they keep some p2w things), i wanna try it.
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